Vernon Ray Torrey

March 27, 1964 - November 2, 2020


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Patricia Barnes-Sam
Patricia Barnes-Sam
9 days ago

My deepest condolence and prayers are going up for my beloved family. We are shocked and heartbroken for the unexpected death of our Beloved Vernon R Torrey. Vernon (I call Little little brother) we grew up together as family of 32 Cherry St. One thing I can say about Lil Brother…he also sent me a text, or call just to tell me he loved me. I am gonna miss my lil bro- Big V (as I call him now) cause he grew up and serves as a protector for us Girls. Family we will continue to live, laugh, love and during this difficult time- we will cry together, and keep on living, knowing our Big Vernon is with us in heart and spirit, watching over us. Lil Bro Vernon (Rest In Heavenly Peace) and hug n kiss our Sister Lynn. Blessing and Love to family and friends.