Funeral Homes

Bonney-Watson owns and operates four funeral homes in the Puget Sound area, giving families both flexibility and convenience.

SeaTac Sign
Ballard Exterior
Capitol Hill Exterior
Capitol Hill Interior Lobby
Capitol Hill Interior
Federal Way Exterior
Federal Way Interior
Federal Way Chapel
SeaTac Exterior
SeaTac Interior

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It’s important that the Bonney-Watson funeral home you choose is one that will meet your family’s needs. Therefore, consider:

  • Location – do you want something that is close to your home or place of worship? How close would you like to be to the cemetery you’ve chosen? Bonney-Watson has four area funeral homes, giving you lots of options.
  • Size – how many people do you expect? Do you just want to hold the visitation or wake at the funeral home, where people can come and go as they please? Or would you like to hold the entire funeral here? If so, consider seating capacity.
  • Reputation – this is the easy one. You can count on getting outstanding service at each one of our funeral homes. Is there a particular funeral director you’d like to work with? Is there something special you’d like to do for the funeral? Yes, we can do that.

Our family-owned company places great value on the relationships we have built with the families we’ve served over the years. Just let us know what you need.