November 12, 1956 - February 15, 2000


Age 43, Born November 12, 1956 in Seattle, WA, died February 15, 2000 in North Pole AK. Preceded in death by his mother Diane Hultberg in 1965. Beloved father of Shawna, Buckley; beloved son of Roy and Karen Hultberg, Index, WA; brother of Sheena Olson, Tri-Cities, WA and Dan Hultberg, Des Moines, WA. Also survived by a grandchild, numerous aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews.

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Jay Strasbaugh
Jay Strasbaugh
3 years ago

I am shocked to hear this about Alan, I have looked for him for years and this had just came up on my computer. I am very saddened I was not notified of his passing.

Jay Strasbaugh
Jay Strasbaugh
3 years ago

I miss you buddy, I sure wish I new you were having problems in AK or called me for help I would have been to your side. I know god has a plan but this one is hard to understand.