Fr. Gerald Francis Xavier Lovett

Dec 1, 1935 – Mar 21, 2015

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Father Gerald Lovett, 79 of Federal Way, WA (previously of Redmond, WA) died peacefully of natural causes at Providence Mount Saint Vincent in Seattle on Saturday March 21, 2015.

 Sunday March 29, 2015 at 7:00pm a Vigil Service will be held at St. Jude Catholic Church in Redmond, Washington.

 Monday March 30, 2015 at 10:30am at St. Jude Catholic Church in Redmond, Washington Funeral Mass will be celebrated by the Most Reverend J. Peter Sartain Archbishop of Seattle and other diocesan priests will concelebrate.

 Burial will take place at Sacred Heart Church, Kilmoyley, County Kerry, Ireland.

 Born on December 1, 1935 in Kilmoyley, County Kerry, Ireland, Father Lovett was one of 12 children, raised in a family and a community that valued religious vocations.  Five of his nine sisters became women religious.  Out of his 100-member high school class, 30 young men entered the seminary.  Father Lovett studied for the priesthood at St. Kieran Seminary, Kilkenny, Ireland and was ordained for the Archdiocese of Seattle at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Kilkenny on May 31, 1959.  He came to Seattle in February of 1960 and served as an assistant at St. James Cathedral Parish. In 1964 Father became an assistant at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Seattle.  After earning a master’s in social work from Catholic University in Washington, D.C., he returned to the Archdiocese and served as assistant director of the Catholic Charities (now Catholic Community Services) for eight years while also serving several of those years as pastor of St. Paul Parish in Seattle.  Father Lovett founded St. Jude’s Parish in Redmond in 1978 and served there until his retirement in 2003.  Father Lovett was active in a number of Archdiocesan activities including chaplain at Camp Don Bosco, Carmelita Institute, YLI; notary of the Archdiocesan Marriage Tribunal; spiritual director, Junior Curia, Legion of Mary, and a member of the Personnel Board, Archdiocesan Priests Council.

 In his younger days, Father Lovett was a County Football champion and continued an avid interest in many sports including football, hurling, baseball and golf.

 Father Lovett was preceded in death by his parents Garrett and Mary Lovett, brother Sean Lovett, sisters Pauline Lovett, Margaret Lovett, Sr. Attracta Lovett, Sr. Dolores Lovett, Sr. Josepha Lovett  and survived by his brother Declan Lovett and sisters Mena Willmore, Sarann Lovett, Irene Ross and Sr. Maureen Lovett, along with numerous nieces and nephews, their families and a multitude of parishioners and friends.

 In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to: Catholic Youth Organization,


Libeth & Ben Crist
Federal Way, WA
Jun 8, 2015

My husband and I are sad when we found out about Father Lovett passing. He was God given Angel to me when I first moved here in America from the Philippines in meddle year of 1996. My husband wasn't a Catholic at the time but was planning to. I remember, he can see that I miss my family, scared, home sick and trying to adjust the cliemet. He give time to talked to me and being shy he rather told me how I felt and told thats how he felt also when he first moved here from Ireland and add my heart felt for you. My husband became a Catholic in Saint Jude and Father Lovett alway there for us. He wrote a recomendation letter for me for first job. This how he always say every time my husband and i will see him, how are doing my gile (girl). He asked about my family back home don't lost to kept in touch with your family they are important with his big smile. Rest in Peace Father Lovett, God have another Angel and Saint in heaven with him.

Gail Taylor
La Conner, WA
Apr 16, 2015

I first met Father Lovett in 1961, when I was 18 years old, and living close to Seattle University and St. James Cathedral. I was dating a Catholic and took Catechism classes from Father. I was crazy about him!! He was not only professional but he had such a wonderful personality. I really recall when he called me one day to confirm an appointment, I answered the phone by saying "This is Heaven, God speaking". He immediately answered, "oh hi dad, this is your son"! I remember being very embarrassed, but he was so gracious and genuinely amused!!

Although I took catechism from Father Lovett, I didn't become a Catholic until the 1990's. (I was a slow learner). He was always there for me, and my family, buried my sister, who was not catholic attended the memorial service of my mother, who was born Catholic, but not a practicing one, and stepped in and helped me with my younger sister who I was trying to raise.. He always made us feel so special and so wanted. I will miss him dearly and will meet him again one day, where I will proudly take my place at his supper table.! RIP Fathr Lovett.

Apr 13, 2015

My wife Sandra and I first met Father Lovett when we joined St Jude's Parish in 1979, before the present church was built and services were held in the Redmond Junior High cafeteria.

He baptized all three of my children, as well as my wife Sandra.

I had the privilege of serving with him on St Jude's council and have always felt that he was the closest thing to meeting Jesus Christ in real life.

