Princess Emmanuela Boateng

Mar 11, 2008 – Sep 5, 2018

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Princess Boateng, 10, of Seattle, Washington, passed away September 5th, 2018 at Childrens Hospital Seattle, WA. Princess will be missed, and is loved, by many family & friends. Loved ones are currently putting details together to celebrate her life. Return to his page to check for further information. Please honor the life, and memory, of Princess by leaving cherished memories, messages & photos for her family on the guestbook page.


San Antonio, TX
Sep 22, 2018

Princess farewell my daughter . Baba nawo Sia, You will be fondly remembered though your wit us was so short and I couldnít make the time to meet and know personally, I hear very pretty and beautiful about you. Sadly, you left us with this pain in our heart for losing leaving us so sudden without any warnings, Princess why? Well we your loves wish solace in the fact that you resting with the Lord. Farewell Princess fare well.


Tyna M.
Alpharetta, GA
Sep 22, 2018

ďDeath is sad enough when anticipated, but even worse when unexpectedĒ

Gone Too Soon Princess, you will be missed. Rest peacefully in the bossom of your Creator.

Promise Addae
Lynnwood , Wa
Sep 22, 2018

Princess. Iím finding it very difficult to explain to your 3 yr old niece, Isabella, what happened to you. You are her aunt, and also her best friend, who showed her love, and you genuinely cared for her. Itís sad that she will never see you again. I promise to keep memories of you and tell her how much you loved her. An innocent life, God gifted you to us for a short period and he has taken you back. We will never question him, for he giveth and he surely takes. Your short stay was a blessing to us and you sure bring peace in our family. You were a great aunt to my kids and an awesome sister to us, your siblings. Your departure came as a shock, very sad, painful, and has created a vacuum in our hearts. However, we thank God for we know he is keeping you with him. We will forever love and remember you, until we meet again. May the Lord keep you in a perfect place.

Big brothers Promise, Prince and King

Big sisters Mavis and Gloria.

Edmonds , WA
Sep 22, 2018

In many ways Princess was the little sister to us all, the little sister we were all excited to see grow up so I still canít fathom that she has gone to heaven. When she walked in a room, all the little kids would cheer because she was both a big sister and best friend to them. Not only was Princess energetic and sociable, she was also incredibly smart and respectful. This was evident in how well she excelled in Sunday school without any conflicts with anyone. She was the first to laugh and make jokes but also knew when to listen to her Sunday school teacher. Words canít even describe how deeply saddened and hollow we all feel; thatís how important she was and still is. Our heart arches for you because a huge star in our lives have been dimmed, but we have faith that you are in Godís arms. We believe that you are shining bright among Godís angels in heaven. So angel, rest in peace. These words donít even measure to your life but alas I owe it you to say goodbye. We love you, and will forever and always remember your positive light. Rest in Godís arms, Princess.

- Tiwaa, Auntie Grace, ang Uncle Oppong

Margeret and Andrea Kuwornu
Kirkland, WA
Sep 22, 2018

Princess, it has been a big blow to us, both physically and emotionally. We are still searching for anwers but cannot get it from anywhere. You will always be in our hearts and we will always miss you. May you rest in the bossom of the almighty God till we meet again.

Kwabena & Linda Antwi
Seattle, Wa
Sep 21, 2018

As shocking as your death may sound, we are of the hope that you are in a better place. Rest well!

Lesley Nyarko
Kirkland , WA
Sep 21, 2018

As impossible as it is to cope with your absence, we can seek consolation in the fact that youíre eternally home with our GOD.....Princess, youíre forever loved!

Loyce Brown
Garland, TX
Sep 21, 2018

I am praying that during this painfully and sorrowful time of losing Princess; God will send "The Comforter" to uphold you in your grief. We celebrate her life.

Kofi Adjei, aka Nana Kumnipah V
Lynnwood, WA
Sep 19, 2018

No words, no matter the depths of eloquence and lucidity can fill the gaping void and no mortar of Portland cement and Pittsburgh sand can patch the broken wall in the home of the Boateng family.

Indeed, the untimely and tragic departure to eternity of a child, Godís cherished gift, a female at that, the bridge to a sustainable family building and preservation is unimaginable and incomprehensible.

And Why oh why and us?

Only God knows, God knows best, our deepest sympathies, et al are the condolences extended and herein associated.

Lovely Princess Emmanuela Boateng was a paragon of fluorescence, shinning radiantly wherever she found herself. She was the epitome of a rare combination of classical and traditional beauty which elegantly projected her to stand out among her peers.

Her progressive exuberance at the Childrenís Ministry of the COP, captured the character, spirit and legacy of a budding lady who by His grace would have stood as a tower of inspiration and strength in her family, Church and the community at large.

Princess will forever be missed.

May her soul rest in eternal peace and comfort of the Lord.

