Michael Ray Kazmirski

Sep 22, 1947 – Apr 1, 2016

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Michael R. Kazmirski passed away peacefully 4/1/2016 at St. Joseph Medical Center, Tacoma.

He fought a courageous battle, never losing hope, before he joined his beloved wife Loretta G. Kazmirski after being apart for almost 10 years. His love and devotion for his family kept him battling and when he knew that his children and grandchildren would be ok without him he allowed himself to join Loretta.

Dad was born 9/22/1947 in Seattle WA to Anthony and Mildred Kazmirski (Baughman) who preceded him in death by many years. They also had 3 more boys and a daughter.

His sister Margaret Ann, also known as Marty died tragically in a motor vehicle accident at just 18 years of age.

His oldest brother Keith died of natural causes years before Mike.

His youngest brother Chester Joseph (Charlain) passed away just last year.

His last living brother Roger Lee lives Oregon.

Dad and his brothers were a mischievous bunch and most of West Seattle knew who the Kazmirski boys were by face and reputation throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s. Uncle Chet and dad continued joking and teasing each other up until the very end. They were like “two peas in a pod” talking on the phone daily, hunting together, Uncle Chet even accidently shot Dad in rear end a few years ago. Dad’s wallet and car seat saved him from nothing more serious than a bruised backside. Even though he would never show it, the death of Chet hurt him greatly, he missed his brother and it was obvious he was lonely after losing his younger brother.

Dad met his future wife Loretta Briggs in 1967 while working together at the KFC. They married 7/25/1968 and welcomed into the world their first daughter Kimberly Rae, three years later their only son Steven Lee was born and then four years later, the baby of the family was born, Jennifer Lynn. Dad was a quiet person about his feelings but a lot more sensitive than he would admit too. A sad movie that made mom or us kids cry would bring on the waterworks from him too even as he tried to hide it by teasing everyone else. He had almost the entire wedding party in tears when he walked his daughter Kimberly down the aisle. Everyone was afraid to look at him because once those twinkling blue eyes teared up there was no way anyone else could hold back.  He was extremely proud of his children and their accomplishments and just in general loved to spend time with them. Mom and dad were married for 38 years, until she passed in 2006. He never married again and instead put more devotion towards his family and his fur babies.

Dad acquired the name “Pops” by many other “adopted” children. Growing up all of our friends loved Pops and his teasing, easy going ways. Mom provided the gentler side with advice and counsel and both of them always treated everyone as their own. They had no problem “grounding” us as well as our friends if the need arose but they didn’t always feel it necessary to tell on our friends to their parents.

In the 1970’s mom and dad became their nieces’ foster parents. Colleen Donnelly Tandiama who became more than a foster daughter or niece, she became their other daughter, who they loved as their own still to this very day. The family house was a magnet for all the kids and teenagers in the neighborhood and followed into adulthood. Many of these kids claimed Pops as their second dad even to this day. There are so many, to many to mention, but a few significant mentions are Missy Wheat (John), Roxanne Paulson Johnson, Eddie Pigott, Lisa Higgins, Stephanie Smith, John Secord (Melissa) and Alan Secord. All of them have a few stories to tell about Pops and probably a few they won’t tell due to possible embarrassment.

In 1992 pops became a grandfather for the first time, instantly becoming “Papa”. Devin Fisher was adored from the moment he arrived. Jennifer gave him the best gift ever. As the years passed he was given more grandchildren, Jennifer had Jazlyn Kazmirski-Ates next, who unfortunately preceded him in death, only living for three days. She later had TeaRae Kazmirski-Ates in 2001, Jaiden Ates in 2003 and Shianne Kazmirski-Williams in 2006. Kimberly Rae (Daniel) had Dakota Bassett two weeks after Jaiden was born in 2003. Steven (Nahed) was the next to bring more grandchildren, Afsuneh known as Affy in 2008, and Shaheen or Shah in 2012. One of pops’ regrets was living so far from Steven, his wife Nahed and his grandkids who were born in Boston, MA. Pops wasn’t able to make the long trip more than a couple times due to his back.

Pops worked at a few different steel mills over time. First Bethlehem Steel, then Seattle Steel and finally Seaport Steel where he worked with his son in law, Daniel Bassett and 2 of his grandkid’s father Andre Ates. When Loretta got ill and disabled he switched careers to maintenance at Holiday Inn Express. This afforded him the opportunity to take care of Loretta. He was later promoted to Chief Engineer for the hotel. He later worked maintenance for an apartment complex before retiring early due to an injury to his back.

After burying his wife in 2006, he lived with Kimberly and Daniel, helping raise all his grandkids, going to school events and driving them and their friends everywhere they needed to go. Pops was extraordinarily proud of all his grandkids, his son in law and daughter in law. Even if he didn’t say it out loud very much he adored them all.

