South Seattle Cremation Gardens & Scattering Gardens

Choosing a final resting place is a deeply personal and meaningful decision; the team at BONNEY WATSON is here to help families through this process. As cremation becomes an increasingly more common choice for modern families, cremation gardens have emerged as a popular and poignant choice, blending natural beauty with eco-friendly practices. These gardens are designated spaces for loved ones to scatter or store the ashes of their loved ones. They also provide a tranquil oasis for families to reflect, honor, and remember.

Why Do Families Choose Ash Scattering Gardens?

Families often seek a serene and beautiful setting to honor the memory of their loved ones. The thoughtfully curated scatter gardens at BONNEY WATSON offer a wide range of memorialization options, including custom family estates, ornate statuary art, and granite cremation benches. Our commitment to providing a personalized experience extends to offering custom, above-ground memorialization products, allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind marker that reflects your unique life, beliefs, or interests.

Washington Memorial ash scattering/cremation garden in Seattle
Lakeside Cremation Garden in Washington Memorial cemetery

Our Lakeside Cremation Garden

Nestled in the Lake Cremation Garden, our setting appeals to the senses with manicured landscaping, hillside views, and the soothing sounds of running water from the garden’s feature, creating a tranquil ambiance. Whether you are planning in advance or making arrangements for a loved one, the Lake Cremation Garden provides a space where you can add a personal and unique touch to the final resting place.

Why Choose BONNEY WATSON for Scattering Gardens?

At BONNEY WATSON, we take pride in ensuring that each family’s journey through the end-of-life planning process is characterized by care, respect, and a personalized touch. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in several key aspects:

  • Well-maintained grounds
  • Caring, knowledgeable staff
  • A range of options and prices
  • Excellent reviews

In choosing BONNEY WATSON, families can be assured that they are not only selecting a final resting place but entrusting their loved one’s legacy to a compassionate and reputable partner.

An elderly couple smiles in Seattle

For more information or to discuss your preferences, please contact BONNEY WATSON by filling out a contact form or calling us at (206) 242-1787. We are here to assist you in creating a lasting and meaningful tribute, ensuring that your vision is thoughtfully and compassionately realized.

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