Julia Ann Valentine

Aug 28, 1989 – Dec 4, 2013

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Julia Valentine was born during a preseason football game on August 28, 1989. Her Dad, Brett, called her his football baby, and he even caught the end of the game after she was born. Our dear friend Elizabeth Hart, told us to go have the baby on her birthday and we did. Julia and Liz shared August 28 as birthday twins!


Julia looked up to her sister Manda and treasured time with Manda throughout her life. The two girls enjoyed some happy childhood memories with the Hart family and our special neighbors on 34th, the Mathews and the Reynolds. She loved yellow and going to the beach.



Life held many challenges for Julia, and she made valiant effort to combat them. She was sensitive, intelligent, a hard worker, and hard on herself. She wanted to be good at everything she did and she wanted to be well liked. There are many wonderful memories of Julia.


In younger days she loved tap dancing and synchronized swimming, in addition to other interests like art and writing. Later she had a great passion for dance, especially belly dancing and Middle Eastern dance.


She earned her GED in 2006, and worked primarily for Informa and Gilmore Market Research, for five years, earning raises, prizes and the title of Executive Recruiter. She was consistently employed during a difficult time in our economy. She did not realize how valuable that was. She took college classes at Highline Community College and Seattle Central Community College.


In 2012 she attended the Gary Manuel Institute and after graduating, she became a licensed esthetician in Washington state. She had a passion for skin care, doing waxing and facials, and other related work.


The highlight of her life was getting what she described as her dream job at Gene Juarez, she said recently how much she loved the job, including her boss, co-workers and clients. We truly appreciate the indescribable amount of kindness and caring that has been exhibited by the team there.


Julia loved Indian food, and Thai food, but also enjoyed Mexican and Italian. If anyone wants to know where to eat, we can recall many of her favorite restaurants. Julia had recently mentioned hopes for the future, like hitting golf balls with her Dad. She had said she wanted a treadmill and bike rack for Christmas, among other things.


There will be a bench in her honor placed in a favorite park, Nist Park, near the Valentine home. We hope to commemorate her in other ways in future days, including a project in her name to benefit victims of domestic violence.


Julia impacted the lives of many friends and family, in ways that she did not even realize. She died on Dee 4, 2013, which would have been the birthday of her departed grandfather, John Ward. We thank everyone for the support of Julia and hope that all will remember her. Please share your memories in person, or in writing, perhaps through the guest book and on line through the Bonney Watson site.



Julia was so sweet and has such a great personality. She delivered herself as a natural professional. She knew how to make guests fill comfortable and welcomed. She showed so much dedication from the start. I can truly say her spirit in her smile drew me to her in that interview. Now she'll just make sure all the Angels have perfect brows! Nicole Fry, General Manager, Gene Juarez Salon & Spa (Southcenter)


Christina Sabourin -_Hi, I am an esthetician that worked with Julia at Gene Juarez. From what I knew of her.  She was very nice and extremely talented and will be greatly missed at Gene Juarez.


Renee Klein- Manda asked in her posting that we remember the positives and I'd like to share my first, powerful memory of Julia. It was December 1998, the last day before Christmas break, and we had just moved to Washington. Kate and I were standing outside her new 4th grade class, waiting for the bell to ring. Kate knew no one and was obviously apprehensive. Then Julia came up with that huge, beautiful smile of hers and said, "Hi, I'm Julia!" Instantly both mother and daughter felt a huge sigh of relief ... for here was a young girl reaching out to be Kate's friend. I have fond memories of Julia being at our home, and well remember the synchronized swim team project! I will always appreciate Julia for the warmth and friendship she showed to Kate on that first day. The universe has called out to Julia... she will share with it her beautiful smile.


Katie Dolan I know we had planned to get Italian food this month. She and I always had so much fun together. We could always pick up right where we left off even if we didn't see each other for months. I remember playing cards with your mom and she thought we were making up the rules to 13! And I remember going to the Prince concert with Julia at Key Arena. I remember Julia talking about shopping at Ross and how she got her pants for $12!! She was always so much fun to be around I will always remember her.


