Mollie Catherine Yarnchak

Aug 14, 1954 – Sep 27, 2017

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Mollie Catherine Yarnchak

August 14, 1954 – September 27, 2017


Mollie Yarnchak was born in Seattle in 1954 and was the youngest of the three children. Her parents were Daniel and Carol Yarnchak.

Mollie passed away on September 27, 2017 at Regency North Bend, which had become her home in 2010. She loved the staff there and it was reported by many that “she gave the best hugs”. She was a very special kind of person and she knew it. She wrote the following in one of her devotionals:

“God made me the way I am! If it is good enough for God, then it is good enough for ME!”

God had blessed her with the ability to love others unconditionally. To her a stranger was just a friend she hadn’t met yet. Once she met you, she would be able to remember when and where you met, your birthday, anniversary, your kid’s names and anything else you choose to share. She really listened and cared. You were important to her.

Mollie was an avid collector. Stuffed animals, cards, letters, photos, pictures from magazines. You name it, and you could just about bet that she had it somewhere in her room. All those things were very important to her. If you took the time to send her a card, letter or picture, she saved it as if it was her prized possession. They all had a special place in her room. They were her connection to those people she loved and appreciated.

Mollie Is survived by her brother Dave and his wife Cindy and their children Michael and Allison.

She will be missed by all who knew her.


Terri Heavener
Redmond, Wa
Oct 9, 2017

Mollie did give the best hugs. Whenever she was at church she hugged everyone! Mollie loved God and knew that she was loved back. Sorry for your loss.

Timothy and Lee Knapp
Redmond , Wa
Oct 3, 2017

Mollie was always part of our Christian family. Her heart was filled with so much love and genuine friendship that can never be forgotten. We will miss her loving smile, hugs and kisses. We are so blessed to have had Mollie in our lives. What an angel! Yes, one pf God's very special angels. Our love for Mollie will always be in our heart.

Roseanne Pitcavage
Bluffton, SC
Oct 3, 2017

God Bless you, Mollie.

Ed Sawtll
shoreline, wa
Oct 3, 2017

We were very sorry to hear that Mollie had passed away. I will always remember her good nature and kindness. We always had fun on all of our family outings and picnics, and will always treasure the memories. God bless you Mollie.

Love Ed and Diane

Marie King
Seattle, WA
Oct 2, 2017

God has an angel to spread smiles and love. Molly God has blessed you.

Heraldine Thompson
Seattle, WA
Oct 1, 2017

All my sympathy on the death of Mollie. I will not be able to attend. I do not drive that far and my son has to have the car at 1PM for work.

Lori Hemphill
La Mesa, Ca
Sep 30, 2017

I'll always think of Mollie as bright and cheery, sweetness and love. Her heart was pure and her delights simple. I loved what she loved - family, animals and cute things ! Rest In Peace Mollie.

Joyce O’Mara Mcgrady
North Bend, OR
Sep 29, 2017

You were like a little sister when we were growing up. I remember how you liked to push my son in his stroller. You are now in a much better place. Love Joyce.

Evelyn and Ken McGhee
San Diego, Ca
Sep 29, 2017

We love you and know you will be with your Mom and Dad and Ray and many others in our family who love you.


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