Fred Burton Lang

Jan 5, 1926 – Aug 30, 2014


The Life and Times of Fred Lang, a Eulogy

January 5th will always be a big day for the Lang family, because our  leader was born!  His name is Freddie Burton Lang Jr. and before he was ours, he belonged to his farmer  parents, Fred Sr. & Cora Lang of South Dakota. The world welcomed a large dose of humor, inspiration, and competitive spirit on that day in 1926. 

He was number 9 in a lineup of 16 children, 11 boys and 5 girls. At age 8, he went to live with his sister and brother-in-law, Clarence and Mildred Syverson  who served as his Guardians. This was a tough transition for him to leave the clan, but circumstances rendered it so. 

Freddie experienced many of the same hardships any young boy would who grew up during the Great Depression.  But there is one such story that would serve to possibly save his life.  When he was a little lad,  the cellar  door dropped, and so did several toes. Later, this “toe jam”  would  keep him from the perils of WWII; and although difficult for Freddie, the Army determined his injury a reason for an Honorable Discharge.

In June of 1941, Freddie  graduated from the eighth grade and went on to work at Clayton Ross Farms in South Dakota earning  wages of  $150 per month.  Fred found himself short on money and had to sell his car. Cars were a passion for Fred and would continue to be for his lifetime.  In honor of him, we have some of those here today so you might see them in the parking lot.

But back to selling that car. Little did he know that his car passion  would lead him to another kind of passion….the girl of his dreams! Her name was  Lorraine Lorenson, sister of the guy  who purchased the car. When Fred laid eyes on her,  it was over, and they wed in November of 1947.  They had decided   to  exit South Dakota  for the promise of a brighter economic future in Seattle.  The Pacific Northwest found  him  at Bethlehem Steele, SeaLand and  Boeing.  But being an entrepreneur at heart, his ambition beckoned him to embark on his own.  Thus, Fred Lang Building Company, Inc. was born in 1956.

Actually, in the 1950’s a lot of great things were born into his life,  Corinne,  Carolyn  and  Cherie.  He was also re-born himself.  He rededicated his life  to Christ in 1957 at McMicken Heights Baptist Church during a revival. He was ripe for this event, as he had strong Godly influences growing up.   The  1960’s came into view and Cary and Curtis arrived on the scene. His life was complete! He fondly referred to us as his Fab Five.  Thanks to him and mom, we share an incredible bond of friendship that we cherish. 

After Fred’s re-birth,  Christ was now at the core  of our home.  Church and Seattle Christian School became the family’s epicenter of activities. He served as Sunday School Teacher and Deacon.   Fred loved God’s Word and over the years managed to read it through 25 times.  He had a special way of taking any conversation and connecting it to God. One of his greatest achievements  was receiving his certificate of Biblical Studies by correspondence  from the Moody Bible Institute in 1975.  We applaud you,   Dad!

Fred has had such a full life, both spiritually and in life experience.  He was  tickled  to be featured in Builder/Architect Magazine of August  1989 and April 1991, and  in the  February 1991  issue of  Better Homes and Gardens Magazine for the  Make-a-Wish Foundation.  Our Father paved the way for us, and  we consider him and our mother  the foundation of our  businesses in the Real Estate world.   It is our privilege to carry on their  legacy. 

There are so many Fred stories out there, and we hope you share them with us during the open mic.   Fred’s favorite activities included  bowling, ping pong, arm wrestling, finger pulling contests, horseshoes, camping and  fishing at O’Sullivan Dam, racing his vehicles and  Disneyland. He lived to have the family at his cabin in Eastern Washington and take the grandkids for up and down rides in his boat.  He loved ice cream, God  and country music. In his earlier years, a good evening at the  Lang’s  included Dad playing piano, violin, accordion or banjo.    His delight was getting his own 15 brothers and sisters  together at family reunions and jamming with his bro’s on their instruments.

The remaining sojourners include brothers Gordon Lang of Spartenburg, SC and Jack Lang of Onalaska, Wa.,  Fred’s  five children, and their spouses,  14 grandchildren and spouses, and  21 great grandchildren listed now: They are Corinne’s family: Corinne Lombardo and Mark Buysse; Tony, Nichole and Angelica Lombardo; Tim, Shannon, Hannah, Raegan and Julia Lombardo; Joey, Taryn, Enzo and Rocco Lombardo; Carolyn’s family: Carolyn and Steve Bell; Loreen and Fernando Hernandez; Casey, Andrea, Kyla, Heidi and Molly Bell; Tyler, Chelsea, Pearson, and Harper Bell;  Cherie’s family: Cherie Lang and Paul Danis; Luke, Chelsea, Dylan and Jaxson Dunckley; Kris, Kate, Owen and Noah Munroe; Zachary, Melissa, Zephaniah and Zoe Dunckley; Cary’s family: Cary, Jennifer and Lauren Lang; Duane, Jennalie and Verity Holte;  Curtis’ Family: Curtis, Michelle, and Alec Lang; Blake, Tiffany, Brody and Hailey Lang; Drew, Morgan and Tate Lang.

Psalm 106:1 “Praise the Lord. Give thanks to the Lord, for His love endures forever.” (found in a Christmas card dated 1959 from Fred to Lorraine)


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