George Cohen

May 5, 1925 – Sep 8, 2014

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George Cohen adored two things more than anything in life—his family and a really good sandwich. He called them “hoagies” because he was from Philly. Born in 1925 to Russian Immigrant parents, he lived 89 ½ really fantastic years. He loved a good time and would regale everyone with his racy stories of his jaunts to Cuba back in the day and hob-knobbing with gangsters in the clubs of Miami Beach and Vegas where for years,  he tended bar.

 In his later years he spent his time listening to jazz music, drinking massive amounts of espresso, and religiously watching the Today show to see what his crush Savannah was up to. Even in his 80’s he still loved a good stiff drink and his corned beef sandwiches massive, and piled sky high. An incredibly fun guy, he was also super generous, supremely open-minded, and always gave people the benefit of the doubt.

 He was so proud of his kids and incredibly supportive of them. He treated his son’s South African partner as though he was his own. And when his daughter moved to the Netherlands to follow her Dutch boyfriend, he laughed and asked “What’s up with my kids falling for all these foreigners?” Adding that as long as they were happy, he was happy.

He passed on September 8th in Seattle where he lived for the last 13 years. He is survived by his son Jeff and his spouse Brendan, his daughter Candi and her boyfriend Jan, his fabulous sister Doris and his extended family in Florida: Ronni, Shelley, Amy, Lauren, and Craig.

He is missed immensely but wherever he is, chances are strong that he’s got a drink in his hand and is charming the heck out of someone.


Jeffrey Matthew Cohen
Seattle, WA
Sep 8, 2017

Three years ago today, Dad. Man, time flies! I cannot even begin to tell you how much I miss you. The world is a very different place without you (for starters, Trump is President - who would have figured that in a million years?!). Anyway, I love you with all my heart and until we meet again...

Jeffrey Matthew Cohen (Son)
Seattle, WA
Dec 11, 2014


Itís hard to believe that it's been over three months since youíve passed. I think of you all the time, and have often been visiting the places that we used to go to together. A part of me feels missing, and itís incredible how someone can be here one moment and then gone the next. I hope you know the incredible impact that youíve made on my life, and on the lives of those who knew and loved you. You were an amazing dad; and your generosity, humor, and incredible personality (and stories!) will never be forgotten.


Shelley Cohen miller
North Miami Beach, Fl
Sep 14, 2014

To my great cousins Jeff and Brenden and Candi and Jan my deepest condolences and my thoughts are always with you guys. He was great guy handsome and fun. Will miss him. Love you all.

Curtis Marcelle
Siparia,Trinidad and Tobago, NA
Sep 13, 2014

Jeff and Brendon, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time.

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