Anna S. Williams

May 4, 1953 – Aug 26, 2017

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Anna S. Williams

Anna was born May 4, 1953 in Maryland.  She enjoyed the arts throughout her life.  She attended Peabody Conservatory and Maryland Institute of Art.  After moving to Colorado, she attended Rocky Mountain School of Art, and also taught art history at that school.  Anna was a lifelong painter, working in realism, as well as abstract styles.

As a pianist, she enjoyed playing both classical and improvisational jazz.  A move to Seattle in 1989 was followed by the purchase of The Flying Shuttle, which became Ragazzi’s Flying Shuttle.  Anna loved being a business owner, but also truly enjoyed promoting talented artists and their craft. She lost her battle with breast and bone cancer, but kept her humor and optimism.  Her enthusiastic love of life, good humor and fabulous laugh will be greatly missed by all of us. 

Family and friends are invited to celebrate her wonderful spirit and creativity at Ten Mercer Restaurant, 10 Mercer Street in Queen Anne on Sunday, October 8, 2017 from 3-7PM.


Sharon Styer
Tacoma, WA
Mar 15, 2018

Dear Joanna, I am so sorry to learn of Anna's passing. I'm looking at the photo of Anna you have posted on this site and I can hear her great laugh and her overflowing talk.What a sad loss.

The Flying Shuttle was so dear to all of us who worked there. And you and Anna added so much life to that wonderful store.

I send my love and thanks to you for all that you both gave to us. Take care, dear one, may good new things come your way.

Eileen Sutton
Havertown, PA
Feb 2, 2018

Dear JoAnn,

Words cannot express my sorrow finding out about Anna at this late date.I realize I have no address to send a card and no way of reaching you without the store number! I truly hope you can give me a call sometime so I can talk to you. I am so sorry for your loss JoAnn. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Much love, Eileen

Karen Richter
Seattle, Wa
Jan 26, 2018

I walked by my favorite store yesterday only to see it empty. Being retired I don't get downtown often so was so very sad. I just discovered Anna's death.

I discovered Ragazxi's in 2994 when I moved from Chicago to take a wonderful job in Pioneer Square. Bedding clothing I was so very happy to find Anna and Joanne who helped me find the most beautifully made clothes. I visited with them for years after.

I will miss Anna's warm greeting and conversations. She was a generous and compassionate woman. I will miss her Joanne. My sympathy for our loss. Karen Richter

Vanessa Northington Gamble
Washington, DC
Jan 10, 2018

My Dear JoAnn,

After a long absence, I was in Seattle in mid-December. As I usually do on my travels from DC, I always try to stop in at Ragazzi’s. This time I even had UW provide me with accommodations downtown to facilitate my visit. I became concerned when I tried to call and the phone was disconnected. However, I was determined to visit the store. As I turned the bend on First Avenue and saw that the Ragazzi’s banner was gone, my heart sank. I stood for several minutes in front of the store staring through the windows and reminiscing about all the good times that I had had in store and all the beautiful clothes that I had purchased there. I remembered how you and Anna with your warmth, generosity, and friendliness always made me feel like family. I also remembered our laughs and discussions about food, music, art, and politics. My shopping visits always lasted hours. I was sad as I walked away from the store and realized how much you and Anna were the center of my visits to Seattle. I felt unmoored, but determined to find you to let you know how much the two of you have meant to me. I was shocked to learn (via Google) that Anna had died. You have my deepest condolences and love.

Take care,

Vanessa Northington Gamble

Sandy Smith
Seattle, WA
Oct 20, 2017

I am so sorry to have learned this late of Anna’s passing. I would have come to the event to celebrate her life. Most of my favorite clothes are from the sisters’ shop, chosen for me by Anna. She was an artist and a fine person. Her kindness and spirit will be missed.

Linda French
Redding , Ca
Oct 19, 2017

Erika L Noltimie
Seattle , Wa
Oct 7, 2017

Joann, Brian, and family, our heart goes to you, as we also share your lose. We are going to miss our friend of more than 20 years, and would cherish our memories of her.

Our occasional encounters on the front lawn, sharing a glass of wine or, sharing casual conversations that generally end with some sort of laughter, it was really nice to getting to know her and her great human qualities. Anna was a really nice person, and talented artist, she had a great outlook of life,with vibrant personality, a great sense of humor, and contagious laughter, She will be always remember..

State Farm
Seattle, WA
Oct 4, 2017

We are deeply saddened to hear of Anna's passing. We enjoyed her upbeat attitude and her pleasant demeanor when we spoke with her. It was a pleasure working getting to know Anna.

Susan burris
Bolinas, ca
Oct 2, 2017

I am so sad to hear about Anna's passing, I will miss her and send my thoughts and love to Joann and the rest of your family

Pacific Northwest Apparel Association
Seattle, WA
Oct 2, 2017

The members of the Pacific Northwest Apparel Association sends our warmest thoughts to Anna's family. We are grateful for Anna's long affiliation with our organization.

Mariyn Pedersen
Kirkland, WA
Sep 17, 2017

I'm so sad to learn about Anna's passing. I loved shopping with Anna and JoAnn at Ragazzi's Flying Shuttle in Pioneer Square. Anna's fabric designs were truly beautiful! JoAnn and family, you have my deepest sympathy.

Don and Jana Morris
Seattle, WA
Sep 17, 2017

We are so very sorry to hear about Anna. Pioneer Square will not be the same without her..

Marie Hubbard
Newcastle, WA
Sep 17, 2017

What a shock and sadness to see that Anna has died! For so many years I've looked forward to seeing (and hearing) her greet me at "the store" with that beautiful smile, We loved catching up on the news of people we knew...and still deciding what she should do with her hair. When I'd be near Magnolia, I'd wonder which house was hers and how the cats were getting on. Blissfully dreaming of winning the lottery, on occasion, I always knew I'd buy Anna a grand piano to play. Mentioning Anna was always paired with Joann. My heart goes out to you and your family. Cherishing the memories.

Peggy J. Printz
Seattle, WA
Sep 17, 2017

To your family, my deepest sympathy. We will all miss Anna dearly. What an example of courage she set, as I never knew she was ailing and suffering. She brought beauty, grace and style to our lives. She always made us feel welcome and appreciated even when we were dawdling with our decisions.

Sorry I will be out of town in early October so please accept my tribute to her life via this message.


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