Gerardo Babula Padero

Feb 3, 1946 – Oct 27, 2018

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Shelly Beard
Kent, WA
Nov 9, 2018

Iíve sat many hours this past week, reflecting trying to figure out what to say and how to say it. For those who know me, know I generally donít have a problem saying whatís on my mind or in my thoughts. However, at this very moment Iím ďspeechlessĒ.

Saying nothing seems somewhat inappropriate, so Iíll start with, Iím grateful Iíve spent a great amount of time over the past two years dedicated to helping, getting to know, and understanding my life as it was with, and without my father growing up. I truly believe we established a special bond and understanding between the two of us. Finally.

Iíve appreciated and didnít appreciate some of our long talks. I challenged and expected him to answer and make sense of what seemed to be forgotten and somewhat nonexistent for so many years. We drove many miles together, listening to music, talking about his life, his life as it was with my mother, my life, and even sometimes, but not very often sat in silence. We planned a few trips and made a few promises. We laughed and even cried together as time seemed to be coming closer to an end. For us it truly was just the beginning.

I thank you dad for your undivided attention, time, dedication, love, and understanding until the very end. Iím forever at peace and grateful we had ďour timeĒ.

I love you forever & always dad, RIP



Angela Pascual
Seattle, WA
Nov 9, 2018

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