Gladys Lorraine Stovall

Dec 25, 1922 – Apr 15, 2019

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During mom’s earthly journey, she wanted to demonstrate that good must supersede mankind’s less worthy impulses. Mom’s greatest strength was her smile, and love of shared laughter.  Mom, all your earthly pain is gone, and you are at rest with dad. – Judy



78 years as a parent, 55 years as a grandparent, 24 years as a great grandparent, 1 year as a great-great grandparent – Perfect score mom! - Curtis



My Dear Aunt Gladys:


I know in my life time I did not get to be with you much at all.

I also didn’t get to know how being around you made me feel 10 feet tall,

Including when I was knee high and as I was considered still young and small,

I wish I could have been there more often with you, winter, spring, summer and fall.


But The Good Lord saw it necessary to call you to your “heavenly home.”

Where all the saints and heavenly beings are, with them you are never alone.

I’d say you are now enjoying your own individual “heavenly” Wi-Fi and cell phone

Calling up and talking to the new saints and your heavenly friends who have passed own.


When it’s time for me, along with all of your friends and family to say “goodbye”

We are all at a stand-point because to tell you the truth, it’s no lie,

You are going to be missed so very, very much, but we all will have to try,

To know that the Good Lord’s way is better…and for us, no need to ask why.


With Love - Niece Roberta D. Bullock



You blessed me with your love, your wisdom and your compassionate ear for over 50 years. You lived your faith, and have been the face of Christ, the face of love to me all my adult life.

Robin Friend    "We laugh to survive"  MJR




We will always remember Aunt Gladys having a great and tickled laugh!  As someone who remained upbeat in the face of much adversity and many challenges, faithful, family-oriented and who would make time for any and all of us!  Very particular and insisting on the best, but it let us know she wanted the best for all of us.  Love you for all time, Aunt Gladys!  We know you are with Uncle Ken and celebrating being “Home.”


Sonny’s kids  -- Rick, Rachelle, Roz, Rob and Philip Johnson and families



Grandma, you waited 45 years for me and boy did I know it! The love you had for me was felt in every card, every phone call, and every moment spent together. I am so thankful I had the last 33 years to love you right back. - Serresa



Thanks grandma for letting me play on the piano, I know it drove you crazy.  Thank you for making monkey bread (best treat ever!), and thank you for the love.   - Bryan




Our love to all from The Alexander, The Mercers, The Proctor families we wish to give you Curtis & Judi.  May  the Comfort that only can come from the Trinity (God, the Father, Jesus, the son and The Holy Spirit) be with you through the days ahead.


I want to imagine Uncle Ken reaching out His hand with Kenneth Jr besides him to catch hold of Aunt Gladys and how they are united once again.  I am so thankful I had the opportunity, along with my children to spent some time with them in Seattle.  I pray all will go well with the help you need through the days ahead.


Love, Alberta Alexander

1888 N. Fair Oaks Ave., #205

Pasadena, CA 91103

(626) 398-3771




     I never lived a moment that I didn't feel the warmth and strength of your love. Nobody who knew you did. You *are* love.



     Thank you for teaching me, by showing me, that love is the way.



     I love you and want to thank you for the love that you spread across the generations

     that you were here for and for the generations to come. You will forever be in my

     heart and soul.



     I want you to know that your love and kindness will forever impact my life and my future in the best of ways.



     You were 2,300 miles away but still I could not feel more connected to your beautiful soul. I'm going to miss you more than I can explain. Rest in peace, Great Grandma.



     I am so blessed to have known such an amazing woman and I am so lucky to have been your great granddaughter. You will always have a part of my heart.



The 5 C's Stovall
Wednesday, April 17, 2019 9:06 PM

I will always remember great grandmas surprise at "Grandmas babies just a growin' and a growin'." - Cam'ron


I will never forget how great grandma made me feel like the most precious thing in the world. - Carissa


The greatest thing great grandma told me was, "Everyone has their own choices on how to get to Heaven, there is not just one "Way" to go." - Charene


I will miss grandmas eternal wisdom, open mind and honest perspective. She kept up with politics, culture and real life until the very end. - Carol


Grandma Stovall epitomized strength, stubbornness, compassion and faith through adversity. I will miss her gentle hands that washed my hair in the sink and her deep laughter that washed my spirit in the best of times.  - Chris



Wednesday, April 17, 2019 9:52 PM

Hello Curtis and Judy, this is your cousin Dr. Carole Stovall in Washington DC.


