Daniel Glenn Grant

Aug 3, 1953 – Oct 22, 2018

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James E. Cummins II
Marblemount, WA
Nov 2, 2018

Man Danny,

I was just watching a thing on St. Bernards and thinking about you. I used to LOVE going over to visit you. My "Cool" Big Cousin that lived around the corner from us in the Highlands. I'd show up at you place before you got home from work just waiting to see you. You turned me onto everything from Led Zeppelin to Uriah Heep.

I had hoped we would see each other and talk about old times but it seems I'm going to have to wait a bit longer. May your ascension be smooth and glorious.

Man Cuz - IF only you knew how much I admired & otherwise LOVE you. May You Rest In Eternal Peace -

Your Little Cousin,


Kathyllen Craft
Bellevue, WA
Nov 2, 2018

Rest in peace brother.

Jessica L. Medlen
Seattle , wa
Nov 2, 2018

Dan "the Good Man" - that's what it would read across my phone when you called, because that's exactly what you were. A hard working, all loving, easy going, all-around good man.

Whether you were telling a story about an old job site, or an old war story- there was always 2 things that came with it…..a laugh AND a lesson.

I had the great opportunity and pleasure of very recently learning not only who you were, but all the great reasons to love you. I’ll never forget the time after returning to the house, I said “did ya miss me?” and without hesitation, you answered, “3 seconds after you walked out of the door, I missed ya!” My heart smiled. You gave me a purpose for the last few months of life, when I wasn’t quite sure what direction I was headed or why. You used to ask “Why us, Jess?” And I didn’t have an answer then, and I still don’t. But I’ll bet, wherever you are now, you know why.

I will forever miss our pre-dawn morning porch conversations where we would work on solving all the world's problems and cracking up about only things we had in common - like 2 cancer patients wearing our disability parking passes around our necks like a badge! It’s definitely an inside joke, because, well…. sometimes you just gotta laugh to keep from cryin’.

I will be forever grateful that I had an opportunity to know such a class act- I’ll never forget when “The kid” was describing what you meant to him, and he said without hesitation “He’s my hero.” I now see why, So, Dan the good man, thank you for showing him how to love a woman with the undeniable sense of pride you took in loving his mother. And I will continue to fight this battle down here on earth with you on my heart every step of the way.’

- Jessica M. aka "The Big Tuna"...

Phyllis Grant
King City, Or
Oct 27, 2018

Dan will be greatly missed by all his family and many friends.

I will miss not seeing his smiling face or receive the early morning phone calls I looked forward to, I am thankful we always said "I love you" after the calls and when we did see each other.

I'm thankful he is no longer in pain and he is with Raye, his wife he dearly loved and missed so much.

Rest in Peace, Son!!


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