Gregory William Pinney

Nov 11, 1951 – Jan 8, 2009

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Gregory William Pinney, 57 passed away January 8, 2009.
He is the beloved father of Alicia Jewett, Zachory Pinney, Heather Frazier, grandchildren, Tyler, Amanda, Ariel, Faith, and Celine, father, Alvinza, siblings, Gary, Dianne, Penny, Sharon, Kathy, Mischelle, Kevin, Craig and Chris.
A viewing will be at 12 noon and the funeral service will be held 1:00 PM, Wednesday January 14, 2009 all at Bonney-Watson Federal Way, 1535 Dash Point Rd Federal Way WA.


Alicia Jewett
Issaquah , Wa
Jan 19, 2016

Alicia Jewett
Issaquah, Wa
Jan 8, 2015

I Love You Dad!! Miss you soo very much!! I Think of your big smile, and laugh everyday!!! You brought sooo much happiness to everyone around you!! Your such a giving and loving Dad, husband,papa . Life just isn't the same without you, I keep thinking your gonna walk thorough our front door, and scream papas here!! And we all come running !! I miss all our talks, hugs and kisses.. But most of all I miss seeing the look on Ty's and Amanda's face when they see their papa!!! ILoveYou.. Miss you Dad!

Arlington, VA
Jan 6, 2015

(Continued from below)

I woke up around 4am EST with my heart racing. I shook Shane awake. I was trembling and reached for my phone to call and check on you but you didn't answer. It rang and rang until I heard your voicemail. Wish I had that today. After several attempts I laid in Shane's arms hoping it was a bad dream. I tried calling you again around 6am but this time and every time after the message was no longer your voice but a standard greeting that your vm was full. I called my office to take a personal day right then. Shane left to a meeting. I was alone when I had to call your office to speak with your colleagues. They were concerned as well. We agreed to send a police car to your house to check on you. The phone rang an hour later around 9:00AM when the only words I heard were "Heather I'm so sorry." The phone fell from my hands. I melted into the floor. I lost my daddy, my biggest fan, my friend. I lost my heart that morning. They say time heals everything but im not so sure. The pain still feels raw even now 6 years later. I know you gave me every bit of goodness and every important lesson I would need. I try to remind myself of that and hope it makes you proud again and again. So thankful you picked me to be your little girl. Love you dad.

Arlington, VA
Jan 6, 2015

I couldn't sleep all night yet when the alarm went off this morning I dreaded getting out of bed. It was 6 years ago today that I got to have one last conversation with you dad. I sat in the parking lot of Whole Foods as the rain poured down on top of my car, friends were waiting inside for our weekly wine tasting class. You called like you always did but this time you needed my help. Your voice was rattled as you retold the events you endured over the past couple days. I tried and tried to calm you down and remind you of all the good things you had to look forward to the next day. You were soaking wet and covered with mud from pulling your car out of a ditch where you slid in route home from spending time with Zach and the girls. I was so mad at you for going out there then you told me why. My heart filled with sadness as you described how lonely you were over the Christmas holiday. No Deb to dance with and sister and I were with our families spending Christmas in the Dominican Republic. Nobody should ever be alone on Christmas. I vowed to never let that happen again. The rain continued to pour down on my car and we laughed that the rain was pouring over you too! After about an hour talking to you I was finally able to convince you to take your wet clothes off and start fresh with a nice hot shower. I must have told you I love you 4-5 times and reminded you how important you are to my life. This wasn't unusual for you and I to express our feelings but it makes me wonder if I somehow knew this was the last time I'd get to tell you. I made you promise to call me the moment you arrived in the office the next day. You agreed and we said goodbye. I went inside and told my friends something didn't feel right and I was heading home. When I arrived - Shane was in our bedroom and with one look in his eyes I dropped to the floor crying. He didn't understand what was happening. He did his best to calm me down and tucked me into bed. (continued)

z pinneyachory
shelton wa, wa
Nov 23, 2013

Happy Birthday dad!we miss you

Jan and Gary Oakland
Auburn, WA
Jan 12, 2009

Our hearts go out to your family. Greg was loved by so many people both at Leisure Manor and Rio Verde. His wonderful, cheery smile will be one of the many things we remember when we think of him. Greg had the knack of getting a smile out of even the grumpiest residents!!! He will certainly be missed, and never forgotten.

Phyllis Munro
Auburn, WA
Jan 13, 2009

Everyone here in Rio Verde who knew Greg when he worked here were so saddened to hear of his death. We missed him so much when he left to work in Leisure Manor. He was always so helpful and full of fun -

We all remember his enthusiam and joy of living and know he will be missed so very much.

Lanna Nelson
Auburn, WA
Jan 13, 2009

Heather and Alicia,I just wanted to let you know how sorry I am about your Dad. He had the biggest heart of anyone I have ever known, as well as the biggest smile. I will miss his wave or hello every time I go to the club house. Would that all of us could be more like him. He is missed, but how lucky you were to have him and how much he loved you!

The Copelands
Sterling, VA
Jan 13, 2009

I'd only met Heather's dad a few times, but I know how much he will be missed just by how much he is loved by Heather and Shane. Our thoughts are with you.

Heather Frazier
Centreville, VA
Jan 13, 2009

I'll always be your little girl daddy. I'm so grateful that God chose you to be my dad. I'll never forget our long talks and to always be a "giver" just like you. Wow how lucky I have been to have you in my world. I'll do my best to keep making you proud and to cheer on the world. I love you. Heather Feather

Sam Fenner
Des Moines, WA
Jan 13, 2009

I never knew Greg, but worked several years with his father. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

Angie & Bill Lewis & Family
Auburn, WA
Jan 13, 2009

We are really sorry for your loss, Greg is really going to be missed by everyone! One memory that really sticks in my mind is when Greg would always pretend to be a monster to me and Alicia.We would run through the house laughing and scared at the same time!The whole time greg would have a smile on his face. He sure will be missed!

Ann Esaias
Auburn, WA
Jan 14, 2009

Heather, I am so very sad for you and your family's loss but am so glad to have gotten a chance to know your dad. I will miss his cheery hellos, little chats and his bubbly smile. He is a real GEM and will be greatly missed!! Your dad spoke of you all with a twinkle in his eye and a loving smile. God bless you all.

Aliso Viejo, CA
Jan 14, 2009

Heather my heart goes out to you and your family. I am so sorry for you loss. I know you father love you all so much. He was always so kind when I would come and stay with you when we were kids. He will be missed. I know God has a great spot for him up in heaven and he is smiling down on you with love.

Love your good friend Sara

Hope Kim
Washington, DC
Jan 14, 2009

Hugz, Kizzez and Love going out to Heather and her family. We love you!

Joyce Serquinia
Auburn, WA
Jan 14, 2009

His infectious smile, cheery "hi" and always willing to share a helping hand.....a workhorse in action! Greg will always be missed. Godspeed in your Heavenly journey Greg. Your years on earth were way too few.

zachory pinney
shelton, WA
Mar 5, 2011

Dad,you will always be my inspiration.You cared about people and knew when to use your gifted nature to make them smile,and stood up for what was right.There was none like you,i'am a proud son,you are the best.we will meet again.THE HEART OF A FATHER.

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