Clair Arthur Tallada Jr.

Jun 29, 1955 – Mar 26, 2018

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Jake, a tremendously loved son, brother, and friend.  He is the most caring, most generous, and God-fearing person one will ever know.  He is loved by everyone he met a lot of people here and around the world.  He was an avid traveler.  He made it around the world twice, stopping at the most interesting places, some of us can only imagine seeing and experiencing.  He had seen the ancient pyramids, and walked the Great Wall of China.  He had been in places all over Europe like London and many places around the UK, Paris, Rome, Venice, and the Amalfi Coast in Italy.  Hes been to Ireland, Greece, and the Czech Republic.  He live in places like Germany, American Samoa, Hawaii, and the Philippines.  Around Asia, he's been to China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and of course, the Philippines.  He used to say, you may read about places from books and magazines, but the experience of being in these places and seeing them personally makes it more special and more educational.  Jake did not have a lot of material things.  He thought material things were frivolous.  What he had a lot of is a big heart, a kind demeanor, and a voracious appetite for learning new things all the time.  he a loved big brother and a true friend. 

Jake, you live a life that was cut too short, but you lived it to the fullest, and with pride.  You spread happiness wherever you were.  You will be missed tremendously.  Jake is survived by his longtime best friend Joey, his mother, Lila Mae, his four sisters, nieces and nephews and friends around the world.  


Pauline Ick
Manila, Select
Apr 13, 2018

I was hoping I could visit this coming May, but I am sure Joey has told you I have been praying for you since I heard you got sick.You are a good guy Jake! I will miss your commentaries on Philippine politics and politicians which goes on and on as does your non stop stories :-) I guess we can get together in Boracay - see , our president even closed it down so it will be fresh and new when you come back :-) And I will make sure Joey is ok .....

Barbara Ossowski
Lake Stevens, WA
Apr 10, 2018

I will cherish the time I got to know you and Joey. I will miss your fantastic stories, your laughter, your smile, and contagious upbeat personality. Peace be with you now. My sincere love and condolences to Joey and family.

Julie Neff
Everett, Wa
Apr 9, 2018

Jake, I will miss you for sure dear friend. I am glad I got to to know you, always kind and funny.

Joan Howe
Woodinville, WA
Apr 8, 2018

I feel bless that I knew Jake. He was always a delight to spend time with. A caring, sensitive, smart, well traveled, funny, and just a wonderful conversationalist and friend. He will be missed I’m sure by all that knew and loved him. When I met Jake over 20 years ago I instantly loved him and felt a kinship with him as we are of the same generation and had many common interest and a certain understanding of the world around us. I stayed connected to him when he was living abroad and unfortunately not so much since he returned to the states, but he will always have a place in my heart as a friend and brother. To all his friends and family, especially Joey, I share your pain and dedicated my prayers and thoughts to your grieving process. Jake I love you and know that our paths will pass again some day.

Anne McCreary Martinis
Mukilteo, Wa
Apr 7, 2018

I will always remember u as a free spirit that always seemed happy

Valerie Coulter
Everett, WA
Apr 7, 2018

Picture memories...

Valerie Coulter
Everett, WA
Apr 7, 2018

Jake: You were like a 4th brother to me. I will miss you every Thanksgiving and Christmas. I will miss getting together in our “Pool Gang” as you named it. I will miss saying Jake and Joey ... but I will always remember you as kind, generous and fun-loving. I heard you knock twice Jake so I know you are ok spiritually. Love you forever Jake. Valerie

Everett Eastman
San Diego , Ca
Apr 7, 2018

Jake, you will always be in my heart, you will continue to make me laugh as I remember our times together, and we will forever share our love of Hawai'i Nei. I know my grief is widely shared amongst those who will always love you, my friend.

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