Thomas Larry Ogard

Mar 22, 1938 – Jun 16, 2016


Thomas L Ogard

3/22/1938 – 6/16/2016 

Survived by sons Alan, Phillip, David, and spouses, five grand children and two great grand children. 

He served honorably in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman for 21½ years and a Seattle Letter Carrier for 22 years. 

He loved square and round dancing, camping, traveling with his companion, Jeanette of 16 years. He also enjoyed the holidays, potlucks, playing cards with family and his many, many friends.


Janice Owen
Yakima, wa
Oct 7, 2016

Tom, As the holidays are approaching, we all miss you so much more. you liked to decorate, joke around and Christmas shop. Family game nights, family home bingo, trips to visit family. you name it , you did it. miss our adventures to places I have never been before, you and Aunt Jeanette are wonderful tour guides. and so much knowledge of history. I know Jeanette will be having harder times as winter approaches. we will take care of her. until you two meet again..

Janice Owen
Yakima, Wa
Jun 25, 2016

The time has come for Tom to leave,

He did not want to go

But God had other plans for Tom,

God said, " I need you so"

So Tom left this world of ours

and were so very sad, But think of all the memories

and the great times we had.

For memories stay in our hearts

Forever in a day

So think of Tom Often,

He will never go away.

Michael & Carel Edgerly
Cle Elum, WA
Jun 24, 2016

We'll miss you on the square and round dance floor and are saddened to miss you in this world. We especially enjoyed our impromptu visit in April, and will miss our "back door" neighbors at Circle 8. Your smile and joyous spirit were always a bright light wherever we saw you. From one retired letter carrier to another, God Bless you on your heavenly route.

Christine Lester
Yakima, Wa
Jun 22, 2016

The world has lost a wonderful man! I will always remember the smile on his face and his wonderful craft of making dish towels. He was so excited to bring them in this year and sell them before Christmas. He enjoyed everything he did and I don't believe he was ever upset, just seemed to go with the flow. Will remember him with a smile always...

Kevin Primrose
Yakima, Wa
Jun 22, 2016


Thank you for being there for all of us. You were always so helpful. I know you will watch over Jeanette and take care of her when needed.

Over the past 17 years I have come to think of you as a Dad. I will miss you love you your son Kevin

Karen Ogard - Daughter-in-Law
Williamston, MI
Jun 21, 2016

Dear Tom.. I am so blessed to have had you as my father-in-law. Your son Alan is the very best thing that has ever happened in my life; I could not have asked for a better husband and partner in life...After 34 years of marriage, he still opens my door and holds my hand when he knows I need him to, and kisses my tears when I miss our children. I am pretty sure you taught him how to be the gentleman he is. I know you were very proud of him and all he has accomplished so far I life. I was nervous when Alan brought me home for the first time. I had a complicated family life and didn't feel so secure in myself, but I will never forget how you welcomed me with a huge hug and smile. We might have even played a family card game that night! Thank you for that sense of belonging and ease. ... I will never forget how welcome you always made me feel. You taught Alan how to be a loving husband, a family man, a provider, and the best father. Our children are happy, intelligent, caring, loving, and successful. They always know Alan will be there for them, just as you were for Alan. Your legacy continues as I now sit back and watch how my sweet husband nurtures, teaches, interacts with, and adores our grandchildren as you have done with your grandchildren. I can just picture in my mind, you holding, cuddling, and loving each one of our children as newborns. You always made it a point to keep up with them as they grew up and made their own lives. Remember when we lived in West Seattle and you would stop by in the mail truck in your uniform to visit your grandchildren? They loved it! I remember how you always put everyone in such a jovial mood when we came over to celebrate the holidays, whether it was Christmas, Fourth of July, or a birthday...I always looked forward to these times for all of us to get together because you created a sense of family. Our family always looked forward to holidays with you. Again, I thank for that love and fun you brought to our family. You're leaving a huge void for all of us that love you. Your boys are strong as you taught them to be, and your daughters-in-law will hold them tight and kiss their tears. I know you love your daughters-in-law.; You've told each one of us, and we know how proud you are of us. Your grandchildren will reminisce about the times spent with Grandpa Tom, whether it was Christmas morning, going to the zoo or downtown for the day, your Donald Duck voice and tickles, or your huge hugs to greet you walking through the door. I love you, Tom. Thank you for making my life better in so many ways.

Karen Phillips
Spokane Valley, WA
Jun 21, 2016


We will miss that awesome smile of yours and the way that you treated everyone like they were all your best friends. Such a wonderful and loving cousin!!! RIP. Love and miss you.