Our family was very blessed to have known him, may his blessed soul rest in peace.

Gregg Herrell

Mark and Barb Colter
Redmond, WA
Apr 10, 2015

We moved to Redmond in 1988 and joined St. Jude parish. Fr. Lovett baptized and confirmed both of our children and we all loved him so much.

We loved how he included himself in his exhortations using the word WE and not just YOU. He was humble and so approachable and was truly inspiring.

Thank you to his family for sharing him with us for so many years!

Steve & Janet Leahy
Sammamish, Washington
Apr 6, 2015

Fr. Lovett was the embodiment of Christ's love. His welcoming spirit embraced us when we joined St. Jude's in 1983. We have wonderful memories of his baptizing our two children and his Irish wit. His spirit still permeates St. Jude's which is what makes the place so special. He's going to be a great addition to the Welcoming Team in Heaven!! Can't wait to see him again.

Susan Gilpin
Redmond, WA
Apr 2, 2015

I moved to Redmond in 1998 with my children. It was very important to me to find a church where I felt comfortable. I went to a lot of different masses in the area and one Sunday, I literally, just happened to drive by St. Jude. I lived close by but didn't realize it was there! I went in. Father Lovett made me feel welcome and I knew I had found the right place for my family. I have missed Father Lovett every mass I attend at St. Jude. I am happy to know that he died peacefully. He was a lovely man and a wonderful priest.

Jim Krigbaum
Redmond, WA
Apr 1, 2015

I first met Father Lovett while planning my wedding nearly 32 years ago and despite being announced as "Mr. and Mrs. Washington" it was one of the best days of my life and Father Lovett made it all the more special.

32 years later and a family whose Faith was shaped by the Pillar of St. Judes! It hasn't been the same since he retired but his lessons live on. Thank you Father Lovett and thanks to his family and the church for sharing such a wonderful role model, leader and friend with the people of Redmond!

Sue and Larry Calkins
Seattle, WA
Mar 31, 2015

You're the Best Father!!! Father Louvett had a way about making everyone seem so welcome and important! I got to know Father through St. Jude's Annual Golf Tournament! When playing golf with Father he would say, "if you don't like where the ball landed, put it where it should have gone"! Such a great sense of humor in such a great man! He Married Larry and I on May 30 1992! He shared with me when I was grieving my Father's passing, about when he was traveling home to Ireland to visit his ill Mother. He called from JFK and was told she had just passed! He felt all alone at JFK! He was always able to touch his own fears and emotions as well as help you with yours. We will miss you Father!

Paula Tulloch-Ratcliff
Seattle, WA
Mar 31, 2015

I met Father Lovett when I moved from St. Edwards to St Pauls in 8th grade. Those of us who went to Kennedy High School, picked the bus up at St. Pauls. No matter the weather, he bounded down the hill with sparkling eyes and a smile from ear to ear. I always thought he liked me best but I think he made us each feel that way. Not knowing my home life, his hugs and care made a huge impact on my life (as tears stream down my face typing this). When it came to pre-marital counseling, he told my husband (who was not a Catholic) that unless he made $70,000/yr to raise the children in Catholic School and subscribe to the Northwest Progress, he had better run and run now. Well, he married is in 1976 and baptized each of our three sons. The first one in his Redmond home/rectory using a salad bowl and glass cup as the church had not been built yet. His body returns to his beloved Ireland, his memory remains in my heart and I can't wait to see him again one day.

Trish and Mike Warfel
Renton, WA
Mar 30, 2015

Fr. Lovett, you were always so kind to us and our children when we lived in Redmond and attended St. Jude's in the mid 1980's. Thanks for sharing your quick Irish wit and your deep love of God! May you rest peacefully in arms of Christ forever!

The Salas Family
Redmond, WA
Mar 30, 2015

Thank you, Father Lovett, for always welcoming us with open arms and acceptance. We will always remember the walk from the Redmond Jr. High auditorium, to watch you dig the first shovels of dirt at now St. Jude's Parish. You always took care in asking about how each of us were doing (especially mom), and helped with guidance, love and laughter. As a child, growing with the parish, thank you for keeping it light and staying a shining example of how good people really can be. You're the best.

Mary and Mark Fredrickson
Issaquah, WA
Mar 30, 2015

Mark and I were the first wedding when St. Judes was built. He has been so important to our family over the years and we feel blessed to have known him!

Leslie Barta
Spokane, WA
Mar 30, 2015

I met Father Lovett when I was in fourth grade at Our Lady of Guadalupe. He had just come to our church and was given the assignment of taking a bus load of school kids from the church up to Snoqualmie to have a snow day of fun. I was blessed to have him sit by me all the way up. I also remember that my foot got stuck I below a log, and he came and pulled me out. He was so kind. My entire family loved him. He married my sister and her husband at Holy Names back in the early 80s.

