Olga I. Stonehocker

Mar 20, 1924 – Jun 24, 2014

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Olga I. Stonehocker passed away Tuesday evening, June 24, 2014.  Born March 20, 1924 in Harbin, Manchuria, China she recently celebrated her 90th birthday with family and friends in Lynnwood where she lived for 2 years.  She died at home peacefully surrounded by family.  Her end of days brought her much joy when many friends and family came to see her.

Her parents were Ludmilla and Kenneth Semoff of Russian descent immigrating to Seattle during the Bolshevik Revolution during the 1920’s. 

Her mother, Ludmilla was born in Harbin, China but went to school in Irkutsk.  One day her Mom received a letter from her father telling her to get out of Irkutsk because the Bolsheviks were coming.  She was very young at the time so she went to Harbin to live with her Uncle.

Her father made his way to Harbin, China through Vladivostok, Russia (South Eastern Russia on the Asian Sea) where Olga’s parents met and married c1923.  In 1924 Olga wasn’t old enough to travel yet so she & Ludmilla stayed in Harbin.  He went on to the USA with Isabel’s husband, John Kovtunovich, where they both became loggers in Seattle. 

1924, when her Father arrived in Seattle, he had gone to a small Russian church, on Eastlake at the time.  When Father Platon heard his beautiful singing he took him to New York where he eventually became a Russian Orthodox Priest at St. Spiridon’s in New York and lived out his days.  He also became an esteemed artist and painted many paintings, some of snow and birch trees (it’s tradition for Russians to have a Birch tree in their yard).  He also did line drawing of characters, ocean scenes, and fall scenes too.

Now 3 years old, Olga and her Mother traveled by ship arriving in Seattle in 1927.  Her Mom was only 21 years old.  She didn’t know anyone or speak the language so they lived under the church until she could find work.  Soon the Russian Colony grew and grew and Olga came to know everyone.  Her Mother stayed in Seattle while her father stayed in New York so her Mother remarried “a very nice man”, Mitrofanoff.  Olga was known as Olga Fanoff during her school years and lived near Angle Lake in Seattle.  After her step-father died her Mother married Bob Bond; her gravestone is marked “Ludmilla Bond” in Washington Memorial Cemetery, SeaTac where Olga will also be laid to rest beside LeRoy (Lee) Stonehocker.

Once Olga was old enough she proudly became a US citizen and was active in the Seattle community as a member of the Ladies Auxiliary of The Russian Community Center and Seattle’s Russian Orthodox Churches.  She taught her family the Russian traditions, recipes, folk art and so forth, but she believed in living the America Culture.

At age 19, Olga lost her Mother to a brain aneurism.  They were so very close making this a life-changing event in her life.  Olga spoke of her often, missing her.  She talked of how her Mother had her iron all her ribbons and keep her drawers all neat and tidy. Her Mom was known for her generosity to others also, always lending a helping hand so when Olga was left alone many came to her aid.

Her friends were there for her – Yolanda Dunaway and her sisters Eva and Florence took her into their home.  Shortly after, she married into the Moskvin Family who also emigrated from Vladivostok, Russia during the revolution, marrying the Father of her sons.

Olga and her Mom waited 71 years to be together again in Heaven.  Now Olga has joined her Mother, Father, first husband Oleg J. Moskvin (18 yrs) and husband LeRoy J. Stonehocker (40 yrs ~), and many, many friends and family who not only preceded her in death, but who Olga cared for when they were sick.  

Olga was a beloved Mother of 3 sons and their wives, Nick & Polly, Paul & Jeanne, and Alec & Karen Moskvin, a beloved Baba to her granddaughter Sara Moskvin-Lockhart and her husband Jake Lockhart, and grandsons Stephan, Eric & Kevin Moskvin.

Olga had many lifelong friends and extended families.  Some considered her their sister, aunt, daughter, mother or (step) grandma.

