Jeffrey John Solo

Apr 2, 1938 – Jun 15, 2007

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Jeffrey John SOLO<br>Known to some as Gerry and others as Johnny, sang silly songs, taught retirees poker, listened to old records, talked to squirrels, and who dedicated his life to making people laugh passed away peacefully on Friday, June 12th at the age of 69. Jeff was born in New York and worked as a children’s counselor reaching out to troubled youth and on Christmas would dress up as Santa and bring joy to sick children in hospitals. He was dedicated to brightening the lives of others and found he could reach many different people in a grand way. He coached young sport teams and touched many children’s lives through sports who, years later, still find him to be their biggest fan. Jeff joined the military and served in Vietnam in the navy. A devoted father of four, Jeff had an enormous heart and held so much pride for his children who came first in his life. In addition to their biggest fan, he was their confidant and backbone, exuded passion for life, and taught them how to be genuinely happy with the simplest of things. Even through the greatest of personal struggles and hardships, Jeff appreciated the positive in life. He was a dedicated sports fan debating the latest football game, horse race, and of course soccer. He lived to watch his daughter play in goal for the US soccer team, and for his son to visit with his favorite animal friend Blue. Jeff was a distinguished gentleman, an avid Husky fan, and a claimed “renaissance man.” He looked at everyday as a new memory he sketched for himself and to keep locked in his heart. A passionate man for life, a passionate man for family, for friends, for sports, for animals. To our hero, father, and best friend, may you soar the mountains in freedom looking after us with a smile knowing just as you lived your life for us, we too will live our lives in honor of you. We love you deeply. Jeff is survived by his four children: Dave, Teresa, Marcus and Hope, and best friend Beverly DiRito. In lieu of flowers, please send donations to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Children’s Department, the Veteran’s Association, or the Hilltop House.<br>


Roanoke Rapids, NC
Sep 30, 2007

Just saw the interview with Hope on ESPN. What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man, father, and mentor for so many...his outlook on life is a positive inspiration to all.

Annette Pegues
Toledo, OH
Nov 12, 2007

To The Family of Mr. Jeffery John Solo

I would like to express my deepest sympathy to each of you. Although we are not acquainted with one another, we are acquainted with the pain when our loved ones fall asleep in death.

Our Heavenly Father feels the pain that you are going through. When he created the first Man and Woman it was his purpose that they and their offspring including us live forever without the effects of sickness and death.

His purpose has not changed for he promises that the day is soon to come in which he will wipe away the tears of sorrow from our eyes forever and death will be no more.

He promises too that your loved ones, my loved ones and many others will hear his voice and come out of the memorial tombs graves.

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