Joy Robinson

October 26, 1925 - October 30, 2020


Joy D. Nichols Robinson, of Federal Way, loving wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, sister, aunt, and friend, peacefully slipped away in the early morning hours of October 30, 2020, at the age of 95 years. She was born in Utah in 1925, and due to the Great Depression moved with her family many times during her childhood and adolescent years.   She lived in many places across Utah, Idaho, Illinois and Washington State throughout her life.

After receiving her associate degree from Weber State College, she worked at her father’s insurance company; and as a switchboard operator. Shortly after World War II, she met her best friend and forever love, Eben Robinson, and they married in 1947. She continued to work while Eben completed his college degree from the University of Utah. They moved to Price, Utah, after Eben’s graduation, and then to Washington in 1954.

Joy and Eben both loved the Northwest, and were happy to raise their family in what they described as the great, grand, glorious northwest. They served a mission in South Dakota for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints after his retirement in 1986. They returned from their mission and served for many years as temple workers in the Seattle temple. They loved participating in church activities, and built many wonderful and long-lasting friendships from those associations. They treasured the happy times they spent with their dinner group friends. Joy and Eben were married for 61 years when he passed away in 2008.

Joy was very creative and artistic.  She enjoyed making dolls and jewelry, drawing, painting porcelain, and her beautiful oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings adorn the walls in homes of a great many friends and family members. Art was important to Joy from a very young age.  She took many art and painting classes throughout her lifetime and built great and enduring friendships in those classes. Joy enjoyed playing card and board games, and loved to complete jigsaw puzzles with family and friends.  She continued to be a puzzler up to her final days. Reading was another favorite pastime, and her friends from her book club were very important to her.

She is survived by her daughters, Megan Robinson and Susan (Jaan) Teemant; siblings, Ken (Barbara) Nichols, Dave (Barbara) Nichols, Karen Rigley, Kathy (Bob) VanDyke, Dell (Becky) Nichols; grandchildren, Lindsey (Peter) Robinson, Sheila (Wes) Pinkham, Kaare (Jason) Revill, Kris Teemant, Michael (Kelly) Teemant, Drew (Arti) Teemant, Wade Teemant, Chase (Brittany) Teemant; brother-in-law, Lee (Caroll) Robinson; sister-in-law, Barbara Nichols; 17 great-grandchildren, and many wonderful nieces and nephews.

Joy was always a loving, kind, and supportive influence in our lives. She “had a smile that just wouldn’t quit”, and all who knew her understood why her parents named her Joy. She will be deeply missed. Our family would like to thank all of her friends and CHI Franciscan Hospice for their kindness and support. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, a memorial for family and close friends will be held on Monday November 9th.  This will be followed by a small ceremony at the Tahoma National Cemetery.  It is intended that both will also be available virtually for those who can’t attend.  For additional information, times and virtual link, please email the family at  Our family would love to have you share any memories you have of Joy on the Bonney Watson website.

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Ginny Moore
Ginny Moore
19 days ago

Momma Joy

I am possibly the most recent person to have met Joy.
She was seated on the couch, on her seemingly designated spot, and the minute I saw her, I liked her. She had such a gentle, shy demeanor, but that twinkle in her eyes revealed her mystery of having more to say than one might think!

To tickle her funny bone was one of the best memories I have of her. She had the best laugh and most of her body would shake, too. I’d tease her about this or that. It wasn’t too difficult to get her going. I’m smiling, just thinking about her giggling.
The biggest thing we had in common was art. Joy took me over to the kitchen where she showed me some of her paintings and colored pencil illustrations. Of course, the most important thing for us was to discuss and compare craft. What did she use to get that special effect, how did she blend those particular colors and which was her favorite brush.
I know that Joy is now in spirit…but I like to picture her sitting at a big art table.
Someone brings a fresh piece of thick, white watercolor paper and places it in front of her. Then arrives a palette of beautiful, vibrant colors. As she looks at them, her eyes widen. There, laid out, are colors she has never seen…until now…hues from a different universe.
Momma Joy, I will miss you, but I’ll see you again.
May you experience new creations and wonders among the art of the stars above.
And don’t forget to show me what you’ve done. xo

Lindsey Robinson
Lindsey Robinson
15 days ago

Poem for Gram 💗

My Gram, the only. My cherished friend and puzzle buddy.

Soft spoken like I am; strong and determined, as is my plan.

Ninety-five years and so resilient. She carried well, dressed like a princess.

Every day, doing her hair. She lived and loved with precision and care.

We didn’t talk a lot, but she listened. She knew my heart and my intentions.

We spent many hours growing puzzles, and brought to order small corners of our universe.

Working together, overlapping, helping, smiling, and bit by bit, snapping;

And into view, more than a picture, something in me, growing clearer.

A lot can be shared between two people, when words are few and hearts are tender;

I think of you with such light in your eyes, when you looked at me, or Grandpa when he was alive.

And you inspire me, you always will, for how you lived and how you still

Carry on, in all of us, never gone, we are your genes, and love.

We send you on, my love, my Gram, we honor your life and please know you can

Come visit us any time. We are loving you every day of our lives.

We love you, Gram!