Edward Alonzo

Jun 4, 1917 – Mar 25, 2015

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Our Dad was born during World War I. His mother and father were immigrants from northwest Spain and spoke Spanish at home. His Dad, Julius Alonso, was a merchant seaman who eventually made his way to San Francisco, CA where he met the blue eyed, black-haired widow, Juana Jaspe. When they married Julius’ surname became Alonzo and Juana became Juanita. She had grown up on a farm near La Coruna, so her legendary green thumb had deep roots.

The couple moved to Seattle, WA, USA and then had a son Julius, Jr. in 1915, Eddie’s beloved older brother. The two brothers were devoted to each other, but they fought, especially over the family’s only car, much needed for dates. Unfortunately, his brother Julius preceded him in death at a young age. Also preceding him in death was his and Julius’ older brother, Marshall who was the son of Juanita from her previous marriage.

Edward graduated from Cleveland High School on Beacon Hill in Seattle in 1935. He played baseball, basketball and football in junior high but his sports’ love was golf. He began by selling golf balls, then caddying to earn enough to buy some golf clubs. During the Great Depression, energetic young Edward learned to work and work hard to get whatever he wanted besides doing chores at home like taking care of the chicken coop.

Ed graduated from high school then immediately enrolled in the Seaman’s Union and went to sea within a few days of graduation. He knew he was fortunate to have a job during this difficult economic time. His favorite trip was to Australia, stopping at Hawaii, Suva, Fiji and New Zealand as well as some Pacific Islands.

After Ed met red-haired secretary Ruth McIlroy, he gave up the sea and got a job at Northwestern Glass Company where he worked for 35 years with time off during WWII in 1945 to be in the Merchant Marines for the duration.

Ed and Ruth had two daughters, Eloise and Bonnie Jean. Of course, Ed taught them to play golf and to garden, another of his passions.

He and his forever love, Ruth, were married for 70 years. He called her his “red head”. (She preceded him in death in August of 2011).

Eventually Ed and Ruth moved from Beacon Hill to Hunts Point, near Bellevue, on the growing eastside of Lake Washington where they lived for 50 years.

After traveling to many states in the United States, Ed and Ruth traveled to Spain where he enjoyed speaking Spanish again, then to Scotland where he played the famous St. Andrews golf course where golf began, then on to Ireland, England and Germany.

Ed’s daughters married and had six grandchildren: Megan, Michael, Andrew, Laurie, Gretchen and Heidi. They in turn had eight great grandchildren for him to watch grow into their school years.

As his daughters, who wrote this memorial, we want all to know how proud we were of our handsome, patient (when teaching us to golf and drive), kind and fun-loving father, who was so protective of us, but who let us spread our wings like the chickadees he loved, to fly away from the warm home he helped provide, to travel and live and work far from home. We loved him as he loved us.

He also loved his extended family of many nieces and nephews.  He visited them as often as he could.

He truly lived a loving, fulfilling life. He touched the lives of many, including his wonderful caregivers as well as loyal friends.


Eloise and BJ



Leslie Kraynak
Sonoma, CA
Apr 4, 2015

Your words about Uncle Eddie truly brought tears to my eyes. Those twinkly, mischievous eyes and smile--never to be forgotten! I also loved the picture you chose of your parents together. I think Uncle Eddie was the last of the McIlroy-related clan.

Cousin Leslie

Heidi (Rounds) Mariscal
Nashville, TN
Apr 3, 2015

Grandpa, We may have lived over a thousand miles apart, but the times we had when we were together are so close to my heart! Especially to sneak to get ice cream before grandma knew! I am so glad I was able to see you a couple years ago and make more memories! Now you and your beautiful bride can peacefully watch down on us. I miss you terribly grandpa, and love you so much!

BJ (Bonnie Jean) Rounds
Monteagle, TN
Apr 2, 2015

Thank you, Dad, for being such a supportive and loving Dad. I miss your loving smile and warm embrace and hope to hear you speak to me during my dreams. Many memories already fill my dreams and my love for you will always fill my heart.

Sidney Hillyer Bremer
Green Bay, WI
Apr 2, 2015

Uncle Eddie was my favorite uncle, bar none. And thanks to Aunt Ruth's large family of marrying siblings (including my mother Doris McIlroy Hillyer) and my father's brother, I did have several. I loved Uncle Eddie. Elo and BJ are right to call him handsome, patient, kind and fun-loving. I remember him just that way when my sister, Leslie, and I got to visit our Seattle cousins in the Bellevue home with the spreading lawn and flowers he gardened. He was a dependable and warming and supportive presence, and he and Aunt Ruth exemplified a loving couple. I'm so glad he got to play St. Andrews and visit Spain--where I also went, just a few years back, and was tickled to find sports ribbons for their famous soccer player, Alonso! I know Uncle Eddie lives on in his extended family's memories--on the McIlroy side, too. With loving thoughts of him and Aunt Ruth--and to you, Elo and BJ, and your families --from Cousin Sid

Eloise Ware
Gig Harbor, WA
Mar 31, 2015

Love and miss you, Dad, so much.

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