An individual’s choice of burial versus cremation is typically based on religious or family traditions.

Some families choose burial for their loved one because it gives them a specific place to go to mourn, providing a tangible and physical link to their loved one. The gravesite gives remaining family members a permanent location to visit on important occasions such as anniversaries and holidays, a place where children and grandchildren can be reminded of the legacy of the person buried there. In addition, the burial ritual itself gives family and friends the opportunity to say one last good-bye.

Both casketed bodies and cremated remains can be buried at Bonney-Watson Washington Memorial Park. This allows family members to be placed to rest near one another even if one family member chooses cremation and the other does not.

Washington Memorial Park cemetery allows Bonney-Watson to provide a full-service option for families that choose burial. We also work with many cemeteries throughout the Puget Sound area, so when you choose a Bonney-Watson funeral director, you are not limited to our cemetery at Washington Memorial Park.