Oda Garnett Croone

Dec 27, 1943 – Nov 9, 2014

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O. Garnett Croone, Her Life’s Legacy


Garnett was born on December 27, 1943 in Monroe, Louisiana, the fifth of six children to John and Orell Robinson.  The family moved to Vancouver, Washington when she was six-months old and eventually settled in Portland, Oregon.


The Robinsons were an extremely close knit family.  So much so that Garnett grew up with a second set of parents: Uncle Phil, her father’s brother who married her mother’s sister, “Auntie” Odalee.   Both couples were married on October 18, 1933 and remained together until their passing.  The two couples lived together for 25-years and essentially raised six children together in the house on Cook Street, as it was affectionately known.  Garnett shared a close bond with her three brothers, Manfred, Lemuel and Harold and two sisters, Rometta and Johnetta, that continued throughout her life.


Growing up in Portland, Garnett had many friends that endured into adulthood.  She met lifelong friends Joanne, Alonzetta, Katherine and Lola while attending Ulysses S. Grant High School.  She later met Shirley Nesbitt-Barzar after high school and then met Alice McRae in 1967, when they lived in the same apartment building.


Garnett raised her first two children, Michael and Kathy, as a single parent in the 1960s and early 1970s.  She obtained her first job at the Draft Board to provide for her young family.  She later worked as a secretary for Model Cities and at one point, even worked two jobs to enroll her children in private school.  The three were always together and due to a lack of a car, covered almost all of Northeast Portland by walking everywhere!


In 1972, Garnett met James Croone, after visiting Seattle.  They were soon married and moved to Seattle in 1973, where she gave birth to her third child, Ryan.  The family settled in the house in South Seattle that remained her home for 41 years.  She always accepted James’ children as her own and considered their children and eventually, their children’s children as her own.  This was especially true for her granddaughter Charlotte and grandson Zakiyan, who lived with her and James until he joined the military in 2013.


Garnett accepted Jesus Christ at an early age as a member of her family’s church, Mount Olivet Baptist Church in Portland.  After moving to Seattle, she searched for a new church and eventually joined Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church.  She was a member of the Voices of Tabernacle Choir and served as the president of the Gospel Choir.  She was also the secretary for Sunday School and attended bible study classes and prayer meetings for as long as she could.  Because of her faith in God and compassion, many people sought her out for prayers, wisdom and advice.  She always had a kind word and knew the right thing to say for any given situation, with an emphasis on the positive.  So much so that her niece Rhonda nicknamed her “Rev”!






Garnett’s work life in Seattle began with Travelers Insurance and the University of Washington.  She eventually moved to Puget Sound Energy in Bellevue as the executive secretary to the Vice President.  She spent over thirty years there and retired as the Disability Coordinator.  She was especially proud of the steps she took to further her career with classes at City University, where she excelled in writing and public speaking as a member of Toast Masters.


After retiring, Garnett and James traveled around the US visiting family and friends.  Her last trip to see her daughter in Northern California was by train.  She enjoyed it so much that she vowed to leave airplanes alone and only travel on Amtrak!  She loved working on her laptop computer and had pondered using her writing skills to start a blog.  She loved plants and flowers, was an avid reader and loved collecting glass figurines and knickknacks.  But most of all, she was a doting grandmother and loved talking and spending time with her family and grandchildren.


Preceding Garnet in death are her parents, John and Orell Robinson, her “second set of parents”, Phillip and Odalee Robinson and her brother, Harold Robinson. 

Garnett is survived by her loving husband James Croone, son Michael Robinson, daughter Kathryn Mitchell (Willie Mitchell) of Vallejo, CA, son Ryan Croone (Rose Wallace-Croone), brothers Manfred Robinson (Genevieve), Lemuel Robinson (Shirley) of Portland, OR, sisters Rometta Tyler of Portland, OR and Johnetta Redditt of Atlanta, GA, grandchildren Andrew and Adam Mitchell, Ryan II and Jessica Croone and Zakiyan Redfeather of Honolulu, HI, first cousins Dian Jackson and Carl Harris (Annie) step children Angela Croone and James Croone Sr. (Bobbi), sister-in-laws Margaret Croone and Katie Mae Mason, lifelong friend Alice McRae and a host of grand / great-grandchildren, including Zamiah Redfeather.