Hi my name is Krys and I worked with Valentine (julia) at Helen Wax Spa. Valentine made my stay in Seattle pleasurable. I looked forward to working with her every Friday and our long conversations. She was a beautiful and bright light. I'm honored to have her as a friend. You and your family are in my prayers. - Krys Nohelani


Nadira Booth Swanson

Julia was a beautiful girl, dancer, overall woman. It was an honor to be her teacher and friend.


Manda Scott -Julia and I were lucky enough to grow up with parents who loved us more than anything and put us first. Along with many happy memories, Julia also had many talents. She was an award winning synchronized swimmer, a talented dancer with many solo performances, and sl)e was incredibly smart. Although Julia was given many challenges in life, she always gave her best. After graduating school to become an esthetician, Julia got her dream job at Gene Juarez salon, a high end salon in Seattle. Unfortunately, Julia never saw her own beauty like we did. She was passionate about her career and wanted to help others feel beautiful and better about themselves.


Michelle Carpenter
Tacoma, WA
Feb 23, 2017

Julia was one of the most beautiful, intuitive, empathetic, creative people I knew in my teen years. Being a teenager was hard, but Julia didn't make me feel like I had to fit in. She was accepting of all people. A very warmhearted person, wise beyond her years.

Brett Valentine
Normandy Park, WA
Dec 4, 2016

I cry today Julia. I miss you so much. There is no one like you. Re-iterating my last words to you. "I love you", Dad

Katie D
Seattle, wa
Apr 27, 2016

Julie V!! Still miss you so much every day. Of course Prince dying immediately made me think of being in Key Arena with you when we were 13 watching his concert. We were way too into 80s music--it was, as you would say, RIDICULOUS :) We miss you down here. Say hi to Prince for me.

kelsey yeager
kent, wa
Jul 12, 2014

Julia, you were my childhood and teenage best friend and we shared many good times and bad times,you are truely missed. It may not mean much coming from me,but my heart goes out to the valentine family,I know what its like loosing a family member. Kelsey

Mike & Marlys Ward
Federal Way, Wa
May 29, 2014

Julia, we miss you more than words can say. We miss your wit, your artistic ability, and like so many others who have written here, we miss your beautiful smile. I recently finished reading The Longest Ride, by Nicholas Sparks. When I read the following it felt like you were speaking to me. So I'll quote him. "Do not drown yourself in grief. Instead remember me with joy..that is what I want, more than anything. I want you to smile when you think of me. And in your smile, I will live forever. I know you miss me terribly. But we still have each other, for I am-and always have been-a part of you. You carry me in your heart, just as I carried you in mine, and nothing can ever change that. Hold on to that feeling and little by little, you will find a way to heal." For now it is still hard to smile, but we will and will always remeber you. We remember how proud your grandmother was of your dancing and art. She would have been especially proud of your work achievements with Gene Juarez. You left us way too soon. We love you, and will miss you always.

Michelle Ward
Renton, WA
May 8, 2014

Julia - we miss you every day. You were a special young lady and left this earth way too early. I will always remember your big smile and how nice you were to me. I remember you doing the Jingle Bell run with me and your Uncle Mark. Words can not express how much we miss and love you! You will never be forgotten and will always hold a special place in my(our) hearts. Love, Aunt Michelle and Uncle Mark

Cindy Grimes
May 3, 2014

I am so very sorry for the loss of such a young daughter. I can't help but share my heartfelt condolences. There is a hope the bible talks about at John 5:28,29. You are in my prayers.

Layla (Laurie Johnson)
Seattle, WA
Apr 22, 2014

I had the pleasure of dancing with Julia and performing with her.

She lit up when she danced. It was lovely to see. She was lovely.