I am so very sorry for your family's loss. I know that you and Judy have gone thru a great deal!


I have experienced many, many emotions as well. Even from a distance, Aunt Gladys was so much a part of my life!

I will miss her laugh and wry sense of humor; her fabulous sense of style and her special way of summing up

what is going on! And of course, I am forever grateful that she gave me my very first bottle of  "gown-up " perfume...Arpage! I love it to this day!!


Aunt Gladys, I miss her! But, it is a comfort to know that she is, I am certain, where she most wants to be...With Uncle Kenneth!!


On behalf of the children of Chester E.Stovall, Sr., Uncle Ken's oldest brother, I  am sending to you, Judy and family our prayers and love as you go through this difficult time. We cannot be with you at Aunt Gladys' Homecoming, but please know that you are in our hearts and our minds.  Having lost our mother, Ashton Stovall,  2.5 years ago, we know what it means to feel the loss of a mother, while at the same time feeling gratitude for having had a mother for as long as we did.


We are wishing you Peace, Courage and Love today, and every day as you go through this challenge.



Chester (Edith)Stovall, Jr, and family

Beverly ( Jerome) Stovall Murphy and family

 Carole Stovall and family

James Stovall and Family


 Message 12


We join with all the Stovall family as we say good-bye to Gladys in body, and put her even deeper into our hearts and memories:  let us thank God for the gift she was to all our lives.  She was always so genuinely loving to each of us, so happy always to be in our company or have us visit, so nurturing to all her family, so care-giving to her own children and to her beloved Kenneth, and to all of her nephews and nieces.  Aunt Gladys, well done!

Willard and Vivian Johnson


Nice Hutto
Pacific, Wa
Jul 5, 2019

K. Williams
Natchez, MS
Jun 17, 2019

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Please keep in mind that God will heal your broken hearts and will strengthen you during this difficult time. (Psalm 147:3) To find out more regarding the hope for the dead, visit and search “death”.

Cynthia Harris
Vista , CA
Apr 19, 2019

Dear Cousin Judy & Curtis,

We love you and you all are in our prayers. Auntie Gladys was so dear to all of us. I will always remember her million dollars smile and her loving laugh. May God continue to strengthen you during this most difficult time.


Ikie, Cindy, Phil, Scotty, Yvonne, Justin, Jada & Landon

Seattle, Wa
Apr 19, 2019

Dear family I would like to express my sincere condolences concerning your loved one and share something positive. Jehovah God never intended for mankind to die from the very beginning and will soon demonstrate a resurrection of all dead loved ones to a paradise earth through his son Christ Jesus. The bible holds out this hope at John 5:28,29 and Revelation 21:3,4. May you be encouraged by this good news from God.

Marsha L Brown
Apr 18, 2019

To Judy, Curtis, Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren;

My thoughts and prayers go out to my family at the loss of your beloved Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother.

I remember Aunt Gladys for that brilliant smile followed by her extraordinary laugh. She laughed like she meant it, from the soul.

I'll always treasurer her greatest gift to me; stories of my own mother, her sister Lois Grubbs Bossell. On our last trip out to Seattle we were fortunate enough to get to send time with her and Uncle Ken. Aunt Gladys spent the better part of the afternoon regaling us with stories of Humbolt, (their childhood home).Each story followed by bellows of laughter and tears of joy.

Thank you Aunt Gladys, I can only imagine the joy you're having in heaven with Uncle Ken and all your beloved family members.

Thank you for the love you gave us here on earth.

Marsha Bossell-Brown & the Entire Bossell Family.

Rhonda Raglon
Kansas City, MO
Apr 18, 2019

Those we love are never really gone. They have a cherished place in our hearts where they will always be remembered. We are sorry to hear of the passing of Aunt Gladys. May the family find peace.

With Love,

Marian, Karen Rhonda, Marlene and Brenda Dean Sylvan

Jean Lee Duke
Springfield, Mo.
Apr 18, 2019

Aunt Gladys I thank the Lord for you. I remember how much my mother Jeanette, loved to talk to you on the phone when her health was declining. You always lifted her up and encouraged her. Even though I didn't see you very much, the few times we talked on the phone on your birthday was a wonderful blessing to me. You are with your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ forever, that's what it's all about! I pray for God's peace, comfort, and strength be with Aunt Gladys and Uncle Kenneth's family.

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