She’ll be remembered for her soulful, clear blue eyes and her unwavering faith in God.  Thousands of people in the Pacific Northwest will remember her “Best of Seattle” Russian Periski and Pelmini.  Her Russian Dill Pickles are still being made by family every year.  Besides cooking, she enjoyed gardening and loved swimming.  Oh how she loved her dogs too.  She especially enjoyed visiting with friends and family; she would always keep in touch with “everyone” and talk hours on the phone!!  She opened gifts with a childlike enthusiasm no matter what it was and especially loved to give.  She’ll be remembered for her unparalleled generosity giving away all she had.

Olga’s kindness extended to strangers too.  One day when they fixed a lunch after church, a homeless man walked in.  The ladies wanted him to leave; after all he wasn’t too clean.  But this wasn’t right so Olga rescued him, found him a place to sit down away from others, and fixed him a plate for a King.  Olga lived with Christian values.

Her spirit will live on in our hearts with the best of memories!

The family would like to express their gratefulness for the loving care Scriber Garden Assisted Living staff gave Olga for the last 2 years and to Evergreen Hospice staff who without your support we would have been lost.  Thank you so very much.

Rev. Yuri Maev, St. Spiridon’s Russian Orthodox Priest will preside over her Funeral and Burial Tuesday, July 1st , Viewing 1 hour before Funeral Service at 12pm with Graveside Service following at Bonney-Watson Washington Memorial Park Chapel – 16445 International Blvd, SeaTac. 





bill lockhart
everett, wa
Jul 5, 2014

what a charming, sparkely-eyed lady. in faith we will talk together again one day.

Jessica Johnson
Snohomish , WA
Jun 29, 2014

Baba, your contagious laugh, firm hugs, and bright smile are just a few things that made you so very special. As I reflect on the good times of my childhood you will always be remembered. Thank you for the many years of yummy raviolis. All our love!

Jeannette, "Your Padrushka"
Kenmore, WA
Jun 29, 2014

Olia, where do I begin to touch upon any specific memory after 75 special years of closeness we shared - joy, tears, much laughter and the special bond of love we enjoyed. I only feel you are now in an untroubled and peaceful place with all your loved ones. I shall miss our frequent phone calls. Until we meet again, give a big hug to my Shura. With all my love, your "Pradushka".

Virginia Postnikoff Gies
Kenmore, WA
Jun 29, 2014

You knew my Mother, Jeannette, since 1939 - before I was born. Throughout all those years, I have always thought of you as my "Second Mother" and especially in the last twenty years, we have had such fond stories, shared great memories, and always the laughter was there.. Now you are at eternal peace, no doubt reuniting with all your loved ones - my Dad included! Until we meet again...you will be missed.

Stacy Adams
Selah, WA
Jun 27, 2014

I was truly heartbroken to hear you had passed away Grandma.. there just wasn't enough time and it had been too long since I had seen you.. But I know you know how much i love you.. At least you are with grandpa again.. Love you.

Stacy Adams
Selah, WA
Jun 27, 2014

I was truly heartbroken to hear you had passed away Grandma..

Linda DeMarce
Tacoma, WA
Jun 27, 2014

Dearest Auntie Olga, we rejoice in knowing you are now in the loving arms of our Lord, free of pain, and reunited with your sisters that were with you for a lifetime. Yolanda, Florence, and Eva are with you now for eternity. May you rest in peace in heaven surrounded by all the angels and saints. We love you, and thank you for being in our lives. We will miss your smile, love and compassion that you shared with all. Blessings, Linda, Steve, Jennifer, Aden, Melissa and Orval

Alec Moskvin
Woodinville , wa
Jun 27, 2014

Nicely written Karen.......Love, Alec

Karen Moskvin
Woodinville , WA
Jun 27, 2014

I pray your soul is bursting with light and you are dancing with your Mother after waiting to see her again for 71 years. With the grace of Jesus may you be at peace for eternity.

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