Gerard Bob Phelps Urling

Oct 23, 1924 – Feb 11, 2009


Gerard Bud Phelps Urling

Gerard Bud Phelps Urling died at his home in Federal Way, WA on Feb. 1. Bud was born on Oct. 23, 1924 in Pittsburgh, PA. He was preceded in death in 2000 by his beloved wife of 51 years, Margaret, and he missed her every day since. Upon his return from WWII, he bought a 1947 Indian motorcycle, married Margaret, started a family, entered the University of Florida, and graduated with highest honors with a Master's degree in wood technology. The family moved to Washington D.C. and in 1959, to Longview, WA where Bud was employed by Weyerhaeuser in research and development. After 20 years in Longview, WA he was transferred to Federal Way, WA where he worked until his retirement. How to describe Bud Urling? He was a Renaissance man. A highly intelligent scientist, a musician, a cyclist, a jogger long before cycling and jogging were typically something adults did, an artist, an expert canoeist, a sailor, a kayaker, a magician, a birder, a target shooter, a hiker, a mountain climber, and a terrible punster. He knew most of the constellations, all of the trees and wild flowers, and could tell you more about the phases of the moon than you'd ever remember. He could do magic with cards and pieces of rope that was mind boggling. He was an optimist. He was thoughtful. He was honest. He did not say negative things about other people. He was wise and generous. The last two times he watched TV were when Mt. St. Helens erupted and on 9/11. He did not complain. He was financially successful, but if you asked him why he stopped to pick up a penny, he'd say, 'Well, if you had a million dollars and you lost a penny, you wouldn't be a millionaire. 'He was thankful. He was unique. Bud and Margaret had three children: Connie Jim Sedinger, Scott Chris Urling, and Carrie Urling. There are six grandchildren and two great grandchildren. They were amazing parents. Bud is survived by his loving sister, Marion Urling McCloskey of Pittsburgh, PA. At Bud's request, no memorial service will be held. Please make donations to Bud's favorite charity, the Salvation Army.


Bill Kelley
Bethesda, Md
Sep 17, 2012

Was at UF with Bud and Margaret. He got me through surveying. A wonderful friend. Saw them both again in late 50's after my return from Paris. Martha and I had dinner with them at their home in Silver Spring. Touched base with each other over the years at Christmas. We moved around the world in the Foreign Service. Lost contact until had notice from Bud of Margaret's death. Spoke with him at that time. Just now discovered his death.

Auburn, WA
Feb 25, 2009

Just for the record it's BUD not Bob. But I think Dad would have gotten a kick out of the Bob thing.

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