Cephas and Ivy Mordo
Auburn, WA
Sep 19, 2018

Alyssa Singh
Seattle, WA
Sep 18, 2018

Princess, I will always remember your shining light and the energy you carried with you. You are a leader and people looked to you for direction. It is hard to describe what school feels like without you.

Forever in my heart, Nurse Alyssa

Edward & Rukiya
Lynnwood, WA
Sep 18, 2018

On the sands of time, you have left your footprints with glory. Everyone will know your name and shall recall your story.Princess,you will forever be missed.May you rest in Peace

Vincentia Wilson
Lynnwood, Wa
Sep 18, 2018

Princess you were so outgoing and I always admire that about you gone too soon but only God knows best. Rest in perfect peace.

Grace Adoma
Edmonds, Wa
Sep 17, 2018

Our beautiful princess may your soul Rest in perfect peace.

Cephas and Ivy Mordo
Auburn, WA
Sep 17, 2018

Elder Keddy Gideon & family
Kirkland, Wa
Sep 17, 2018

Pastor NaK & Family
Bothell , WA
Sep 17, 2018

Our loving Princess, the shock is still fresh in our hearts but the Lord knows best. For us we say GOODNIGHT, rest well and we shall see ourselves in the morning in our final home HEAVEN.

RIPP our dear Princes.....

Spokane , WA
Sep 17, 2018

Princess may your soul rest in peace

Kumi Anthony Junior
Lynnwood, WA
Sep 17, 2018

Princess you were sent for a special purpose and you have make it true. We're proud of you for accomplishing your mission in peacefully manner. We shall meet at our supper natural home (Heaven); may your soul Rest In Peace.

Gloria Boateng
Lynnwood , Wa
Sep 17, 2018

My beloved sister nana (as I call you) no farewell words were spoken. No time to say goodbye. The thoughts of not seeing you again gives me goosebumps. You were gone before we knew it and only God knows why. May you rest in his eternal Glory till we meet again.

Boakye-Ansah Family
Mountlake Terrace , WA
Sep 17, 2018

Princess, your life was a blessing,

Your memory a treasure, youíre loved beyond words

and missed beyond measure.

Rest well our little Angel;

May Your Soul Rest In Peace

collins Anokye-Manu
Lynnwood , WA
Sep 17, 2018

May your departure lead you to eternal rest with our maker.

May the family and love ones be comforted and strengthened by through the consoling power of Jesus Christ. Rest in perfect Peace our Princess.

Rose Asiedu -Donkor
Shoreline , W
Sep 17, 2018

May her soul rest in perfect peace

Amma Serwaa bonsu
Shoreline , Wa
Sep 17, 2018

Princess may your soul Rest In Peace.

Daniel Boateng
Seattle, Wa
Sep 17, 2018

Little Princess,may the good Lord wipe all our tears,this is really a tough time for us all.We never dreamt or thought u will leave us this early stages but we know God knows best.Little angel we pray God guides u..We love u and have already missed you..

Edward Adusei and family
Lynnwood , WA
Sep 17, 2018

You might be no more but you still live in our hearts and your memory continues to live on. Rest in the bosom of the Lord.We love you Princess

Lily Asafo Adjei
Lynnwood, WA
Sep 17, 2018

The Sunday before you passed on to be with our Father, I thought your Sunday school class a song ď Jesus wo y3 me botantimĒ God you are my rock, and you boldly volunteered to sing the song alone. I was proud of you will forever hold that memory of you in my heart. Rest well Princess! Rest well!.

Sep 17, 2018


Alexis Aborah
Seattle , Wa
Sep 17, 2018

Rest well little Angel, your presence will be missed.

Harriet Anyima-Mensah
Lynnwoos, Wa
Sep 17, 2018

Princess on behalf of my entire family, we say may our great God keep you safely in his bosom. We love you. Rest in perfect peace.

Stephen Minka and family
Sep 17, 2018

Evelyn kwao
Des-moines , WA
Sep 17, 2018

May her soul Rest in perfect peace. Hmmmmm.

Melvina Danquah
Edmonds, WA
Sep 17, 2018

May the good Lord give you a good resting place till we meet again Princess and May God console your family in this difficult time.God bless you all

Philomena Beidoe
Everett , WA
Sep 17, 2018

We will miss you, Princess as a family, church, school and community as a whole, till we meet in heaven.


Bernard Antwi & family
Burien, Wa
Sep 17, 2018

May you Rest in peace

Bob Forson
Lynnwood , WA
Sep 16, 2018

For we know that if the tent that is our earthly home is destroyed, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. Yes but princess, you gone too soon. May your soul rest in perfect peace.

Antoinette Ansong
Boston, MA
Sep 16, 2018

Seattle, Wa
Sep 15, 2018

Princess was a very charming and hardworking litttle angel. She will be missed by all. We are and will continue to offer our prayers for God to shawer her soul with his Mercy, eternal peace and happiness. Rest in peace princess! Till we meet again.

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