Salvador H. Chavarria, Jr

Sep 21, 1943 – Feb 26, 2016



David Reid
Auburn, Wa
Apr 26, 2016

Rest in peace Sal it was an honor knowing you.

Lon Scott
Auburn, WA
Mar 7, 2016

I worked with Sal at U.S. Customs for many years and always considered him a loyal, kind, dedicated and considerate co-worker and friend. May he rest in peace.

I know the family will always cherish the memories they have of him. God bless the Chavarria family.

Charles Chavarria
San Antonio , Tx
Mar 4, 2016

Salvador my older brother I can remember when you were leaving San Antonio when I was young and you were giving all of us a hug and I just shook your hand. I was at that age when you didn't want to hug. Last time I saw you was when our dad passed. You and I spoke several times. You will be missed. Love you Charles

Jesse Hernandez Jr.
San Antonio, Tx
Mar 3, 2016

My sincere condolences to my cousin Curly family, we'll miss him in his native hometown San Antonio, Texas....He grew up with his uncle Sgt. Jesse S. Hernandez my great and wonderful dad. All our love from Jesse Jr, Fernando, Joseph and Mike Hernandez

Bob Berry
Elk Ridge, UT
Mar 2, 2016

A veteran, buddy and long time friend and co-worker. We'll miss him and his EMAILs. We'll pray for his family. Sal was the best.

Mary Rachel Garcia
San Antonio, Tx
Mar 2, 2016

Curly and I grew up together - he was my nephew but we were more like brother and sister -- when he was growing up he would stay with us and he loved to see my mother make tortillas for us. When he retired from the military, Frank and I loved going to visit him and Chun - he would brag about his piece of "God's Country" as he would refer to the Pacific Northwest - am going to miss him and his endless E-mails. Now he is really in "GOD'S COUNTRY". Will keep Chun and family in our prayers at this difficult time. Love from the Great State of Texas

Beatrice C. Garza
San Antonio, TX
Mar 2, 2016

Salvador and I were first cousins on his mother's side of his family. Our grandmother, Trinidad Sanchez, doted on her grandson with his beautiful eyes. My sincere condolences on his passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

Norma Jean Garza
San Antonio, TX
Mar 2, 2016

From Curly's Family out of San Antonio, we send our condolences and our love to Chunghwa and the boys and the grandchildren. Mucho Amor from here, y'all!

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