She was sometimes shy to show her skills, and like many young women could be hard on herself about her expectations. She had a natural way with dance. I loved seeing her in class, waiting to go on stage and smiling the biggest grin after dancing. I will miss her. She always seemed to come to a place of grace while dancing, letting the troubles of the world slip away. I am sad that she is gone. I grieve for her light, gone, and I am grateful I danced with her as much as I did.

Jeff & Peggy
Waterloo, IA
Apr 15, 2014

No heart breaks alone for God is always near. When a prayer is whispered God is alway there to hear. When sorrow's overwhelming, He comforts tenderly. A single tear never falls that he does not hear(Psalms 65:2)

Maureen Valentine
Normandy Park, WA
Apr 9, 2014

Love you Jul. Forever. Carl said your energy did not go away it just changed and that is physics, it helped a little, not a lot. I never took physics, I thought he made it up to make me feel better. I will try to write memories and put them into stories. Thanks for talking about your music all the time, I am really enjoying the R Kelly you put on your kitchen table, I know you talked about how much you liked it, some songs were like stories and like church music, lots of good faith. I remember you saying "That's like me!" Lots of memories Jul, but you said you were going to take care of me when I got old, you were just making me work it off first. You said it often when you needed something and I was kind of hoping it would come true. You had that vibe!

Frank Manning
Placitas, NM
Mar 21, 2014

I barely knew her, but I miss her every day.

Elisa Schweizer
San jose, CA
Mar 21, 2014

Wit Love Warmth Clarity And Compassion

Elisa, Kirsten Kiel

Jim & Jan Schweizer
Bothell, WA
Mar 21, 2014

Julia was a beautiful woman. We were blessed to have her with us as long as she stayed.

Brett Valentine
Normandy Park, WA
Mar 14, 2014

I love and miss you so much Julia. I can never stop the tears!

Bobbie Nolin
Seattle, Wa
Feb 10, 2014

I had the pleasure of training Julia for her position at Gene Juarez. From her first interview with me i knew she was someone special. She had this big smile and i could tell she truly had a passion for esthetics. I knew she had a great career ahead of at Gene Juarez. I recieved wonderful feedback from her manager and co-workers. I will deeply miss Julia. Rest in peace my friend.

Aron & Christine Morgan
Bainbridge Island, WA
Jan 31, 2014

We can love completely

without complete understanding.

Love leaves a memory

No one can steal.

Brett and Maureen you are in our thoughts.

Love, Aron and Christine

Beverly Hubbard
Seattle, WA
Jan 31, 2014

I worked closely with Julia at Gilmore Research & got to know and love her.

She was SO different than the average girls her age!

She said something one day that totally broke the ice: I got a 'comp' on a difficult project we were both on and she pipes up from the opposite cubicle 'I'm JEALOUS!" Well all of us felt competitive that way often, but we would never admit it!

And in that way she fostered the opposite - cooperation.

She was so very smart and learned, again beyond her years. And her family, her mom and grandmother, both good writers gave that to her.

She loved her dad so much. She'd get excited when he took her to lunch.

I am so sorry for your loss.

Oh, I didn't mention her beauty. She was beyond beautiful and she kind of knew it, but in that realm as others she was hard on herself.

Did anyone read the yelp! reviews of her work at Helen Wax Spa?

She was special!

Kim Kayoda
Seattle, Wa
Jan 11, 2014

Hi Julia,

It is me, Kim, again! Well I wanted to apologize, I spelled your Grandmother's name wrong! It is Ward, not Wade, I miss you so much I got turned around.

Well, also just want you to know you are terribly missed, and will always be missed. You are famous!, you will never be forgotten. Ever.



Kim Kayoda
Seattle, Wa
Jan 11, 2014

Hi Julia,

It is me, Kim, again! Well I wanted to apologize, I spelled your Grandmother's name wrong! It is Ward, not Wade, I miss you so much I got turned around.

Well, also just want you to know you are terribly missed, and will always be missed. You are famous!, you will never be forgotten. Ever.



