Lisa Kay Mead

Nov 10, 1956 – Aug 7, 2015

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Lisa Kay MEAD


Lisa Mead was born on November 10, 1956, the child of Jack and Jane Stockman. Lisa had one sibling, a younger sister named Lexis, who now resides in Klamath Falls Oregon, with her husband Robert Washburn and their young son Manny. Lisa grew up in Southern California and graduated from Monrovia High School in 1974.

While in high school, Lisa met Patrick Mead.  Lisa and Pat both attended the University of California at Santa Cruz, and they were married in Santa Cruz on August 31, 1979.

After receiving their degrees from UCSC, Lisa and Pat moved to Seattle, Washington.  Lisa worked first in the insurance industry and later assisted in computer-aided design at Honeywell, while Pat went to work for the American Arbitration Association.  Lisa gave birth to the couple's first child, Jeffrey, on October 10, 1988.  She stayed at home with Jeff, and gave birth to the couple's second son, Benjamin, on February 7, 1991.

Pat became a Vice President in the American Arbitration Association and accepted the challenge of running the Association's Los Angeles Regional Office in 1996.  The family relocated to Laguna Niguel, California.  Lisa became very active at Hidden Hills Elementary School, the public school her boys attended.  Lisa was deeply impressed by the skills and dedication of the faculty there.  She began to have an interest in developing a new career in public education.

After Pat accepted a position to run an Internet start-up in the year 2000, the family returned to the Seattle area and settled in Maple Valley.  More determined than ever to teach, Lisa entered a Master's Degree program in Kent, Washington which was run by Eastern Washington University.  Lisa received her Master's Degree in Education in 2004, and later passed the Professional Certification for teachers in the State of Washington.  Lisa became a full-time teacher in the Kent School District, initially at Scenic Hill Elementary, and for a decade at Martin Sortun Elementary, a wonderful school where she was very proud to be a part of the faculty.  Lisa taught first grade and helped many young children fall in love with learning.  Lisa was also a school representative for the Kent Education Association, and Lisa was passionate about advancing the interests of members of the teaching profession.

Both of Lisa's sons went on to college, Jeff earning a degree from Western Washington University, and Ben from the University of Washington.  Lisa was very proud of her sons and of her profession.  She enjoyed the beauty of the Northwest, and the occasional chance to travel to new destinations, like New Orleans (where she danced in a second line parade) and Puerto Vallarta (where helped a nature preserve release baby sea turtles into the ocean).  Most of all she enjoyed being with her friends and family, enjoying their companionship and simple pleasures.

In the late Spring of 2015, Lisa became ill with what was initially diagnosed as pnuemonia.  Lisa fought the illness hard and kept teaching every day, through the last day of school on June 18.  On June 19, Lisa was admitted to the hospital at Valley Medical Center, where she was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer in her lungs, bones, and lymph nodes.  Lisa struggled bravely, undergoing constant tests, chemotherapy, radiation, and several surgeries.  Despite weeks of state-of-the-art medical intervention, the spread of the cancer simply outpaced the best available treatments.  Lisa died peacefully at Valley with her family at her bedside at 10 pm on Friday August 7, 2015.

A private family service will take place at Lisa's graveside, as she is laid to rest on Friday August 21, at the Holyrood Cemetery in Shoreline, Washington.  A public celebration of Lisa's beautiful life will take place the following afternoon at a private home in Auburn. 

Donations to the family to are being accepted, and Lisa's family also encourages donations in Lisa's memory to Martin Sortun Elementary School in Kent, to education-related programs like "Donors Choose," and to any charities of your choosing.

Lisa's life was cut short with shocking speed by a terrible disease, but it was a life lived exceptionally well, filled with beauty and achievement, and Lisa lives on in the hearts of so many who knew and loved her, and in the hopes and aspirations of her first grade students.


Julie Gray
Seattle, WA
Sep 8, 2017

Lisa and her family were family friends with my family. They lived a block away from us, when I was small. Many years later, I moved to Seattle, found out Lisa again lived just one block away. I would occasionally go over and hang out with Lisa and Pat. Lisa and Pat moved a bit further away, and many years passed before reconnecting. We let the connection slip away once again, which is why I didn't know about her illness.

