Reginald Louis Hershey

Nov 29, 1967 – Mar 24, 2017



Jay Riddle
Auburn, WA
Mar 30, 2017

I had the pleasure of meeting Reggie when he started with Sleep Country in the south. He and I became instant friends. 4 years ago we started going to Buffalo Wild Wings for the NCAA tournament, a tradition we still uphold. Reggie and I would meet after work and days off for Happy Hour at whatever local Mexican restaurant we could find. I was lucky enough to have breakfast with him one last time at our recent company event in SeaTac. We even shared the same Birthday. I'm going to miss his phone calls to catch up and our talks after not seeing each other for a while due to different districts the last few years.

Thanks for all the great memories Reggie. You are already truly missed.

Chris Wyatt
Lynnwood, WA
Mar 30, 2017


I'll miss you so much. You were the first person when I went into the Sleep Country now Mattress Firm family I spoke to, other than my trainers.

You taught me more than you realize and just your crooked eye smirk you would give me when I would ask that "dumb" question would put a smile on my face. You always talked about family and the loved ones we surround ourselves around. I will never take these for granted.

Your spirit will definitely be alive in your work families hearts, and I know you will be with your loved ones always in great memory.

Thanks for being that laid back "dude" as I called you and may your aura and pure soul live on in us all.

Franck Kamangu
Everett, WA
Mar 30, 2017

Reggie was always full of life and constantly smiling. A word from him could turn a bad day in to a day of laughter. He taught me a lot at work, and gave me a different outlook on life as well.

He will always be remembered as a great man.

I will miss you.

Mike Bergstrom
Marysville, wa
Mar 28, 2017

Reggie is one of the best men I have ever met, I am a better person having met Reggie, my faith is stronger and the way I look at challenges in life is better. Reggie taught me so much, I am grateful to have known him and worked with him for the last five years. It was fun watching Reggie light up when he spoke about Diana and his daughters. We also spoke often about the grandbabies that we were both so blessed to have.

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