Mary Keeton and family
Richmond, ca
Dec 1, 2014

RIP cousin love and miss you

Ted Gates
Issaquah, WA
Nov 26, 2014

So sorry to learn of Garnett's passing. I vividly recall her warm smile and the sound of her wonderful laugh, and the compassion and sincerity with which she approached her work. She cared and will be missed.

Booga Gilbertson
Bellevue, WA
Nov 21, 2014

Strength, grace, compassion, and determination. These are the qualities that I associate with Garnett. I am so glad to have known her during some very formative years in my life. May her spirit forever soar.

Ron Ernst
Sammamish, WA
Nov 20, 2014

When I worked at Puget Garnett was a guiding light for me, always cheerful, always helpful. Sorry to have missed the service.

John H. King
Shoreline, WA
Nov 20, 2014

Although I've been retired for 30 years I can still remember Garnet as I first met her. She was the receptionist in the Fourth Floor Executive Office in the old Puget Building. Her desk was just outside the door to my office. She was always so cheerful, thoughtful, and kind to all of us. I looked forward to coming to work to be greeted in such a pleasant and cordial manner.

Gloria Carpenter Davis
Kirkland, WA
Nov 20, 2014

I knew Garnett for many years at PSE. My condolences to her family.


M Jean Crutch
Tacoma, Wa
Nov 20, 2014

The Croone Family

Where she has gone she is not so small.

Her soul is as wide as the world is tall.

She has gone to answer the call, the call

Of the One who takes care of us all.

Wherever you look, you will find her there-

In the heart of a rose,

In the heart of a prayer.

On butterflies' wings, on wings of her own,

To you, she's gone,

But she's never alone-

She is home

Say not in grief "She is no more; " but live in thankfulness that she was.May The Lord comfort you in this time of sorrow.

Nancy Reeves
Camano Island, WA
Nov 19, 2014

Garnett was a very special lady --- always with a smile and a kind word. Her courage as she faced her challenges, was inspiring. Her cheerfulness was infectious.

Seashells remind us that with every passing life, something beautiful is left behind. All of us are blessed to have her in our collection of seashells.

Bob Braukus
Redmond, WA
Nov 19, 2014

Garnett was the "human" in human resources. Infectious smile and great sense of humor would aptly describe her on the surface. Underneath she had the deepest sense of caring for those who, not only needed her help, but those who had the privilege of being her friend.

Mary Robinson
Palm Desert, CA
Nov 19, 2014

My prayers,and thoughts go out to Garnett's family. I had the joy of working closely with her for many years at PSE and have not known many women with the grace, honesty and love as Garnett had. She will truly be missed.

Bob Myers
Chelan, wa
Nov 19, 2014

I retired in 1995 and was fortunate enough to work with Garnett at Puget. She was well liked and had more common sense than most mortals. I remember her as always having time for anyone who needed her advice, or help. She was a treasure for sure, and I know everyone who knew her will be saddened at her passing. She did make a difference in many lives, and had an influence on everyone she came in contact with. God Bless her!

Jerry Henry
Redmond, WA
Nov 19, 2014

Garnett and I worked together in Human Resources years ago at Puget Sound Energy. I was the Department Head so Garnett actually worked for me, but I think most of the time I actually worked for her. She was very good at keeping me on the right track and making me think I was really in charge. Whenever she wanted to make a point with me she would cock her head and say "Now Jerry". I quickly learned to listen to her because she always knew the right way to do things.

We talked a lot about our respective families especially grandkids. I was also very lucky to have know James over the years. One thing Garnett and I talked about was my wife and me coming to her church. We never quite made it - that is until today. Funny how Garnett always gets you to do what she wants. Her service was very moving and I am glad she finally figured out a way for me to join her in church. She made the world a better place for many people. I know she will continue to look after us all.

