Norman Charles Peters

Jul 13, 1925 – Jan 8, 2017

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2017-01-09 Obituary Norman C Peters

 Norman Charles Peters passed away on 8 January 2017, after suffering the debilitating effects of aging.  He was preceded in death by his parents (Charlie & Nina Peters), two brothers (Elvin & Lee), and his wife of 62 years, Mary Lou.  He is survived by his five children (Cappy, Norma, Gary, Tim & Bob), numerous grand-children, great-grand-children, and a great-great-grandson.  He lived a full and rich life, and helped many others to live full and rich lives.    

He left high school early to enlist in the US Navy, 1944-1946.  He married the love of his life Mary Lou and they had 62 years of living life to the fullest.  He worked for and retired from the Boeing Company after 35 years of dedicated service to that company.  He was a lifetime member of several organizations (the Eagles, the Elks, the American Legion) and an honorary member of the Sons of Italy.   He was a bowler for most of his adult life.  He was well known, by family and friends, for his leather craft and wood-working skills, with a list of project accomplishments that will be hard to beat.  He loved making things for his grandchildren.  He continued to make things, even after his health declined and he easily tired.

He never complained about the pain he was enduring.  He was a source of encouragement for those around him.  He was an inspiration to those that loved and knew him.  He never cheated anyone and his word was as good as gold.  He cast a big, tall shadow and his shoes will be hard to fill.  He will be missed, but his legacy will live on for a long-long time.




Marjorie Dixon
Monmouth, OR
Jan 19, 2017

I was attending a basketball game at the Mill City gym. Must have been about 14 years old. Norm (dressed in his sailor uniform) walked up and asked me, "where is Mary Lou". All I could say is she was at the movies. But I did not tell him that she was there with another sailor. As soon as he left I took off running. There was only one theater in town. When I spotted her I told her I had to talk to her. We went to the lobby and I told her Norm is in town and he is looking for you. I left, don't know what happened but I do know Norm brought her home and it was always Mary Lou and Norm after that.

I am truly grateful to have both of them in my life. Love you guys from your sis.

Marie Kuhnhenn
SeaTac, wa
Jan 19, 2017

Fred and I will always remember how generous both Norm and Mary Lou were. We went to several bowling tournaments with them, and they always brought food and drink for all to share. Norm was very creative, and made us several hand made remembrances. Fred and I will miss him.

Charlie "Cappy" Peters
Burien, wa
Jan 19, 2017

I’m not concerned with what kind of president Trump will be. Only one President has personally affected me. Shortly after Richard Nixon became President I received a letter from the ‘Office of the President of the United States’; my Draft Notice & it drastically changed my life. Many “great” people have come & gone & I didn’t know a one of them. But, there is a man I have known & he is a great man in my eyes- he overcome adverse odds & personally affected me in a positive way.

A man & his wife immigrated from Germany in the early 1890’s & settled in Oregon. That man became a drunk & beat his wife & children. One of his sons learned the drunken & child beating lessons well, because when he married & had three sons he was a drunk & beat his sons (until after the children were adults), a trait he picked up from his father. It was not uncommon for the three of them to feel the leather strap to their backside. Neither was it uncommon for the three sons to walk barefoot in the dead of winter, just to keep from soiling their shoes. Oh, yes, their feet had to be cared for by other loving family members. Those three sons grew up & they could have continued the lessons they had learned from their father.

One of the sons broke with the drunken & child beating tradition & he “broke the cycle of abuse.” He never once raised his hand in anger to his children. He worked very hard to promote love & not violence. He provided well for each & every one of his five children; they never missed a meal & they always had clothes to wear, & they always had a roof over their head. That man worked very hard to successfully “end the cycle of abuse.”

His children never knew what their dad had live through. My hat is off that man & I salute that man for the courage he had to “break the cycle of abuse.” That man was Norman Charles Peters, my father, who passed away Sunday, 8 January 2017. I am very proud of Dad & all the things he made possible for myself & my siblings.

Gordon & Patsy Blume
Portland, OR
Jan 13, 2017

All these years we both lived in the northwest and never got to know each other. I feel like we have missed knowing a good person in you.

Farewell and rest in peace.

Gordon and Patsy Blume

Gina M. Darby
Lebanon, OR
Jan 13, 2017

He was a great man and he and Mary Lou made a great family. Love you all.


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