Tony David Palermo

Mar 18, 1965 – Mar 7, 2015

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Tony David Palermo


3/18/1965 – 3/7/2015


 Tony was born in Seattle, WA and graduated from Highline High School. He attended South Seattle Community College where he earned his degree as an aircraft mechanic. Tony lived in Las Vegas, Nevada for the past 15 years where he worked for Southwest Airlines as a mechanic. He is preceded in death by his father, Emilio. Tony is survived by his son, Gianni Palermo; mother, Beverly Palermo; brother, Donald Palermo; sister, Susan Fazio; uncles and aunts; Silvio and Rosa Palermo, Ross and Kathryn Johnson; aunt Mary Illes; 4 nephews and numerous cousins.


Boyd Crews
Palm Coast, Florida
Mar 2, 2017

I met Tony back at Powerhouse Gym in Seatac, WA back in 1995. I found him to be very inspiring and a very positive person. We lost touch over many years and then I was living in Las Vegas from 2005 till 2010. I was standing in line at The Green Valley Ranch Buffet for dinner one night, and Tony walked in front of me and was in the line, I thought noway, is that Tony!!??? I said, hey are you "Tony the Pony"? He smiled and laughed and we were both in shock to run into each other. I had no idea he was living in Vegas all of those years and I was too. We talked and caught up about our lives and then kept in touch through Facebook. I always remember him saying that he couldn't wear jeans back in the day cause he has a 30 inch waist and 30 inch thighs!! Tony will never be forgotten.

Jim Ross
Henderson, NV
Mar 26, 2015

Like most people who knew Tony I met him in Gold's gym in 2005. I enjoyed our talks, he was always willing to stop and give training advice. But I will mostly remember him for how much he loved his son. He would literally "light up" when he talked about him. It is sad that Gianni won't have his dad to guide him through life's challenges as he grows up. Rest in peace.

Tim Nicothodes
Denver, CO
Mar 18, 2015

The best thing that I could say about my friend Tony is that he was a man of incredible integrity. We used to, often, say that a man with no integrity is not worth knowing. Tony walked the walk. You will absolutely be missed my friend.

Dave Breckon
Las Vegas, nv
Mar 18, 2015

I knew Tony through Golds Gym in Las Vegas, NV. We spoke daily and I really enjoyed our conversations at the gym. I misss you buddy. I know you are lifting in Heaven. See you when I get there. Save a bench for me bro.

Hugo Pech
Mar 14, 2015

I had the pleasure to work with Tony for about 12 years in Las Vegas Nevada working on airplanes. He always was willing to go on roadtrips to work broken airplanes all over the west coast. I was always impressed with his work ethic, even do he was in pain in the last last months that he worked he always said to me " They pay me to do a good job and I do not want to take advantage of my employer" Tony was one of the kind he loved his son Gianni and will do anything for him. He helped others like they were part of his family. This time Tony went on a road trip but this time no to fix a plane but to have a well deserved rest I have to wait a while to see him again. See you again my friend.

John and Sue Chance
Las Vegas, NV
Mar 12, 2015

Tony was a very special friend to us. We met about 12 years ago at Gold's Gym in Las Vegas, Nevada. We soon became very good friends. He was a person of his word and would help you in anyway needed. We traveled with Tony and he showed us the sights of Seattle and the San Juan Islands. We have many memories of those great trips. We will forever remember what a great person and special friend he was.

Dan Wolfe
Auburn, Wa
Mar 12, 2015

Tony had the most bravado of anyone I knew, but what was even bigger was his heart. He would help you out with anything you needed, no hesitation. We had so many great times from training at the gym, to going out with friends, pretty much care-free in our younger days. Lots of great memories that escape me at this moment, Tony was one of a kind!! You will be missed, my friend.

Vincent Cushen
Port Orchard, WA
Mar 12, 2015

Tony would give you the shirt off his back. I will always remember how giving and fun he was. Lots of good memories from our younger days. I'm thankful I was able to spend the time I did with such a good man. He will be missed!

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