Kyren Gene Richardson

Oct 14, 2017 – Jun 8, 2018

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I came into the world the evening of October 14th 2017; I was ready to meet the women who had been

fussing for 9 months about being sick, and the man who had to deal with it. I remember, Mommy

(LaNiqua Bell) was crying and daddy (Earl Richardson III) held me chest to chest, man he was proud!!!

My parents… some good looken folks! Shortly after, I met Great Grandma (Carolyn Smith) what a smile

she had, and this super excited women, Latina Sledge, I call her ‘Grammy’, she just couldn’t wait to hold

me. Instantly phone calls came “Welcome”, “Yay he is here”, and right then I knew I was everybody’s


My family is HUGE, took care of me well, daycare not needed! Let’s see there’s… Grandpa (Dalyn Bell),

my Papa (Christopher Sledge), Uncle #1 Monte’k Smith, Uncle#2 Noah Sledge, Aunties Christina and

Miah Sledge, and my Great Grandma Linda. I have a brother (Jayden Richardson) who is two years older

than me,
his birthday is the day before mine, cool right? Then there’s my Nana (Peggie Miller), My Aunty

Nay (hey… Auntie Nay) Unique Richardson, and my dad’s two older brothers—Uncle Laffeeyette and

Uncle Lajure. Oh and we can’t leave out, “the Greats”, Great Greats, Uncles and Aunties. And… I had a

lot (I mean an “ALOT”) of cousins and extended family. I. was. LOVED.

I was a baby who knew what I wanted. I didn’t dance if there was no music, nor laugh if it was not funny.

I gave the BEST love, slobbery kisses, and hugs too. I was alert, nosey, curious, and had no fear—edge of

the bed here I come. I loved to play! Bouncy Bouncy, blow on my tummy, stinky feet, Pick-A- Boo—this

was my stuff. Maybe I would have been a musician I loved banging on my toy piano, or perhaps a Video

Game Designer—Subway Surf on the tablet, YES! Story time was chill time (two please), my favorite

song was I’m A Little Tea Pot, and boy I could talk—started as soon as I could. I had no choice but to love

the camera, mom took pictures of me almost every day, and loved to play “dress the baby” (this I didn’t

particularly care for), but I will say your “Ky-Ky” was one cool dude. My favorite food was bananas (I

LOVED me some bananas), vanilla ice cream soothed my gums, and I hated my car seat, who wants to

be confided? Not Me.

God called me home on June 8th 2018, though short, my time here was “the best” filled with great family

and friends. This month I learned to give high five and I would like to high five the village who raised me.

Boy they put in some work: Changed diapers, rocked me to sleep, took me on walks, played with me,

sent presents, visited, did my laundry, took me to the mall, and most importantly gave lot’s n lots of

snuggles. Thank you village! And mom and dad, thank you too, I am gone, but not forgotten. Your baby

boy will see you in heaven okay.

Kisses and hugs.


Kyren Gene Richardson


.., ..
Jun 30, 2018

My condolences to the family for the loss of your precious little one. May you find comfort as you support one another and as you lean on God for the strength to cope and carry you through this difficult time. -2 Corinthians 1:3,4.

Tricia Diamond
Seattle, WA
Jun 21, 2018

Love in heaven

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