Pericles Homer Scarlatos II

Jul 1, 1924 – Jun 29, 2015

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Pericles Homer Scarlatos II            Scarlatos Marches On And Beyond

July 1, 1924- June 29, 2015

Devoted Son, Adoring husband to his beautiful wife, Arita Athanasopoulou Scarlatos, loving and compassionate Father, Brother, Uncle, and eldest child of Pericles Homer Scarlatos I and Wilhelmina Suezs ( Sees).  Pericles Homer Scarlatos II left this world to be with God and join his wife and family in Heaven early Monday morning June 29, 2015 in Palm Desert, California.  He is survived by his two sisters:  Dori Westphal and Ramona Marsland, brother Miltiades (deceased), his two children, Perry Homer Scarlatos III and Nikoletta Ekaterina Skarlatos, his many nephews and nieces, and their children whom he adored, and many dear friends including the entire Greek Community.

Perry was born in Seattle Washington on July 1, 1924 to his Father Pericles Homer Scaratos I of Kyriakahori Greece, and his Mother Wilelmina Anna Sees (Suesz) Hungarian.  His Father was a Great statesman and community leader and one of the founding Father’s of the Greek Orthodox Church in Seattle. Pericles Homer

Scarlatos I, met an untimely death in 1935, when Perry was just 12 years old.  In that moment, Perry II lost his childhood and assumed the very exigent position of being responsible as the head of the family; helping his devoted and exceptional Mother in every way, and raising his three siblings which he did with great care, a strong moral compass, and true leadership.  These qualities were indicative of Perry’s character toward all throughout his entire life.

In addition to helping his Mother in every way regarding the family insurance business, and raising his siblings as parent and mentor, Perry had a paper route all through school to help pay for the family. He graduated from Queen Anne high school at the age of 16 with honours . He had a genius IQ. 

Perry attended the University of Washington where he enrolled in the Naval R.O.T.C.   He was commissioned to serve as a Navigation Officer on the USS Edison, a Destroyer, during World War II.  He was a very proud and patriotic American and served his Country with precision, courage and devotion. After the war, Perry was asked by the United States NAVY to become a career Naval Officer.  Perry had already met the great love of his life, Arita and decided to stay and settle in Seattle to be with his future wife.

Upon return to the University of Washington after the War, Perry graduated with honours receiving a combined Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Degree in Naval Science.  Perry worked a short time at Washington Mutual Savings Bank where his Father’s reputation with the bank manager helped to secure Perry’s employment.  During this time Perry spent 1 ½ years at the University of Washington pursuing a Doctor of Jurisprudence advanced degree.

In 1948, Perry began working for the Boeing Company, where he would have a life long career of 42 illustrious and accomplished years.  He first worked in the guided missile space program and then in several upper managerial positions in the prestigious Aerospace division.  He was at the forefront of guided missile development. Perry became the Director of Program Planning and Control for the Aerospace division with 1000 people reporting to him directly and indirectly.  Perry received numerous awards and mentions, including the prestigious Charete award.  He was loved and respected by all at the Boeing Company.  His colleagues and former employees pursued Perry for years after his retirement as a hired consultant, mentor, and advisor due to his knowledge, and expertise.  Perry’s unique skills enabled him to bring professionals together from across all disciplines to plan and execute complex tasks for the Aerospace division.  Perry retired from Boeing in 1990 with a legacy of great accomplishments; a truly gifted and elegant gentleman.

 Perry was deeply involved with and devoted to the Greek Orthodox Church of the Assumption, of which he was a member. Equally with the larger Greek community as well as extending himself and his good works to The Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Demetrios.   His work experience, methodological approach to life, and his sensitivity toward people made him a natural leader within the Greek Community as his Father was before him.  He was actively involved with the formation of GOYA (The Greek American Progressive Association), and AHEPA (The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association).  In 1979 he contributed to the publication: The Assumption Church In History, 1939-1979.  He served on the board of the All Saints Camp, an outreach program of the Seattle Greek Orthodox Churches for many years, which he loved.   Perry used his extensive knowledge of the Greek community as a major contributor and proofreader for A History of Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church and Her People, 1882-1999.  Perry was ever present at Church and loved singing tenor in the Choir.  In fact, he loved singing hymns everywhere, and it was beautiful to hear his melodic voice.

Perry was an exceptional Father and husband, who encased his children in goodness and unconditional love and compassion.  He adored his extraordinary wife Arita.  He adored his family, both immediate and extended.  Perry was an avid numismatist, philatelist, golfer, gardener, athlete, dancer, brilliant intellectual, and extraordinarily hard worker. Perry was calm, kind, patient, and the most humble of beings.  Perry will be greatly and eternally missed by all of those whose lives he touched.  Perry’s Father Pericles I would have been so proud of his son and all that he did and was.  Scarlatos Marches On! read the obituary in 1935 for our  beloved Grandfather. Truly “Scarlatos Marches On and Beyond”! is a concrete legacy thanks to the greatness of our Father, the beloved Pericles Homer Scarlatos II.  May he rest in peace forever and sleep with the angels surrounding him.  God rest his beautiful soul.