Susan Fitch
Everett , Wa
Mar 30, 2015

I remember just how kind your smile was to me, I always felt safe, I will miss you, you were wonderful.

Mrs Marie O'Reilly
Northampton, UK
Mar 30, 2015


Robin Dilley/Taylor
Auburn, wa
Mar 29, 2015

FAIDE, my heart is broken. For 47 years you were not only our family's priest, you WERE family to us.All of my growing up years that were so important, you were part of. From my first holy communion, to my marriage and baptism of my son. I will always cherish the many family meals you attended on our home. Mom being a great Italian cook, there was always a place for you. You accepted all of us into your heart, with never a judgrment, but with only compassion and understanding. At my lowest point in life, a face to face confession with you set me free. I will never forget the kind and healing way you ministered to me. In your later years, taking you to see a performance of Celtic Woman was a wonderful evening. Seeing your face light up listening to the music of your homeland was priceless. Oh the many jokes and laughter that we shared will surely be missed. I am thankful for our last visit at Mt. St. Vincent's. You told me yousuffered nno pain which is a testament to our LOrd's grace upon such a wonderful devout servant! God is crazy about you!!!! I am too

Jack Strong
Lacey, WA
Mar 28, 2015

You were a joy to know Faddie . Joanie and I were with you from the date of the founding of St. Jude's until your retirement. You were an inspiration to us and our Family. We will hold our memories of the times we spent together close to our hearts and give thanks to Our God for sharing you with us for all these years. May you rest in peace..

There is an old Irish saying "Death leaves a heart ache no one can heal. Love leaves a memory that no one can steal ".

God Bless !

Marie Arzer
Redmond, WA
Mar 28, 2015

Moving from the Chicago suburbs to Woodinville was a culture shock. Until St. Jude's, we would attend Mass between St. Brendan's & Holy Family. Finally we found a home at St Jude. Father was part of the good times & the sad times of our family life. He tried so hard to remember everyone's names. My sons had two of the apostles' names, but he would always call them Matthew, Mark & Luke. One name was correct. Loved listening to the Irish in his sermons & the twinkle in his eyes. Thank you for the gift of Father Lovett.

Chrissy Brackett
Woodinville, WA
Mar 28, 2015

Father Lovett was a man loved by my entire family. In 1978 my parents, two sisters and I entered Redmond Junior High School to attend mass at a new church. That was our introduction to Father Lovett. He used to tease my sisters and I by calling us by each other's names. Father would come over to our house for dinner and listen raptly to us girls play our little organ - oh the patience the man possessed. He officiated at my older sisters' wedding in August (and of course he called her by my name) and two months later officiated at my wedding (and you know, I wasn't Chrissy). Father Lovett baptized all four of my parents' grandkids. Father Gerald Lovett was an integral part of our lives - definitely loved by us all. Father Lovett, you made a positive impact on so many lives. Thank You and Rest in Peace.

Clare Murphy
South Hill , WA
Mar 27, 2015

Ah, "The Great Love"! I was a member at St Paul's, going to school when he was there, and going to camp also. What a grand smile and laughter that he shared with everyone. All the while telling us what we should be doing, and how we should live, and how precious we all are. So very much a people person, building community where ever he went.

Jan Meersman
Redmond, WA
Mar 27, 2015

When my husband and I moved to Redmond in 1981, we joined St. Jude's as recommended by my Grandfather Robert McInnes. He was a founding member of St. Jude and always sat in the back row for every Saturday evening mass. He and Fr. Lovett became very close friends, as they both had a strong love for all things Irish. Fr. Lovett performed our renewal of wedding vows in 1982, our babies baptisms in 1983 and 1986, their first communions, and although he had retired by then, I know Fr. was there in spirit when our daughter was confirmed and married at St. Jude in 2011. Rest in Peace dear man. You will be sorely missed by our family.

Becky Ashburn Lucarelli
Kirkland, WA
Mar 27, 2015

When I was just 6 years old, our family moved to Redmond and started attending St. Jude's in the Redmond Junior High School. My parents became actively involved and helped with building the church. I sang in the first Children's choir, received my 1st communion, Confirmation, and marriage from Fr. Lovett. We had the privilege of also having him baptize our daughter. My 3 sibling also received their sacraments from Fr. Lovett.

We were actively involved the entire length of Fr. Lovett's stay at St. Jude's and he was a dear friend and spiritual guide to our family. He will be greatly missed!

mary arbicor sutton
federal way, wa
Mar 26, 2015

my family moved to st. pauls from st. Edward's in first impression of fr. Lovett was, wow, is he irish! well, it didn't take long for us to claim him as our own. what a great priest. my heart is broken and even though he went to st. jude's, he couldn't get away from my family. my nieces made their first communions with him. God gave us all this wonderful, caring blessed man. thank you fr. Lovett. now you can rest and watch out for Richard. you'll recognize his sneeze! god bless you.