Rex and Karen Phillips

Russ and Elaine Kruse
Yakima, WA
Jun 21, 2016

We knew you only a few years, Tom. Still, the times with you and Jeanette were so special---the card/game nights, the visiting and so much food to share! We will miss your smiles and especially the hugs! We will miss you. Love, Russ and Elaine

Treva and Jerry Francisco
Yakima, WA
Jun 21, 2016

We will miss you more than words can express - our hearts are full of joy for knowing you but so saddened for losing you from our lives. With you and Jeanette we had so many good times together, on short trips here and there and the long road trip to Arizona. (we'll always remember singing with a country twang "on the road again" even though we didn't do Willie Nelson justice. Our other fun times with you were the get-togethers for visiting and card playing at your home, ours and others and all the years of square and round dancing.. Such good times! We will never forget you Tom! Rest in peace dear friend.

Kathy Robles
Yakima, WA
Jun 21, 2016

"Hey, hey, hey!" So hard to believe I won't ever hear that again when I walk outside..... You were truly one of a kind, my friend and neighbor~and will be missed more than words can say. Your knitting and crocheting were literally beyond compare~I've never seen such lovely work. You are loved and missed and forever in our hearts, Tom.

Ruthy Wilson
San Diego, CA
Jun 20, 2016

Alan, Phillip, David and Jeannett, we are deeply saddened by the passing of Tom. We all truly loved him, he was alway so nice and enjoyable to be around. We just could'n' thank him enough for coming to San Diego to visit his friend Arthur when Art was on his sick bed. You all had a very special person for a Father. We the Wilson's will never ever forget him. So sorry he had to go so soon, he had a lot more dancing to do. Praying for God to comfort you all.

Cheryl Owen
Yakima, WA
Jun 19, 2016

Tom, I am going to miss you and all of our travels together.

Thanks for all the Adventures I got to share with you.

Miss you lots. RIP

Love you Cheryl

Alyssa Owen
Yakima, WA
Jun 19, 2016

Anyone that has met Tom knows how special of a person he was. He was over the top friendly, he went out of his way to make the people around him feel welcome. Anyone he met was an automatic friend. Tom was one of the kindest and selfless individuals I've had the pleasure of knowing. I am absolutely blessed to have been able to call Tom my grandpa. I will cherish the memories I have of him forever, he really truly was one of a kind and will be deeply missed.

I love you so much Tom. Thank you for everything.

Michael Gordon Kruszewski
Burlington, WA
Jun 19, 2016

I'm very sorry for your loss. See all of you there. ;-(

Michael Gordon Kruszewski

Jeanette Owen
Yakima , WA
Jun 19, 2016


I know you'll know what I mean when I say, "For ever Love"



Elvie Melton
Yakima, Wa
Jun 19, 2016

Way too soon for you to leave us Tom you will be sorely missed.Gary and I enjoyed all our times together, camping, dancing and just talking, I will miss the big hugs you always gave me, so glad you part of our lives. God Bless Tom

Dave morton
Lewiston, Id
Jun 19, 2016

An awesome man. Thanks for your military service and your postal service. And for being a great man. You will be missed. Dave Morton

Maribeth Primrose
Yakima, WA
Jun 18, 2016

Tom, thank you for being in our lives for the past 16 years. You have made us all very happy,especially my mom Jeanette. I will miss you.

How are we all going to be able to do dishes now without you here to make our knitted dish clothes? Just one of many things were going to miss about you.

Charlene Thomsen
Omaha , Ne
Jun 18, 2016

I'm so sorry to hear of Tom's passing as I didn't know he had any health problems and I know you folks were always enjoying yourself square dancing and camping and traveling I'm really glad that I got to see you when you came to Omaha .

I'm sorry I don't live closer or I sure would like to be there. I'll be thinking of you and I'll miss talking to Tom about genealogy. Jeanette take care.

Frank and dTeresa Mann
Greenacres, WA
Jun 18, 2016

We love you and miss you. Rest in Peace, you made all our lives so much more richer. You will truly be missed.

Janice Owen
Yakima, Wa
Jun 18, 2016


I will miss you very much, you have taken Cheryl and I on many adventures. Which were so much fun. I have learned a lot from you and Aunt Jeanette.

The memories you have given me, will keep me strong. You always had a hug and a smile every time anyone walked through the door. you will be deeply loved and missed, Remember God only takes the best.

RIP Tom xoxoxooxo

yakima, wa
Jun 18, 2016

wow so many memories of tom I don't know were to start,for sure ill always remember his smile,his Donald duck imitation,how much he loved company and being around family,showing off his and aunt jeanettes square dancing moves and so many more memories so glad tom was a part of our life we will miss him rip tom

Ronnie gabbard
Tacoma, Wa
Jun 18, 2016

Was very sorry to hear about Tom. He will be missed by a lot of people. If anything I can do please don't hesitate to ask Jeanette. You are a dear friend.

Christina Owen
Kansas City , m
Jun 18, 2016

I had just met Tom. I could see the joy he shared with the family. I will miss helping him update the genealogy.

Sue Russell
Gold Beach, OR
Jun 18, 2016

I wish I could be there for Aunt Jeanette Tom will be greatly missed. RIP Tom

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