Charles "Chuck" William Hastings

Aug 18, 1935 – Apr 2, 2018

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Charles "Chuck" William Hastings

Charles "Chuck" William Hastings, of Federal Way, Washington, died at 9:15pm Monday, April 2, 2018. He was 82.

Chuck was an only child, born in Ithaca, NY to Reverend William Fairbank Hastings and Ruth Imel Aldrich Hastings. Reverend Hastings' ministerial career took him and his family to many places, so Chuck grew up partly among his cousins in New York and New England, and partly in Puerto Rico. The Pacific Northwest became his favorite place when he first visited in the 1950s and he settled here in the 1980s.

Chuck was bright, technically adept, and highly educated, with dual Bachelor degrees in math and physics from Grinnell College, a Masters in math from UCLA, an MBA from Santa Clara University, and most of the work towards a PhD in electrical engineering. His career was a technical one, including writing software, designing computer architectures, technical writing, marketing, and teaching. He was also a talented jazz 'stride' pianist, a Bigfoot enthusiast, and the author of two self-published novels.

He is survived by his wife, Angelita Go Casanova Hastings; his five children from his first marriage, Stuart (Lorraine), Stephen (Denise), Melissa, Lawrence, and Carolyn; his daughter Liezl (David); and his six grandchildren, Adam, David, Ruth, Paul, Hendrik, and Grace. He was a beloved father figure, uncle, and friend to the children in his extended families. He will always be remembered for his keen interest in world events, his love of driving, his unique cooking, his earthy proverbs, and most of all, his kindness.

Chuck's memorial service will be held at Wayside United Church of Christ in Federal Way, Washington on April 21st at 1pm.

In lieu of flowers, the family invites you to make a donation to Wayside UCC in honor of Chuck's life and legacy.



Eleanor (Aldrich) Farmer
Bridport, England, UK
Apr 21, 2018

My sympathy goes out to you. I always knew my first cousin as ‘CW’ (Charles William). With thirteen years’ age gap between us, we didn’t have that many conversations but we shared a love of music and playing the piano. I was always in awe of his exceptional talent! I was enthralled, too, to hear his family’s stories of life in other countries. I still have childhood gifts from Puerto Rico and Germany. One time in the late 1950s I stayed on my own with Bill, Ruth and Charles William at their home in Ohio. My recollections of that time include a wonderful vegetable garden, their Studebaker car, violin concertos and Charles William playing the piano for me. You are in our thoughts today; we know you will miss him very much.

Charles (Chuck) Aldrich
Nicholasville, KY
Apr 20, 2018

My deepest Sympathy. I am saddened with the loss of my cousin Chuck. I never met my cousin. He spent several summers on my Mom & Dad's farm in Virginia before I was born. Over the years, I followed cousin Chuck's life and adventures thru his Mom & Dad recounts & updates. I always enjoyed his correspondences and technical & social insights.

Charles & Barbara Aldrich

Loraine Hutchinson
Orchard Park, NY
Apr 17, 2018

Charles William Hastings and I were good friends, not to

mention first cousins. I remember how he used to like to

play the family player piano when he visited us in Fredonia,

NY. He played croquet with us, too. I really do miss him,

despite not seeing him for so long.

One of our sons remembered what he had been told about

Chuck, that he was a Genius. As far as I am concerned,

that is very true.

Judith (Judie) Claire Aldrich Peterson
Ashville, NY
Apr 16, 2018

My deepest sympathy goes out to you and your families. I am your Dad's cousin (Charles & Claire Aldrich's daughter) and have known him all my life. He stayed in our home in Erie, PA with us for awhile, and I was always amazed at his piano playing! It has been very interesting to read the chapters of his life story as he has written them in later life and shared them with us. He was so talented! Thank you for being in touch and sharing this with us. I hope to meet some of you some day, if you are ever back in western NY! Memories of your dad will forever be in your hearts to warm them as you remember his love for you. May you feel peace, and may the love of family and friends bring you comfort. Lovingly, Judie

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