Trisagion is to be held at Bonney Watson Funeral Home Sunday July 5 2015 at 7 PM, 1732 Broadway Seattle WA 98122. Parking in parking lot north of the establishment.

Funeral services to be held at The Greek Orthodox Church of the Assumption, beginning at 11 am Monday July 6 2015.   The Makaria to follow, at the Church, and then procession to the Evergreen – Washelli Cemetery.   In lieu of flowers please sent contributions to your preferred charity in the name of Pericles and Arita Scarlatos.  



Betty Mueller
Seattle, WA
Jul 17, 2015

I always loved to meet Perry while walking in our neighborhood because he was such a friendly, warm person who made you feel good just greeting him. Moving to the dead end of 43rd W in 1973 gave me years of knowing Perry and appreciating the gentleman that he was .as he always asked about you and yours in a caring way. I have missed him in the neighborhood and know that we will meet again in the not too distant future. May he rest in peace with his loved ones. Sorry that I was unable to be with you to say goodbye on the 6th of July. Grace and peace to P.H. and Nikoletta, Betty Mueller

Susan Pimentel
indio, CA
Jul 8, 2015

I had the privilege and honor of knowing Perry and Arita Scarlatos most of my life. It began when I met my best and lifelong friend, their devoted, beautiful, intelligent, talented daughter Nikoletta on the schoolroom steps on our first day of kindergarten. This was the beginning of a bond with them as close to true parents as possible. They were both loving and nurturing to me throughout all our school years and beyond. They were keenly interested in my life’s journey and always treated me as one of their own. They loved seeing my children as they grew and progressed in life and were delighted at meeting and spending time with my grandchildren as well. I learned so much from both of them. From Arita I learned to love the arts. My first visit to see professional ballet was at her invitation. She was a great artist and a huge influence and inspiration in my life. From Perry came the more practical core values of hard work and perseverance centered in education. I know at times Nikoletta and PH nervously awaited Perry’s reaction to their report cards. The high academic standard he set for his children shaped their young lives and their success as adults. His influence in this area made me work harder in school. He made you want to earn his praise, which was like a warm golden light washing over you. He had a great sense of humor, and he could laugh at himself. The past few years I was able to spend more time with them on their annual visits to the desert. My husband Arturo was immediately embraced by Perry and Arita and fell in love with them also. After Perry injured his neck we became even closer, and it was a blessing for us to be able to be of assistance. Although Perry was facing his own adversities, in his humble way he put his concern for others first. He loved his wife and children, and was deeply devoted to all his family. He recanted many family stories to us, and kept his family in his thoughts and heart always. Losing Arita was huge striking blow. Yet he soldiered on. He worked at getting healthier in body, mind and spirit. He was truly a son of God. His faith was strong and deep. I saw the joy and devotion in his face as we sat in Church. He lived and died with grace and dignity. Perry I know you and Arita are united again in the company of the Angels. Thank you for all your kindness to us. Our condolences to the Scarlatos Family and your many, many friends.

Kathy Niclaus
Buckeye, AZ
Jul 5, 2015

My deepest condolences and empathy to Mr. Scarlatos family, especially his son Perry and daughter Nikoletta, the former being a friend of mine from many years ago. May the joy of your memories outweigh the sadness of your loss.

Andrew and Rosalie Boulieris
Bellevue, WA
Jul 5, 2015

Perry, what a great gentleman! I always enjoyed his visits at the barber shop and occasional chats at St. Demetrios. I had great respect for him and valued him as a friend. He always went out of his way to talk to me. May his memory be eternal

Carol Pucci and Tom Auciello
Seattle, WA
Jul 5, 2015

Perry and Rita were our neighbors and good friends. We shared a love of travel, and Perry would always mention seeing the articles I wrote for the Seattle Times. Both he and Rita were thoughtful, interesting people whom we enjoyed getting to know. They shared with us many insights into their culture, food and traditions. We miss them greatly. Our condolences to PH and Nikoletta.

Dennis and Tom Kourkoumelis and Maria Kyriakos
Edmonds, WA
Jul 5, 2015

Our condolences to PH, Nikoletta and extended family. We have fond memories of Pericles and Arita as they were wonderful people. Love, Dennis, Tom and Yoti

Nick Nickolas
Redmond , WA
Jul 4, 2015

Pericles has been one of my closest friends since we attended Greek school together starting at age 14, 73 years ago. I have always admired Perry for his humor and his intellect and his common sense. I have always wanted to be Perry Scarlatos. I have admired him since the time that we were little kids. This was a bond or a secret that was held only by me, because I didn't think that Perry knew! One night, before they were married, Arita and I were dancing together at the Ben Franklin Hotel. Close by us, Perry was dancing with another woman. Arita said to me... " isn't he handsome?! isn't he beautiful?!" and I said "Yes he is very beautiful, a very handsome man, and a very intelligent man.... and the day will come when two people from this floor will marry." Rest In Peace my dear friend. With all of my love and the happy memories that we have shared together , Nick Nickolas

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