Yvonne Robinson


“God already had Yvonne in his thoughts from the beginning. He decided that she would become like his Son. So then, his Son would have many younger brothers and sisters.” Romans 8:29

We thank the Lord for being our God.  Yvonne Rosemary was born in KU Medical Center in Kansas City, Kansas on August 6, 1954 to the late union of Maxi and Rosie Johns. She has one brother from this union and siblings from both her birth father and stepfather George Brown. 

On September 26, 1970 she married Charles L. Robinson. They are the parents of four fearfully and wonderfully made children. These children are Erma, Penny, Charlene, and Charles Jr. 

In summer of 1988 the family moved to Seattle, WA to be near Yvonne’s mother and brother. There they attended church at Full Gospel Pentecostal Federated Church. Yvonne grounded both her children and grandchildren to know our Lord and Savior Jesus and to show it by the love that they have one to another.  Around the dinner table she thanked the Lord with these two words, “Jesus wept.” Later known to her children as a short verse coming from John 11:35. 

Yvonne worked in her community, in hospitality, and as a homemaker.  “Distributing to the necessity of saints; given to hospitality.” Romans 12:13

She always welcomed her children’s peers, family, neighbors, and even took care of children for parents to work or play. “Thanks for your love and care Yvonne.” 

Yvonne leaves three brothers Lewis, Mitchell, Ocie, and sister Betty. She leaves four children Erma and her husband David, Penny, Charlene, Charles Jr. and his wife Helen, grandchildren TJ and his wife Shakira, Quintina, Larika, Yvonne, Lorenzo, Tae, Ciera, AJ, Ahman, Saida, Harmony, Isaac, Serenity, and Faith. Great grandchildren Isaac, Naturé, Isaiah, Mya, and Samuel so far, other relatives, friends and neighbors. 

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