Kim Kayoda
Seattle, Wa
Jan 11, 2014

Dear, dear Julia,

You cannot believe how much you are missed! I remember when you came to my house to Attack the weeds and grass! You always did so well and worked so Hard! You always tried to make this world a better place and kept on growing. You did so well going to school while working, I know how tough that is, and you Did It!

I am so sad this terrible accident happened to you; I know you had other plans that would have been so much more fun!, but well, I don't know where you are, but I know you are going to make things right and bright, wherever you are being; being you are the beautiful, accomplished, intelligent person you have been and growing into since your wonderful Family welcomed you into this time space. I know you are safe and happy with your Grandmother, say Hi for me, please, Grandmother Wade is the Rock! I can imagine she said to you, 'Well Julia!, there you are, a lot early but always Happy to See You!'.

Alright, until I see you again, I dedicate to you the song "Over The Rainbow" sung by Bruddah Iz. Blessings to You and your Family!, no worry, Be Happy!



julia valentine
Spanish town , Jamaica
Jan 9, 2014

Hi am julia valentiine, the other julia she met on Facebook, oh sweet julia there so many things to say about you, but am sure I Dnt know you your hold life but this is what you would've tell your fam n friends! Dear family n friends. Please be advised that I have moved. I received a call from god, the chief architect the other day, n he informed me that my home was complete. Y'all knew that I had been working on my residency, sending up my timbern picking up n getting ready to go. I knew that my house needed some finishing touches n that ithe chief carpenter had to inspect it n gave me the final approval. December 4-2013 he let me know that my house was completed n that it was okay to move in. He told me to go ahead n change my address. Well my new home is finished n what a sight it is to behold, it is located on an exclusive estate area behind a beautiful white gate; of course. You know the streets are paved with goal n everyday is joyful just like you've told. I can walk n talk with my master with not a worryor care. I have live in homes build by man for a short time, but my new home is so much better than any other place I've lived. There is peace, joy n happiness here, only sweet serenity. I an dine at the master bountiful table n listen to lovely choir n best of all...my heavenly master in all his glory. Oh yes, I have my own designer here, who has fitted me with my very own outfit with wings. I could go on about my new home, but instead I pray that you get to move here yourself one day. Before I go, let me give you my new adress: julia valentine ( julia, Jul, ju) 1316 pearly gate road, godstown, heaven 11122 p.s. I Dnt have a phone, but you can always call on god. If you Dnt know his number, read your bible its on every page. With love julia!!

Grant Horstman
Normandy Park, WA
Jan 9, 2014

Julia it's seems sometimes that your memory we I'll never fade . Even if I'm upset because I miss my best friend that was born just 5 days after me; she will always bring a smile to my face like when we watched movies and on certain ones literally laugh for 30 minutes. She was the first friend to greetgreet me when I moved to Normandy Park at the age of 8. We had the same teachers from 3rd grade basically till high school was over. Julia Ann Valentine I Love You And You Are Still In My Heart As When I met you from an 8 Year Old Girl To A 24 Year Old woman she always put a smile on my face and was there for me my whole life until now. You will always be remembered for the caring, beautiful, and intelligent person you were. Love you juju -Granters

Xavier J Smith
Seattle, wa
Jan 7, 2014

it is true unfortunately that the good die young Julia was such a great person a great friend and I will miss her dearly I'll never forget the first time I met her at the Des Moines Marina I was down there and she came up to me out of nowhere and introduced herself so humbly and nicely and I couldn't help but smile and introduce myself and ever since that day about 9 years ago we've been great friends and she has always been there for me and I for her and I'm just gonna miss her and I'm just honored to have known her and to have been her friend for 9 of the best years of my life because my life was better when she was in it..........I love you Julia I miss you and you will always be in my heart until the day I part this earth and join you high in the sky.

Anne McGreevy Ernst
Malibu, CA
Jan 6, 2014

With love and prayers,

Anne, Kelly and Amanda Ernst

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