Leonardo Fernandez Salazar, Sr.

Sep 30, 1937 – Nov 1, 2016

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Leonardo Fernandez Salazar Sr.

Leonardo Fernandez Salazar Sr. was born on September 30, 1937 in  Bayambang, Pangasinan Philippines.  He was one of the six children of Pedro Salazar and Maria Fernandez who are both from Pangasinan.  His oldest sister, Christina helped him to finish his college education and he graduated with Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education.

In 1960, he moved to Davao Philippines with the direction of Department of Education.  He then met Estrella Dangeo who is also a teacher in one of the areas in Davao.  Leonardo, also known for “Narding” marry Estrella in 1961.  They were blessed with four sons, Lester, Leo, Norman and Nelson.  Estrella died a few years after the youngest son was born.  She died in 1972 from what is believe to be cancer of the brain.  During her illness, her younger sister, Luz moved to Davao to help out the family since the kids were still young and to take care of her older sister.  Narding got widowed at the age of 35, his friend and mentor then told him that he should just court Luz instead of somebody else.  He told him that marrying her will be better since she would sure care for his kids since it’s her nephews. 

Narding and Luz got married on May 4, 1973.  Luz is also an elementary school teacher.  They had six kids together but only two survived, Ronald and Leonardo Jr.  Narding had so many accomplishment as a teacher and as a principal in various schools throughout Bansalan & Matanao Davao del Sur.  He was able to send all of the four boys through college except for the youngest two since they migrated to Seattle in Sept 1990. The four boys who have pass the age limit for petition wasn’t able to come with them.  The rest followed them in 2000 except for one, Leo. 

He worked at University of Washington upon arrival to Seattle and then moved to Virginia Mason Medical Center six months later.  He worked at VM for eleven years and retired on 2001.  He retired at the age of 65 due to Osteoarthritis.  His diabetes got worse as he get older that he was advised to get dialysis treatment.  As stubborn as he got with old age, he refused to follow doctor’s order.  However, things turned around in 2011 when he was hospitalized and almost died due to heart failure and needed emergency dialysis.    

He was a punctual man that even until the end he does not like being late.  He asked his wife or his caregiver, Belen to get him ready couple of hours early before his ride to dialysis center comes.  A trip to Muckleshoot makes him energized as if he can independently travel & walk on his own.  For years, as new slot machine gets upgraded he still won’t give up his “copper dropper” & “win big” machine.  If you are with him at Muckleshoot, you can always spot him easily at the smoking penny machine, in front of the buffet restaurant.  He didn’t travel much since all he thought about was sending money to Philippines to help family, relatives & friends.  He vacationed once in a while to visit his son, Leo who was left in the Philippines. 

Narding was a loving brother, son, husband, father, grandfather and a friend.  He was always willing to give a helping hand to whoever is in need as long as he can.  Even with his frail health condition he still joke around his kids and family during parties.  He is a man with so much wisdom that he loves to share to everyone.  He will be greatly missed by everyone.

He is survived by his wife, Luz

by his sons:

Lester & Carmen

Leo & Ana Leah; children: Kristoffer Lee, Jollibe Lee, Jannah Lee &

                                          Ralph Leo Monton

Norman & Melody; children: Prince Normandy & Jack Norman

Nelson; children: Mike Jasson & Michael Jossen

Ronald & Melanie; children: Charlyne, Joshua & Kristine

Leonardo & Siena; child: Aaron Bradley

by his only sibling: Vicente

and loving relatives & friends


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