Terry Gene Preston

Apr 14, 1957 – Mar 30, 2018


Terry was born April 14th, 1957 in Seattle Washington and was one of nine children to his parents Ralph and Opal Preston. Terry was an extremely talented carpenter; he also owned an auto glass company and was known for his huge heart and willingness to help people he cared about. Terry was the type of man who would give his last dime to a random stranger only because he knew he could get another with his belief in himself. His life wasn't always smooth sailing but he made the best of it with what he had. His most prized possession was his 4 sons; there was never a doubt about his love for his boys, they are his world and he was such a proud man because of who he helped them become. He also was a father figure to many of his sons childhood friends who had no father's around. Terry loved spending time with his family, his boys especially as well as his grandkids, they were everything to him. Terry is survived by his 3 brothers Larry, Calvin, Tracy and 4 sisters, Barb, Carol, Vicky, Laurie; his 4 sons Terry, Scott, Randy, and Steven. His 6 grandkids Aiden, Aurora, Makayla, Tyson, Mason, Brooklyn.  He was preceded in death by his mom, dad, and brother Robert



Mary Carol Hutson
Burien, Wa
Apr 13, 2018

My brother was one of a kind.

I remember I got him a plane ticket to go see our brother Calvin in Ketchikan Alaska, so he could go fishing with him. Terry called me and was fuming, as instead of Ketchikan I got him a ticket to Anchorage which is 1675 miles further. He told me I sent him to the North Pole. Said he was freezing as he only wore shorts on the trip. And he wasnt prepared to be Santa Claus helper. It took a lot of phone calls to get him back to Calvin's but he didn't let me live that one down. I would of been posses to.

So every time after that anytime a got people tickets to Ketchikan everyone doubled checked the ticket to be sure.

Love your sister


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