Barbara Burton

Dec 2, 1953 – Dec 4, 2017

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Barbara (Janosov) Burton

12/2/1953    to    12/4/2017 

Barbara Burton, 64, lost her battle with uterine cancer on Monday December 4, 2017.  She was preceded in death by her mother, Lois Janosov also Logan Baker a nephew and then Steve Fox a close relative. 

Barbara is survived by her loving husband John, her sons Chris and Jeremy and her beloved only grandson Daniel whom all she cherished deeply;

Barb is also survived by her father; Frank Janosov of Renton.  Barbara was the oldest of 6 children.  Brother David and his wife Linda of (Bonney Lake); her sister Jean (Janosov) Johnston and Lonnie Gable of Fall City; brother Joe of (Pacific); sisters Lisa Janosov of (Puyallup) and Fran (Janosov) and Jay Holmgren of (Kent); Her nieces and nephews; Amber Janosov of Shoreline; Isaiah, Sam and Ella Holmgren of Kent; Jackson Baker a great-nephew of Shoreline; of whom she loved and cherished immensely. 

Barbara will be missed by all her family members as well as her friends she made over the years.  She had a great smile that would captivate you to just want to sit down and talk with her.  Her eyes were the most beautiful dark brown that you would get lost in them.   Her overwhelming love just radiated from her, surrounding you drawing you in.  Barbara had a wit that was contagious, and she could be giggly and silly putting you in stiches.

Barbara`s education began with Saint Anthony’s Elementary school in Renton; then on to Nelson Middle School; she attended Renton High School and Graduated in 1972.  

She began looking for a job after graduating from high school and she had applied in two places; to become a waitress at the then Sambo’s restaurant in downtown Renton or as a Nurse’s assistant at a local Convalescent Center; The Convalescent Center called first, she accepted.  After working as a nurse aid, she then made the decision to pursue a career in nursing.  Barbara attended Green River Community College; where she achieved a high enough grade point average to be placed on the Deans honor roll, which totally shocked her dad.  She completed her studies and became a Licensed Practical Nurse.  She then returned to work in her new capacity as a Medications Nurse to the convalescent home where she began working.  Barbara also worked at The Valley Villa Convalescent; Auburn General Hospital on the medication floor as well as Valley Medical Center in both the orthopedic floor and medical floors.  She enjoyed her work always putting her patients first but then decided to focus on raising her two sons and quit her job. 

John and Barbara met at the Valley Villa Convalescent Center.  She was working the swing shift, he was an orderly on the grave yard shift.  One thing lead to another and he finally asked her out.  Their first date was a tour of the Old Spring Glen Fire Station located in Renton where he was a resident.  They dated for over 3 ½ years until he popped the question to marry him one night.  They were married on April 7, 1978 at the St. Stevens the Martyr Church in Kent, WA.

Christopher was born in December 1978.  Jeremy was born in March 1983.  She helped them with their studies until both graduated from Tumwater High School. 

Barbara and John resided in Renton for many years.  Then moved pulled stakes to reside at their present home in Olympia Washington in 1990.  John continued working in the fire service field for a total of 27 years until 2006, when he had a career ending injury and was forced to retired. 

Barbara was a joyful person who loved watching movies, reading her bible going to church, and liked listening to many types of music.   Playing with her sons and when our grandson came she was ecstatic of being a grandma.   She showered him with prayers and blessings. 

Barbara is now walking those golden streets of heaven, pain free, totally in the comfort of our Lord. 

I know one thing that she would say to everyone gathered is I Love you, stay true to the Lord and Trust in only him, for he will sustain you and finally, we will see each other on the other side of the River of Life.  


Eva J. Boding
Auburn, WA
Dec 16, 2017


Shortly after her only grandson arrived in October 2003, she began opting out of the Valentine’s Day luncheons. Accident injuries and hints of health issues slipped into the conversation. I offered to meet her in Olympia for lunch and wondered why she declined. Her evasiveness increased along with my respectful perplexity. No questions; no discussing health issues.

During one of our conversations, I mentioned my concern for a young friend’s dilemma requiring extensive dental surgery. Shortly thereafter, I received a money order for several hundred dollars to assist with expenses. The friend’s Mother marveled that someone they didn’t even know would come to their assistance. Barbara’s concern and kindness left quite an impression!

What was unknown to me at that time was Barbara’s fierce and brave determination to remain as long as possible with her family while fighting a grueling battle with Cancer. During an August 9, 2017 conversation, she spoke of radiation treatment and praying for healing, declaring that she knew that God was merciful and the answer was somewhere in between her prayers and His mercy. I seized the opportunity to thank her for being such a sweet friend to me and silently wondered if this battle was going to be IT.

Eva J. Boding
Auburn, WA
Dec 16, 2017


Career and relationship pursuits increasingly filled our time. A dream prompted me to call her. “Barbara, I dreamed you were getting married!” Her response was, “Eva, he just asked me! I haven’t even told my Morher yet!” Barbara and John had both acted on simultaneous impressions from the Lord, John being impress with the moment to propose and Barb that he was going to propose that particular day.

Shortly after their April 7, 1978, Wedding, another dream prompted a call. “Barbara, I dreamed you were going to have a baby! Her response was, “I just found out I was pregnant!” We were all expecting an adorable tiny baby and purchased layette accordingly, but she delivered a strapping firstborn son in latter December 1978 and had to immediately rush to replace it! A second son was added to the mix in March 1983.

Work and family life occupied her time and attentions and my rotating shift work severely restricted contact. Husband John had whisked his family off to Olympia in 1990. We kept in contact with lengthy phone conversations when I could catch her.

For several years, we met with three other friends from our RHS graduating class for an annual Valentine’s Day luncheon. Who knew that our commemorative photographs would one day be used in her final memorials?

Eva J. Boding
Auburn, WA
Dec 15, 2017

PART 2–(Since this site keeps timing out!)

Senior year at RHS produced a change of heart when we attended a faith-based Bob Mumford event in Seattle effectively at the invitation of Norm Willis. Norm spearheaded something of a spiritual revival at RHS and pursued a calling into spiritual leadership that prompted a search these decades later to officiate at Barbara’s final celebration of life services on 12/13/17.

Not an initial exposure to faith, we were amazed at this more personal revelation of Christ and pursued Him through Graduation, into “first” salaried jobs, and Green River Community College where Barbara became proficient in French while studying to become a Licensed Practical Nurse. Her sweet demeanor and gifts of mercy paired well with her skills as an LPN.

Her gentle nature was sometimes undeservedly exploited by harsh detractors, but she patiently endured their imposed grief and forgave them all.

Eva J. Boding
Auburn, WA
Dec 15, 2017

Barbara was a precious gift of friendship, consolation, and mercy to all who were fortunate enough to avail themselves of her gentle kindness.

My “Bestie” since age 11, we grew up in Cascade Vista in the Renton school district as nearly constant companions not devoid of consequential escapades. Barbara attracted a lot of attention for her physical attributes; carrying stacks of books related to her formidable early Catholic education; mesmerizing dancing in Junior High and High School years; and desirability for babysitting jobs until boyfriends entered the social scene.

Barbara remained demure and humble even while representing RHS at State gymnastics on the trampoline wearing out her knees in her quest to gain height enough to execute impressive full twisting back layouts and other powerful maneuvers.

Christina higginbotham dietz
Auburn, Wa
Dec 12, 2017

I met with barb when her children were little she was unhappy about her husband working for the fire department. I enjoyed our visit I always loved her.

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