I loved Lisa's laugh. She had a happy spirit. I am saddened by this news. May we meet again someday.

Cheryl Gray Peterson
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Sep 8, 2017

Very shocked and saddened to finally learn of Lisa's passing. She and her sister, Lexis, were family to me through-out my childhood and into early adulthood. Our parents were very close, Jack and Jane being like a second set of parents to me. Lisa attended Citrus Community College, briefly, in Azusa, CA, as I attended there as well. That was really the last time I saw her, but for a brief reunion in Seattle many years later while I was visiting my sister, Julie, who lives there. My heart goes out to Lisa's family.

Theresa Turner
Kent, WA
Aug 22, 2015

Lisa and I met through the KEA activities.. She was an involved building rep who understood the importance of standing together. She had a wonderful smile and a very caring and loving nature. She was so kind to me and caring. I will truly miss her.

My deepest condolences to her family. I am so so sorry for your loss.

Theresa Turner
Kent, WA
Aug 22, 2015

Lisa and I met through the KEA activities.. She was an involved building rep who understood the importance of standing together. She had a wonderful smile and a very caring and loving nature. She was so kind to me and caring. I will truly miss her.

My deepest condolences to her family. I am so so sorry for your loss.

Nikko Tiahrt-Conrad
Aiea, HI
Aug 21, 2015

Lisa will be sorely missed and long remembered for her quick smile, genuine kindness, love of learning/teaching and bringing out the best in people. Her love of family, friends and unfaltering optimism were highlights... I will remember her in all things beautiful and precious.

Kathy Townsend
Everett, WA
Aug 19, 2015

I miss you so much, my dear friend! I can't imagine the days, weeks, and months ahead without you just a phone call away.

I treasure every moment that we spent together, whether in person, on the phone, sharing photos, or texting away.

We laughed, giggled, and talked our way through 24 years of friendship. I consider myself blessed beyond measure to have all of our years of friendship in my heart.

Although you were taken from us all too soon, I'm grateful that you are now free from pain and suffering.

Your love, kindness, wisdom, and loving acceptance lives on in all who knew you and especially lives on in Jeff and Ben. I'm surrounded by you in our memories, photos, and in the gifts we exchanged.


Julie Richter
Kent, WA
Aug 19, 2015

Mrs. Mead was a wonderful teacher to my two girls. I loved her sweet disposition, her ever smiling face and her knowing when to push just the right amount to encourage my children to better themselves. I will miss seeing and visiting with her. I have many fond memories of her and so do my children. I'm so glad to have had her influence on our lives. You will be missed Lisa, but I know we'll see you again!

April Burnett
Covington, WA
Aug 18, 2015

Lisa was an amazing teacher and person. I feel beyond blessed that I got to do my student teaching with her and learn little things from her every day. Her smile and positive personality lifted me up and brightened my day and those around her. As I prepare to have my own classroom shortly, Lisa will continually be in my thoughts. I'll cherish the time we spent together and her memory will always be with me. I love you and I will miss you so much.

Julie Tumpney
Las Vegas, NV
Aug 18, 2015

Lisa was my loyal friend for 45+ years. I could talk to her about anything. She always listened with genuine interest. Lisa appreciated everyone, and truly was a gifted listener. Lisa was kind, empathic, caring, loving, intelligent, open-minded, funny, extraordinary, beautiful, wonderful, brave, clever, easy-going, friendly, generous, honest, tactful....there are many more words that could describe how wonderful of a person she was. Above all, she loved her family. She loved Pat and Jeff and Ben beyond words. She was proud of her family. Lisa lived a life well-lived.

Audrey Murray
Kent, WA
Aug 18, 2015

Mrs. Mead was one of the kindest teachers I met. She loved her kids. She will be missed. Prayers and love to her family.

Conne Brown
Kent, WA
Aug 18, 2015

I had the privilege to have known Lisa and work with her at Martin Sortun. I enjoyed going into her room and chatting with her at lunch. She loved to ask how my daughter was doing (Lisa had taken classes from her) and she always showed an interest in me. She was the kindest, gentlest woman I have met and each of her students loved her very much. She was a jewel. The picture I added show all of us who loved Lisa at Martin Sortun!!