Toni Haley
Redmond, Wa
Mar 26, 2015

I meet father Lovett at st.jude Catholic Church and hope he real rest in peace up in heaven.and he real meet up with the rest of his family.

mickey garvey
scottsdale, az
Mar 26, 2015

He married us and I played golf with him. What a great man. I have some wonderful memories of him. I loved him and am very sad at his passing.

Dorothy Wood
Renton, WA
Mar 26, 2015

I was so sad to hear of the loss of Father Lovett. I played the organ at ST Paul's while he was there and he was so wonderful in making the weddings so special. He was a joy to be around with a wicked sense of humor. I will miss his smile and the twinkle in his eye. Watch over us, Father!

Steve and Marikay Bates
Redmond, WA
Mar 25, 2015

It is with a smile that we remember our pastor, Fr. Lovett. His service to our Redmond/Woodinville community was outstanding. He always had his parishoners in the forefront of his mind and heart. What an amazing memory for names! He never took himself too seriously, and he was always approachable. May he watch his Seahawks from the best seat in the universe.

Beverly Bowers
Everett, wa
Mar 25, 2015

I am very saddened to hear of Fr. Lovett's passing on!!

I first met Father at the palisades retreat center two years ago, while I was attending a silent women's retreat. He was my first face to face confession experiance! I was abit nervous to say the least! The minute father started talking with me..I knew right then and there that this man was a extra special person!! He made me feel so at ease, and he was such a genuine person who had a genuine LOVE for our Lord and God!!! I could ramble on and on about Dear Father Lovett!! He will be sorely missed for sure!! I love you Fr. L!! RIP :'( "It's me Beverly from Everett"

Diane Kropp Henderson
Seattle, WA
Mar 25, 2015

I was so sorry to hear of the passing ot "the Great Fr. Lovett". I was fortunate enough to be a student at Our Lady of Guadalupe way back when Fr had been assigned to our parish. Fr. would spend time with us on the playground, attend our softball games, always our loudest supporter. Fr. Lovett could make you feel like the most important person in the world to him and to Him. His faith was inspirational. I will always remember those twinking eyes, his wonderful accent and the way he made this 4th grader feel for a life time.

Rest in peace Father. Until we meet again.

Carolyn Lassek
Seattle, Wa
Mar 25, 2015

What a happy person and joy-filled priest. ,Even simply meeting him one knew there was a spark burning in his soul ,perfectly Irish and so committed to and in love being a Child of God. The fire of God's love and Fr. Lovett's pastoral care warmed by his smile left one smiling too.

A priest's priest and a people's shepherd! Indeed, he will be missed. Father Lovett, it was my joy to consult with you on your project the building of St. Jude's Church. May you rejoice in the wonder of God's Presence. Pray for us as we pray for you.

Leona De Rocco
Seattle, WA
Mar 25, 2015

What a beloved man, priest and friend. So lucky to have known Father Lovett all these years. He was instrumental during my formative years, at camp, at Mass at St. Paul's, at my high school graduation, at our family home. He was a treasure, indeed. Rest in Peace.

Linda DeMarce
Tacoma, WA
Mar 25, 2015

It was an honor and privilege to know Fr. Lovett. My husband and I thank him for marrying us 38 years ago, and helping us to start our lives together with joy and happiness. You will be missed, and you were a "true" priest. Thank you for being a part of our lives.

LeAnn DePalmo Dodge
Vancouver, WA
Mar 25, 2015

He was a VERY special man and priest who had a positive impact on my Catholic faith. He was so kind and loving and went out of his way for our family during difficult times and shared in the joyful ones as well. I will always be grateful for him and how he demonstrated the best of our Catholic community.

Monica DePalmo Denney
Vancouver, Wa
Mar 24, 2015

A wonderful man that we were all blessed to have in our lives. I feel so fortunate to have known him and to have had him apart of so many special occasions in my life. Rest in peace Father.

Felicia DePalmo
Federal way , Wa
Mar 24, 2015

So blessed to have known this loving caring man . He was a catholic priest who showed us Gods love, by his love and understanding of all people . His humor and joy were so uplifting! I will miss him immensely as will my entire family.

Gina Bouker
Maple Valley, Wa
Mar 24, 2015

We are all better for have known this treasure of a human being. There are no words to capture his tremendous impact. I suppose love and laughter might be two that come up quickly for me. Along with compassion and sharing God's Grace in a way that made it easy to understand. I always felt like he was watching out and praying for me. I still do!

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