Sue Wah Chan-Lim

Apr 15, 1926 – Jul 16, 2016

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Sue Wah Chan-Lim was born on April 15, 1926 in Tai Shen County, in the Guangdong Province of China. She was the first child of Mee-Ching and Henry Lim.

 She was famous in her village for her arts and crafts skills, always helping others with knitting, sewing, cooking, and much more. She received a high school-level education and discovered Christianity through her mother. At the young age of 17, she married Kee-Sheung Chan through an arranged marriage; they've stayed married for 72.5 years! Over the course of their marriage, they had six kids; the oldest, a boy, followed by five girls. The older generations always wanted to have sons in the family, and she was smart to have a son first to satisfy them.

 In 1952, she accompanied her husband to the Hunan Province for his job. However, life was tough there. When the diphtheria epidemic occurred in the dormitory she was staying in, she made sure everything was super clean and always passed the inspection with excellency. During the Cultural Revolution, she and her husband were separated due to political circumstances. Her husband brought their youngest daughter with him to Hong Kong in order to make a living. During this time, unfortunately, he could only visit her and bring her supplies a few times a year, since food was scarce. Despite this, she was kind and generous, always willing to help friends and relatives who were experiencing difficulties. As a result, she was well-loved and respected by the local community.


Patrick and Katherine Ip
Redmond, WA
Jul 22, 2016

Please accept our condolences and may our prayers help comfort you and hasten the journey of his/her soul to Heaven.

Bellevue, WA
Jul 22, 2016

The sun, the moon, the wind, the stars, will forever be around, reminding you of the love you shared, and the peace she’s finally found.

Thomas Law
Bellevue, WA
Jul 21, 2016

Your smile will always be in our mind.

Janice Ngai
seattle, wa
Jul 20, 2016

You will forever remembered , RIP.

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