Verlan Ray Moore

Feb 14, 1923 – Apr 17, 2018

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On St. Valentine’s Day, ninety-five years ago, in a town that no longer exists, a remarkable life began.  He was born into a poor family that would struggle with many disadvantages: a blind mother, two blind daughters, and a son with severe scoliosis.  That son was Verlan Ray Moore.

Verlan grew up during the great depression.  Work was scarce.  The family often had to travel to new towns to keep food on the table.  It was during this time that Verlan learned how to make friends in a hurry and to not waste anything that he thought could be used.

Despite poverty early in his life, and his physical limitations, Verlan succeeded in life where others would have given up.  His sense of self-reliance, ingenuity, and determination were unmatched.  He put himself through college.  He always worked hard and had a steady job.  He was frugal and invested wisely. He cared for his parents in their old age.  He helped two step-sons through college.  He cared for his wife, Lois, until her death.

Verlan never complained.  He loved God, his family, his friends, and chocolate.  He was generous to all, never seeking recognition for himself.  He was a kind and gentle man; he was the kindest man we’ve ever known.  We will miss you, Verlan.


Mark Parish
Des Moines, WA
Apr 26, 2018

Verlan was one of the most gracious individuals that I've ever known. For 40 years that I've been around Verlan I've never once known him to complain or even a hint of disappointment -- rather he was always quick to express his gratitude and trust and love for the Lord in every circumstance and challenge. His life was also characterized by ministry to others -- singing/speaking with Lois at the Kenny Home, preaching as an interim pastor, traveling/singing with the choir, chauffering disabled and elderly to appointments, lovingly caring for Lois, and endless acts of kindness to others in a myriad of ways. Verlan stands out as an honest, genuine example of Christ-like character.

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