Janna Lea Sciaroni

Dec 19, 1962 – Oct 23, 2017



Kelly Ann Sciaroni
Tacoma , Wa
Nov 27, 2017

I love you Mom. Signing this late & didnt go to your memorial. Services are for the family/ friends left on Earth. Your presence was with me since before your heart stopped beating. I wanted to be there for everyone and I hope they tell me their stories of you. I have been recalling different periods of our life, and in joy for the person you are. Wishing I could hug you again and so greatful for that last Sunday we had together. I am ever greatful that we sat down together, I wished I had skipped church and spent the whole day with you! John told me that when asked if you wanted to be resuscitated or not your response was "I just want to see my baby girl" Why didnt you tell me you were in the hospital when I could still talk to you!? I would never want to not see you I just dont drive. I was in the mindset that you fainted from lack of nutrients. It breaks my heart that for so long you contemplated having a fatal disease, while thinking of how you can make this easier on me. I was just waiting for your body to reject the food it could no longer handle until you found the food your body could handle. And thought when you fainted that being in the hospital would be a positive next step. I should not have let you hang out in the hospital alone for so long. You told me Friday, Saturday my ride changed plans, then I stayed up too late sat to leave Sunday morning and I didnt want to be there all day so tired. I wish I had that day with you!!! All week I was not focused on work because I knew there was nothing I could do to help you and everything else was on my mind about my life and who is in it and my relationship with my closest family. When I called the doctor to ask him about what was going on I thought I was overreacting. I love you so much. Im sorry I didnt have anything prepaired the day of the memorial. I know that you are happy enjoying the other side, wishing you were here with me, glad to be with your Mom & Gma -Peace be with You- Forever in My Heart

Rex Baumgartner
California, CA
Nov 6, 2017

Always enjoyed spending time with my niece over the years at family dinners and get together's. Janna, you will be missed! You were always pleasant to be with and had a great since of humor!

Mike, Roxanne & family, our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. May the love of those around you, help you through the days ahead. Love, Rex, Judy & Dmitry

Christy Williams (Rhoads)
Placerville , Ca
Nov 5, 2017

Love forever,cousin. Horsey was never the same.

Steve and Shirley Willng
Windsor, ON
Nov 2, 2017

Mike and Roxanne, our deepest sympathy to you and Janna’s family and friends. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Scott Southern
Bonney Lake, WA
Oct 30, 2017

Janna, you will be sorely missed. The "S" team was never the same after you left Aqua Star. I have tried to upload photos to this memorial but the link is not working properly for some reason.

Janna, I will see you later!!


Peggy Marshall
Sunnyvale, ca
Oct 27, 2017

Like many who hear of the passing of a loved one, I have reflected on the years that Janna and I spent together. Although we were cousins by marriage and circumstance, we were more like sisters. From baby dolls to boyfriends. Our first unescorted rock concert, KC and the sunshine band, to our first trip to Hawaii. Amazingly we were not kicked out of the hotel nor did we come home with arrest records! Janna is a unique individual and will be truly missed. I hope you are enjoying that private show with Elivis that you so truly deserve. You will be missed. Love you cousin!

Michael Lee Parish/Roxanne
Burlington, Wa
Oct 27, 2017

Just wanted to share a few pictures taken of Janna throughout her life.

Paul Foster
Barrie, Ontario, On
Oct 26, 2017

I really only got to know Janna in the past couple of years. I always enjoyed a good bit of sarcasm and banter back and forth with her when I travelled to Seattle. She always tried to take care of her Canadian Aqua Star family's needs and was always helpful to us. My deepest sympathy to her family.

Tom McDonald
Snoqualmie, wa
Oct 26, 2017

Janna, (Elvis) made an impact on my life. Eccentric, yes but full of life and trying to find her calling... In the process she touched lives in a unique manner that forced me to step back and laugh at myself for a moment. Feisty, you better believe it but true to her convictions with a heart of gold! The struggle is over. Janna has her dancing shoes on hanging with "The King"!!!! Enjoying the Real "Graceland"! Finally realizing the mark she made on others....... Enjoying her payback!

Shannon M. Presley
Burien, WA
Oct 26, 2017

Haven't spoken to you in awhile Janna, but I have fond memories of our time together at Aqua Star - you were a force to be reckoned with, ready with a smile and smart quip. I hope you and Elvis have a rip roaring time up there! go get it girl! xoxox

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