Tunde Salisbury
Seattle, WA
Nov 19, 2014

I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Croone on several occasions in the late 90's. She was always very warm and nice to me. I remember that she made a salad that everyone loved. Ryan is a good friend and I know that he was extremely close to his Mother. Ryan, you and your family have my heartfelt condolences. I apologize for not being able to support you in person today. God Bless.

Jaie Jones
Edmonds, WA
Nov 19, 2014

To my friend and colleague Michael, I’m praying that God grants you and your family the strength you need during this difficult time.

Dan Christopher
Seattle, WA
Nov 18, 2014

Amongst many memories from many years at PSE will be one in particular about Garnett. Years ago, I'm not sure I even knew her name at the time, but I definitely did know of the lady from Human Resources who on a sunny day could be seen in 5" stilettoes with a nearly 5" cigarette and her face pointed towards the book in the palm of her hand strolling through the parking lot. I was always impressed by her coordination, grace and poise. Now that's multi-tasking.

Barbara Revo
Sun Lakes, AZ
Nov 18, 2014

Garnett was a Prayer Warrior and I sought her out on many occasions on behalf of my family. She was always willing and strong and said the right thing to help me put it in God's hands. I truly miss her already.

Bernie Dochnahl
Renton, WA
Nov 18, 2014

She is my treasured friend that I will love & miss forever. A beautiful soul.

Frank Leyritz
Gold Canyon, AZ
Nov 18, 2014

During my most of my years at Puget Sound Energy Garnett and I worked on the same floor. She possessed class and dignity. Garnett took her position responsibilities very seriously and was devoted to diversity. I always looked forward to seeing her at PSE's annual Retiree Luncheon. It was a great honor to have known Garnett. My best to her family.

Gina Williams
Bellevue, WA
Nov 17, 2014

My dear friend of many years, we’ve celebrated, laughed, cried, and prayed together. I have many, many memories… Garnett’s bold voice of reason and her sensitive tender heart will be missed.

Connie Hardison
Kent, Wa
Nov 17, 2014

i know Garnett as a calm, loving spiritual soul. She did not let other people get the best of her even when they were doing her wrong. She told me, she and James went to a restaurant in Tacoma and the server was rude with poor service. True to Garnett fashion, she left the guy a $ 20 tip. I was, like, why. She said because she wanted him to know everybody is important. She said the server ran after them and apologized and said he was having a really bad day. That's the Garnett I know. She is a special lady.

Diane Dickinson
Kirkland, WA
Nov 17, 2014

I had the pleasure of working closely with Garnett for many years in the Human Resource department at PSE. I loved her enthusiasm for her job and get it done attitude. Nothing went over Garnett's head, seriously. (LOL)

My thoughts and prayers are with her family and dear friends.

Jill Bateman
Kent, WA
Nov 17, 2014

I'll always remember how helpful you were and with a deep caring manner. I remember you're laugh and how sweet you always were. RIP Garrett.

Artra Brant
Monroe, Wa
Nov 17, 2014

I first meet Garnett when I started working for PSE 19 years ago. If I ever needed someone to uplift my spirits she always had the most inspirational messeges to share. She was woman of great character I truly adored her she will be missed.


Rosemary Smart
Olympia, WA
Nov 17, 2014

To Garnett's family. Garnett was so appreciated in her role in our Human Relations Department at Puget Power. She has been greatly missed. I am so happy she had time to travel and love family. Her care and conern for others is something I miss. See you when it is my time Garnett, save me a spot in the choir!

Jan Thornton
Mount Vernon, WA
Nov 17, 2014

I worked with Garnett in Bellevue at PSE. Loved her so much! I know without a shadow of a doubt where she is today. Please take some comfort in that.

Pauline Duke
Seattle, WA
Nov 17, 2014

Kathy, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this time. I have fond memories of your mother allowing me to tag along with the family to church. I will always think of her fondly. Hugs, Pauline

Arthelia Coverson
Federal Way, Wa
Nov 16, 2014

To James and all of Garnett's family, my heartfelt condolences. To my nephews Michael and Ryan, and niece, Kathy, on the loss of your mother, it is difficult to even find words to bring you comfort at this time in your lives. Yet we are believers in God and He will give comfort to all of us who mourn her. We trust this to be so. God's peace.

Love, Arthelia

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