Larry Lowell Freeman

Sep 12, 1947 – Nov 27, 2014

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Larry is survived by his wife Kathleen Darby Freeman; son Michael (Susan) Healey and his daughter Amanda (Mark) Kinney; his grandchildren Chris, Josh, Ciara and Casey; his brothers Gene Freeman and Ron (April) Freeman; his niece Lisa and nephews Scott and Kevin.  He was preceded in death by his daughter Stefanie Healey in 2002 and his grandson Nathaniel Sharp in 1997.


Dave Helgeson
Kent, Wa
Dec 7, 2014

Larry, Linda and I were so sad to hear of your passing. I know we were not as close as step-brothers could be, but always enjoyed talking with you when we did see each other. I'm sure heaven has a place for you and we will see you there someday. Rest in Peace.

Walter McGregor
Bellevue, Wa
Dec 7, 2014

Larry I have known you for over 25 years.Your calmness, and gentleness is what I remember most about you.You are missed my friend.Love you.Walt

Scott Freeman
Brush prairie, Wa
Dec 6, 2014

Uncle boogie -

You've been gone a week and I still break down every time I think about you. Your calmness, kindness, and genuine love for your family and friends is what I will miss the most. Thank you for being a voice of reason, helping hand, and best friend.

I will forever remember our time spent together moving me from the Bay Area, through Yosemite, and back to Washington. Not many uncles try to pet a wild deer, feed a bear, or tell you to speed up on the freeway :)

May heaven have an endless raceway and a full-time pit crew.

Miss and love you with all of my heart and soul

-little buddy

John Poague
Renton, Wa
Dec 6, 2014

I first met Larry back in 1985 when he came into my body shop looking for a job. We talked more about our common interest in bronco's and jeeps and 4 wheel drive clubs then his work histoy and thats what got him hired . It was the begining of a long and trusted friendship. Together we painted the entire Carnation Dairies fleet of trucks . After a few years we both moved on to work at Wester Peterbilt where we worked together until his well deserved retirement. Larry's humor and friendship made my life at work enjoyable.

Larry... Together we have made so many great memories . Here are some of my favorites . Building and racing stock cars at Spanaway Speedway . Taking my daughter to her first prom night in your street rod. It got more looks than the limos the other couples were in . You made her proud. Riding in that same car at my wedding , you had it all decked out with flowers ribbons and a just married sign on the back . The car shows ,gun shows fishing , picking up antique junk car and tractor parts for yard art . So many good times we shared . I will hold onto these memories forever. There is nothing more valuable in life than friends and family . Love you Larry

Ronnie Freeman
Brush Prairie, WA
Dec 6, 2014

Brother Larry, I will always remember your love of cars and pets, your sly humor, and sense for adventure. As a child I remember the white rats with pink eyes you kept in your bedroom, which was surrounded by model cars you built and displayed, along with the Blue Ribbons you won.

I remember when you left for California with your green Corvette Stingray. You returned in your Ford Bronco a few years later, and had transformed into the mature, soft spoken, kind and warm person you were.

I miss you, I love you, and will always cherish the memories.

Your Little Brother, Ron

Gene Freeman
Seattle, Wa
Dec 4, 2014

DEAR BIG BROTHER You`re unique sense of humor and gentle nature will be missed by your friends, family and all the animals you loved especially Joey big boy your orange tabby cat. You often spoke of how much you enjoyed the 2012 Freeman brothers and nephew Scott vacation. We saw the Oregon caves and hiked in the Avenue of the Redwoods forest. I remember doing this on a family vacation when I was 12 years old. We also saw Yosemite National Park and walked among the giant Sequoia trees. Then we moved Scott home. Amanda,Michael,grandkids Chris,Josh,Ciara,Casey,their dad Mark niece Lisa nephews Scott and Kevin and all of us will always have you in our hearts as an example of how we should treat each other. You left us too soon. Love your brother Gene.

Stevo Beach
Snohomish, WA
Dec 2, 2014

Larrijuana………..friend, you will be missed. Working with you at Peterbilt, we had more fun than humans should be allowed while working. Your calm demeanor and quick wit will be with me forever. Whenever speaking of past memories and your name comes up we all smile. I’m a better person for having known you. Till we meet again…….

corey s beito
renton, wa
Dec 1, 2014

Larry, my friend, i will always remember all the record conventions and car shows we did together, we talked about every thing. you are a kind man with a good heart. i love you my friend. we shared our faith and love of our maker. i will keep the faith and love you and your family till we meet again.


Dear Larry, You have been such an important part of such an amazing family You have been so kind and thoughtful.

Your steady calmness and kindness has been an inspiration to others. It was so much fun to see your cool cars at the summer auto shows. You were so proud of your wonderful Shelby and we admired it too. Love, Marilynn Beito

Ciara Kinney
Sumner, WA
Dec 1, 2014

Only been a few days and it still doesn't feel real. I just want you back. ): I miss you so much grandpa.

Rick Stone
South Cle Elum, WA
Dec 1, 2014

Larry, you truly are my best friend. I will miss you always. I wish I could have said goodbye. Until we meet again, keep on crusing.

Michael, Susan, and Casey
Sumner, Wa
Dec 1, 2014

Larry you are a stand-up guy and you did right by mom. Thank you for the time we had together and the lessons learned. You are missed. Good bless and rest in peace. Mom our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Joshua kinney
Sumner, wa
Dec 1, 2014

I miss you grandpa, you and I were both quiet and never really talked much. I wish we could have been closer. I am glad you are not suffering anymore and will see you again someday.

I love you and miss you. Good bye grandpa..

Michael & Lisa Chugg
Burien, WA
Dec 1, 2014

Larry was my neighbor and my friend. I first met Larry when I was purchasing my home in 1994. We worked on many projects together, shared lots of laughs, tears and best of all a wonderful time. I truly miss him and to his loving wife and family, I am so very sorry for you loss in life.

Michael & Marie Cornell
Highland, CA
Nov 30, 2014

Cousin Larry, you were loved and will be greatly missed. It is too bad there were so many miles between us. One day we'll all be together again.

Love, Cousin Mike and Marie Cornell

Mark and Amanda Kinney
Sumner, Wa
Nov 30, 2014

You were a wonderful step dad, we're gonna miss you til we see you again..we'll always love you...

Ciara Kinney
Sumner, WA
Nov 30, 2014

I miss you grandpa. You were an amazing man and still are. I know you're watching over us all and hoping that we're smiling and happy. I wish we could have been closer but everything happens for a reason and someday we'll get even closet than we were. You are loved by many and i can't believe this happened to such a wonderful man, you definitely didn't deserve it. But thankfully you're out of pain and in heaven having a blast with aunt Stepf and Nathaniel and all your family that's passed. I cant wait to see you again. I love you so much.

duvall, wa
Nov 30, 2014

I wish I would of had more time to spend with you an got to know you more then I did. You were an amazing man Larry an well loved bye your family I'm glad that I got to be apart of your life for the short amount of time I did you will be greatly missed but I'm am glad that you no longer are in pain an surfing an that you are in a better place now and in gods wonderful kingdome I know you will be looking over your family so I guess. This is goodbye for now until it is my time to come join you in are heavenly fathers kingdome. rest in peace Larry .

Kathleen Darby Freeman
Seattle, Wa
Nov 30, 2014


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