William Randolph Gower

Jan 23, 1930 – Oct 10, 2018

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William R. Gower died on Wednesday, October 10, 2018, in Seattle, WA.  Born on January 23, 1930, in Port Chester, NY, he went on to become a magnet in the export business to many countries, marketing primarily military-related products.  Bill enjoyed many things, especially travel, reading, and tape cassette programs.  He was a longtime Rotarian who enjoyed over 40 years of perfect attendance and was an active member of his church for over 50 years.  Preceded in death by his beloved wife of 62 years, Naoko, in February of 2017, he is survived by two children, Elizabeth A. Gower, California, and Christopher R. Gower (Sheri), Oregon. He will be missed by many who were blessed by his ministry and mentorship. 


anthony lee
Taipei, tw
Oct 29, 2018

Requiescat in Pace! my father-like friend, I will visit your new place while at Seattle.

Stephen Spargo
Memphis, TN
Oct 25, 2018

My friend, brother, father, son, neighbor, Bill was one of a kind. He always challenged you to be better, mind, heart and soul. He was a mentor, and wise man, an though we would have some interesting discussions at time, he always wanted the best for you. And wanted you to want the best for yourself! I will miss Bill immensely, his presence, his voice, his word, his ministry, and his love. And so, now you truly walk with God.

Thanks for everything Bill! You are loved!

Milagrosa E. Umagat
Covington, WA
Oct 21, 2018

I thank God for you, Bill! You always say that God put people in our lives for a special purpose! Indeed, it's very true!

God is so awesome that He gave me the opportunity to serve you, to nurture you, to take care of you and to sit under your mentorship. You opened my eyes to see the greatness inside of me. Yes, you planted a seed that is so amazing and you allowed me to nurture that seed! Thank you for being a "gift" to me. I miss you so much! You are such a wonderful earthly father to me. Thank you for allowing me to pray for you, read Bible to you, pray with you and sing Christian songs to uplift you when you were down. I had seen your pain and I had also seen your greatness, in laughter, in tears, in frustration at times, full of knowledge and tons of wisdom! Thank you for trusting me with your life! It was quite a huge responsibility and to be straightforward.... I have a sense of fulfillment for completing God's purpose in your life. I will carry on your legacy and pass it on to my daughter and others who are willing to learn.

Your friends and I knew that you had a way of making someone special in your presence. Thank you for giving me "NeuroGym" Program. That's one of the best gifts you had given me. Thank you for teaching me not to take "crap' from anybody. You taught me not to worry what others think of me because they might be worrying about what I am thinking about them.

I miss you already, Bill! Thank you for allowing ALL OF US, YOUR FRIENDS to be connected to you and become your family. Thank you for the privilege and a great honor to be your Filipino daughter!

As I promised, Bill, I will carry out your desire for me to become successful and market NeuroGym to the best of my ability. I know I will, by God's grace, by His help, and by His Guidance. I will also be a great giver like you when I grow up!!!

Say "hello" to our Lord Jesus Christ, up there, to my husband, and to Naoko...

Until we meet again, next time.... in Heaven!

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