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Memorial Day Ceremony 2023

BONNEY WATSON’s annual Memorial Day Ceremony begins at 3:00 PM on Monday, May 29. Held at Washington Memorial Park, 16445 International Boulevard in SeaTac. At BONNEY WATSON, we understand the... View Article

Rainier Valley Food Bank New Home

BONNEY WATSON is proud to announce the sale of the Southwest Mortuary property on Rainier Avenue South in Seattle to the Rainier Valley Food Bank. We appreciated the opportunity to... View Article

How to Properly Clean a Headstone

Headstones serve as enduring symbols of our connection to the past; they stand as silent witnesses to the lives lived and the stories told. With the passing of time, the elements can gradually diminish their beauty and clarity. To honor and preserve the legacies of our loved ones, it is... View Article

Lakeside Cremation Garden Special: Up to 50% Off Select Properties

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new Lakeside Cremation Garden featuring: A wide range of memorialization options Custom family estates Special discounts on select property up to 50% Our new Lakeside Cremation Garden is the perfect location for those looking to add a personal, unique touch to their loved... View Article