Lionel John Robert

September 18, 1931 - March 18, 2024


Lionel John Robert, a beloved husband, father, and grandfather, passed away on March 18, 2024.  

Born on September 18, 1931, in Morgan City, Louisiana, to Ethel & Dalton Robert, Lionel was the oldest of three sons. Together with Lawrence and Louis, the family lived a life on the bayou, before moving to Westwego, LA. Lionel met the love of his life, Olga Henry, as a teenager on a bus bound to New Orleans for Mardi Gras festivities. They dated for several years and were married on September 16, 1952.

Lionel’s journey through life was marked by dedication, courage, and unwavering commitment. Lionel answered the call to serve his country in the Army during the Korean War. Following his honorable discharge from the Army, Lionel and Olga moved to Houston, Texas where they lived for several years before moving to Los Angeles, California in 1960. Lionel continued his commitment to public service in the Los Angeles Police Department. Joining the force in 1961, Lionel’s career spanned over three decades, during which he demonstrated exceptional skill, integrity, and courage in the line of duty. His unwavering dedication to justice and his community earned him numerous accolades, including the prestigious Medal of Valor, a testament to his extraordinary bravery and selflessness. He was primarily based at the 77th Street Station, and had assignments in Juvenile, Robbery and Homicide, ending his career as the Squad Leader of the South Bureau Homicide Division.

Lionel and Olga nurtured a beautiful family.  They were blessed with four children and ten grandchildren, whose lives were enriched by Lionel’s wisdom, kindness, and love. Lionel thrived in retirement, and was able to spend quality time feeding, diapering, playing with, teaching, attending sporting and music events for, photographing, and nurturing his grandchildren.  

Lionel’s survivors include his wife-of-71-years, Olga, children Chris (Mark), Karen (Larry) Jackson, and Michael (Siman), grandchildren Grant, Cory, Jorge, Camille (Stephen), Lionel, Pieran, Julianna, Quincy, Jamie, & Raymond, two sisters-in-law, Mercedes Robert and Barbara Jean Robert, a brother-in-law, James Henry, and a host of nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his parents, brothers, and by his daughter, Cynthia (Jorge) DeNeve. The loss of his daughter was the greatest sorrow in his life. 

Lionel leaves behind a legacy of service and sacrifice that will continue to inspire generations to come. His impact on the lives of those he touched is immeasurable, and his memory will forever be cherished by his loving family and friends.

The family will gather in Seattle (where Lionel and Olga have lived since 2016) sometime this Spring to celebrate Lionel’s life and to be with Olga, who is no longer able to travel. Both Lionel and Olga will eventually be interred at Holy Cross Cemetery in California, where their daughter, Cindy, is buried.

In honoring Lionel, we not only celebrate a life well-lived but also a legacy of courage, compassion, and unwavering dedication to others. Though he may be gone, his spirit will live on in the hearts of all who were fortunate enough to know him.

We are grateful for the staff at Providence Mount St. Vincent Assisted Living and Angelwings Adult Family Home who have helped to care for Lionel and Olga during the past several years.

In lieu of flowers, consider making a donation to the Camp Kesem Foundation or Alzheimer’s Association – or 

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Chris Robert
Chris Robert
27 days ago

Dad is now at peace. This is a blessing! (Alzheimer’s is not pretty at the end.) I’m so glad that Dad got the chance to enjoy being a grandfather in a way that he could not “enjoy” being a father because he was working his ass off with overtime work to be able to provide the best for his four children and Mom. Daddy, I will think of you every time I make gumbo, baked spaghetti, fried chicken/shrimp/catfish, or eggnog. I will miss your humor/orneriness. And I’m so glad the majority of your 32 years of retirement were wonderful and fulfilling.

Karen, Cindy, Mike, and I were incredibly blessed to have you and Mom as parents. Having been a parent now for 25+ years, I know how challenging it is juggling the demands of family and work, and through the years, I’ve gained an appreciation for how amazingly you juggled both when I was younger.

You are so loved and treasured by your children, grandchildren, and wife. We will miss you, and we will smile and tear up at all the little things that remind us of you. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. Give Cindy a hug/kiss from me. Your son, Chris

Leslie Sager
Leslie Sager
27 days ago

A beautiful life well lived. And a beautiful family with memories and purpose to carry on. Much love to you.

Camille Robert-Quakkelaar
Camille Robert-Quakkelaar
27 days ago

Papa deeply loved his family and showed his love through acts of service. Every grandkid remembers waking up to Papa prepping breakfast (and sometimes to the noise of pots and pans being put away) that filled the house with the most wonderful smells. Papa would show up to the airport hours early, just to be sure he was there when we arrived. And Papa made us all feel special, always making time to celebrate our accomplishments and be there for the important moments in our lives.

Papa’s stories of his childhood in the bayou (trapping alligators with his bare hands), deployment in Korea, and service on the LAPD are ones that will live in my head forever. As a child, I thought of him as a superhero; only superheroes would run into a burning building. Now, as an adult, I can only start to truly appreciate the selflessness, compassion, courage, power, confidence, and true love Papa lived his life with. He is a superhero.

92 1/2 years is a long life and I am so grateful to have grown up knowing my Papa, but saying goodbye is so hard. I love you, Papa, and thank you for everything.

Yvonne C. Drones (Bonnie)
Yvonne C. Drones (Bonnie)
27 days ago

My heart is heavy, but yet joyful as I remember all the memories I have of you contributing to my life. You always guided me with love & God’s love thru His Word. I would always refer to you as Daddy Lionel, you have truly walked the walk of a Godly Man.

Robin Robert
Robin Robert
26 days ago

I have always remember my time living with my aunt and uncle and remember words of our conversations we had about life and his love he showed me as his 2nd nephew love and the highest respect I had for him He was a good man and chose his words carefully when fussing and talking to you. In my heart I will always love uncle Nel as I know him. His nephew Robin. We will meet again the Lord promises us that.