Allen Carl Erickson

Jul 2, 1949 – Nov 22, 2016

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Allen Carl Erickson

Allen Carl Erickson was born in Ballard, WA on July 2, 1949 and passed away on November 22, 2016 at Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle from cancer.  Allen was preceded in death by his parents, Helen and Carl O. Erickson; Grandparents, Hulda and Carl Fletten; John and Bertha Erickson, Uncle, Lester Erickson and Aunt, Emmy Luke. He is survived by his loving wife, Vi Erickson after 37 years of marriage; son, Nick (Amy) Lien; daughter, Sherri Fontes, Grandchildren, Alex, Sarah, Evan, Emma, Ellie and Ross; sister, Meredith (George) Chambers; nephews Guy (Lita) and Matt (Debbie) Chambers; niece, Amber (Jay) Braack, numerous grandnieces, nephews and loving cousins, 100 year old Father-in-law, Harry Lindbo and many family in-laws, nieces and nephews. Al’s dear friend, Paul Jacobson, of Puyallup was part of our family as well as Mike and Shannon Havrilla of Maryland.

Al was a pioneer in his own right in the late 1960’s when he was one of the early patient candidates to receive kidney dialysis treatment in the home. He was part of several studies through the UW and Veterans Hospital during this process, including one study for testing the effectiveness of EPO drugs to boost the red blood cells and reduce anemia. His mother benefited from using EPO drugs later in her life. Al did home dialysis for 22 years before receiving a kidney transplant in 1989. He survived with the same kidney for the past 27 years. He was truly an amazing man!

His illness was not his focal point – living life to its fullest was. He lived his life intentionally. Being on dialysis didn’t stop him from achieving his goals or attaining his dreams!

Al graduated from Auburn High School in 1967, attended Green River Community College and graduated from PLU with a bachelors and masters degree in Sociology. He worked in the Employment Security Department in Puyallup, Tacoma, and Kent for 15 years.  He studied to become a Certified Financial Planner and helped many people get started investing in their future retirement. He worked at South Center Oil in Kent as the CFO before leaving to provide technical and accounting assistance for his sister’s store and his nephews’ businesses.

While serving as treasurer helped with setting up technology to track membership and accounts at Mt. View Lutheran Church in Edgewood.

He was treasurer at The Grand Theater in Tacoma and was an avid movie buff of classical and international films.  He attended The International Film Festival in Seattle for 15 years and attended the Sundance Film Festival several times.  His movie interest paved the way to start a film club in 2003 for our friends to attend monthly.

Al’s interests were broad and he researched each topic of interest to expertise level – whether it was cheesecake, wine, coffee, films, history, landscaping, growing 270 varieties of daylilies, remodeling the house, politics, economics, etc.  He was an avid wine connoisseur and shared his knowledge of wine at parties. He loved taking cruises and traveled the world tasting great food and wine.  His favorite places to travel were to the vineyards in France and to visit our relatives in Norway.

He will be remembered for his wonderful sense of humor, love for his family and friends, love of travel and learning, a desire for fairness and justice for everyone, and his integrity.

Al’s memorial service will be Saturday, November 26th at Trinity Lutheran Church, 12115 Park Ave So, Tacoma, WA 98444 at 2:30 pm.  Allen will be cremated and there will be a private family service for Allen at a later date. His ashes will rest at Washington Memorial Park, 16445 INTERNATIONAL BLVD, SeaTac, WA 98188.


Shannon Havrilla
Leonardtown, MD
Nov 25, 2016

Well loved by our family, Grandpa Al enriched our lives in so many ways. As I think about my daily life, I see Grandpa Al’s fingerprints all over it. When I go make my morning coffee, I remember how he taught me to enjoy and make a good cup of coffee, some would even call me a coffee snob. To the enjoyment of foreign films, reading the subtitles. The knowledge of different wines and the enjoyment of cooking. However, his real fingerprints are on the love he had for all of us. Knowing Al and having him around was an enrichment to our lives. Sitting down to conversations, you knew you would get an honest answer to your question and a very thoughtful insight. He encouraged us to reach our full potential. He loved the kids and tried to pass his passions of life onto them. Everything from fly-fishing, Samurai movies, to history of the civil war.

There are so many memories with Grandpa Al, from sitting at an Orioles game, Al just reading a book. To the house in West Virginia that was overtaken by ladybugs, or the crazy horse ranch in western Washington and all the adventures in-between, his quirky since of humor was always present, never leaving him. Even this last summer we were home alone, got it into our minds we had to “feel” the music of Les Miserable, needless to say, Grandma Vi was not too happy with us when she found out the neighbor had to come knock on the door and tell us she was “feeling” the music also.

There is no way to put into words the love and acceptance we felt with both Grandma Vi and Grandpa Al. He is truly be missed and loved.

Paul E Jacobson
Puyallup, WA
Nov 25, 2016

When I was a boy, I decided to join the Boy Scouts of America. To join, I had to pledge to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

I don't know that Al Erickson was ever a Scout, but I remember him as being as close to a personification of that pledge as I could hope to find.

Danielle Kulman
DuPont, WA
Nov 24, 2016

Uncle Al was a kind man and had a gentle heart. I will miss his fabulous cooking especially at Thanksgiving, his intelligent discussions about history, his palate for exotic coffee and his enduring love for my Aunt Vi. He will be greatly missed.

Duane and Karen Davis
Circle Pines , Mn
Nov 24, 2016

God be with you all during this sad time and always. Wish we could be with you to help you celebrate his life.

Love you , Karen and Duane

Katherine Kolody
Tacoma , WA
Nov 24, 2016

Al introduced me to the world of vintage Scandinavian films, which were at once extremely timely although they were 50+ years old and very emotionally charged. I'll never forget spending a precious movie night with Al and Vi, who served a great meal and were the epitome of grace and kindness. I got to know my cousins, Al and Vi, in a whole new way that night. I love them both so much now and forever.

David Lindbo
Pensacola, FL
Nov 23, 2016

Al was an avid reader. His coffee was the best I ever drank. It was quite strong in that it was not decaffeinated or half caff. It was so good, once I had to have more and more, forgetting it was full throttle caffeine. Someone had to scrape me off the ceiling....and did not sleep for at least three

Vi and Al were such a match for each other. With their combined integrities and playful wit, they cherished one another equally from the onset of their relationship. One would be so lucky as to attcheive this in their own lives.

Lynn Marie Martin
Puyallup, wa
Nov 23, 2016

Beautiful man!! He certainly did live life!! I am so glad you got to enjoy life together, Vi. What a great partnership you made!! He will be missed. He is at peace now! My thoughts are with you. Remember the good times...... as ever lmm

Lois Chelini
Brentwood, CA
Nov 23, 2016

RIP Allen!!

Laura Kinderknecht
Sumner, WA
Nov 23, 2016

When I think of Uncle Al, thoughtful is what comes to mind. He was thoughtful in how he spoke to people. He was also very thoughtful in pursuit of his interests. You always knew when Uncle Al spoke about something, he thoroughly researched the topic. Uncle Al seamlessly entered our family. Aunt Vi and Uncle Al truly enhanced each other's lives. I have always felt more enriched after our visits. Peace be with you.

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