Chris Colwell
Renton, WA
Aug 17, 2015

I worked with Lisa at Scenic Hill. She was so kind to all of the students and staff. Lisa always had a smile on her face and seemed like a genuinely happy person which made her a joy to work with. She talked with such pride about her family, especially Ben's interest in guitar. I am so sorry to hear about her passing and am thinking about your family during this difficult time.

Karin Deti
Kent, WA
Aug 14, 2015

What a wonderful lady Lisa was. Such a gentle soul and kind to all. I consider it an honor to have known her these past few years while working at Martin Sortun. Her presence is definitely going to be missed there.

Ardy Mower
Renton , WA
Aug 14, 2015

Lisa's smile will live on in all those who knew her. She was a master teacher and loved my her students and fellow teachers. I feel honored to have worked with such a wonderful person.

Wendy Montri
Atascadero, CA
Aug 14, 2015

To Pat, what a loving, heartfelt memorial to your beautifule= wife. i feel so fotunate to have had her in my life since we were 12 years old, but also, that she had you in her life form the age of 18 or even earlier from then on. You write beautifully, as does her dad, who will always be Mr. Stockman to me. Although I didn't know you well, I do remember you taking Lisa and me to see the movie, 2001, A Space Odyssey, in Pasadena when the movie first came out. I remember days at your houe with Lisa and Lexi, making broiled sourdough English muffin sandwhiches for lunch; I remember countless days when Lisa would stay at our home for a few days, but never questioned why. I will always remember her quick wit and wonderful sense of humor; i will remember trying to film a video for probably a history class, or maybe even Spanish, and we put the lighting device down and it had melted the carpet---and, yes, I do still feel bad about that!. I will remember her contagious laugh, and her not letting anyone get away with anything in her presence. I will always love and remember her. ~Wendy

Gretchen greutman
Kent, WA
Aug 13, 2015

Lisa was an amazing teacher and a wonderful person. I first got to know her when I volunteered in her classroom each week when my oldest son was in first grade. She had such a kind, calm, loving, yet firm way about her that the students just ate up! They loved learning in her classroom. Despite the busy-ness of the classroom, Lisa also found time to take a few moments to just chat with me, especially once she found out I am also a teacher! She used to say, "oh, I wish I could just sit and talk shop with you!" She made you feel special to be around her and always greeted me with a warm welcome even after my son "graduated" from her class. I enjoyed sharing teaching ideas with her via email and getting a quick catch up on life in the staff room when the opportunity presented itself. She was also a proud mom. When my son was in 1st grade, both of her sons were in college. I got to hear about their endeavors as she was so proud of you! I will greatly miss seeing her at school and being greeted with her warm and beautiful smile. Thank you Pat for your many hours of keeping us all informed throughout the summer, but most of all, for sharing your dear sweet wife with us! I am blessed to have known her!

Jack Stockman
Mill Creek, WA
Aug 13, 2015

A loving child and adult, beautiful in body and spirit, strong in moral fibre, compassionate and considerate toward others, giving of herself and her material goods, poignant in her love of family and close friends, unusually dedicated in her work, always optimistic and always smiling – this was the daughter that graced her mother and father’s life when she became the firstborn of their two daughters. Her love and willingness to sacrifice for her parents, her sister Lexis, her husband Pat, and her beloved sons Jeffrey and Benjamin, was total. Lisa met life’s tragic moments with determined strength as so clearly shown during the quarter century of her beloved mother Jane’s tragically misdiagnosed illness and later death. Words cannot express the depth of the sense of loss and emptiness that Lisa’s family is experiencing. As her father, I, together with her stepmother Harriet whom she loved, miss her with all our hearts. Lisa will continue to live vividly in the hearts of her loved ones until they join her in union with the whole company of heaven.

Dion Kiene-Wheeler
Auburn, WA
Aug 13, 2015

Lisa was an amazing human being who brought so much light to our lives. Many are grieving the loss of a tremendous individual who blessed this Earth with her presence. Knowing Lisa has brought much reflection to my own life and how I can make this world a better place and cherish what life has to offer, in my own life.

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