Some of the things pops really enjoyed was breeding his Pugs. His first pug was Gizmo, his little buddy, he loved that dog. We would all laugh when he tried coming down the stairs or stopped fast because he was really chest heavy and would face plant into the floor. Gidget was his second Pug who he bred with Gizmo. Gidget had many litters and a lot of the pups were given to family and friends and the rest he sold. One of Gidget’s last litters, Jennifer and Pops fell in love with the runt, who he decided to keep, with prompting from Jen, and named her Cruella. Cruella became his lifelong companion until a few years ago when she passed, Pops was heartbroken. Just little over a year ago TeaRae told him about her friends who had pomchi puppies, she picked out what was his little baby, Mocus. Mocus brought him a lot of joy, she misses him terribly. He loved taking her to the groomers, thought she was the cutest thing ever and spoiled her rotten. Pops also enjoyed the outdoors. He would go hunting for elk, pheasant, doves, ducks and recently turkeys with his brother Chester. He also spent many a day at the casinos, he loved the slot machines, he would come home and let Shianne count how much he won playing the Rhinos, and would usually bring home food he got from his points. But I think the thing he loved most was cooking for his family and enjoying time spent with us too.

Pops leaves behind his 3 children and their spouses; Kimberly Rae Bassett (Daniel), Steven Lee Kazmirski (Nahed), and Jennifer Lynn Kazmirski.

Seven living grandchildren; Devin Fisher, TeaRae Kazmirski-Ates, Jaiden Ates, Dakota Bassett, Shianne Kazmirski-Williams, Afsuneh Kazmirski, and Shaheen Kazmirski.

His foster daughter Colleen Tandiama (Gene) and his god daughter Stacy Buhrman (Ted)

Brother; Roger Kasman

Sister in laws; Charlain Phelps Kazmirski (Chester), and Lorraine Wiseman

Brother in laws; Douglas Briggs and Glenn Briggs (Jan)

Numerous nieces and nephews, along with many others who he was a father figure to and his little girl Mocus

Much love Pops until we meet again. You finally went up the hill one more time.


L.A. , ca
Aug 2, 2016

Glad I had the opportunity to meet you and your family, when we met you welcomed me with open arms in federal way, just want to say thanx and rest in piece

Leonette Carte
Seattle, WA
Apr 15, 2016

I saw this in the paper and knew it was Masrtys brother. I send my condolences. I didn't really know him, but am sure I had met him when I was at their house visiting Marty.

I was in the car when that awful, terrible accident happened. There were five of us in the car...miss Marty...

It sounds like Micheal was a great guy. Sincerely. Leonette

Michael Oczkewecz
Seattle, Wa
Apr 10, 2016

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family. Mike and Chester, two great guys to go so soon. We had a lot of fun times and a lot of laughs hunting and fishing together over the years.So so sad.

Missy Wheat
Burien, Wa
Apr 10, 2016

Mere words can't express how very blessed I was to have Mike in my life. I was so very proud to have him as my second Dad. How he loved to tease me with that sly smile and twinkle in his eyes, which I might add I gave it right back. So many great times... Camping, 4th of July, bbqs, pinochle, dog races, quarters, New Years, Super Bowl, getting grounded and of course plums :)-

Gone but never forgotten....Until we meet again

Roger Kasman
Ilwaco, WA
Apr 9, 2016

Rest in peace little brother. Glad you are with Loretta now. Love, Roger

Missy Wheat
Burien, Wa
Apr 9, 2016

Boyd and Shirley Ellsworth
Onion Creek, Wa
Apr 9, 2016

It's easy to see he was a well loved guy. Although we are so sorry for your loss, we are happy he is reunited w/the love of his life, Loretta. There is no doubt they are w/HIM, both of them being great people.

Family always 1st w/them both.

Our hearts go out to you kids at this difficult time, and we are holding you in our hearts and prayers.

Don & Audrey Bruhn
Minot, ND
Apr 9, 2016

Don worked with Mike many years at the Steel Mill. He and Mary Ellen spent many good times with Mike and Loretta. Our prayers are with all of you . God Bless all if you.

Susan Secord
Renton, Wa
Apr 8, 2016

Your mother was my other sister and your dad.was the first man that I felt comfortable around. He was always such a good person. I remember him taking a day off work so he could help Loretta and I make 300 sandwiches for the police explorers. He will be greatly missed and I know how hard it is for you kids. Just remember that they loved all greatly.

Blyn Donnelly-Jardne
Miramichi, NB
Apr 8, 2016

My sincere condolences to your family on the loss of your father. My cousin Colleen spoke very highly of her Aunt Loretta and Uncle Mike on her visits to the MIramichi. May God give you peace and comfort at this most difficult time.



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